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319 Dog vs Heavenly Dog!

 Dave moved out of the city, leaving the undead doing the work of clearing it from the rubble and beginning the reconstruction. As Dave and the three Death Knights followed next to him, he remembered something that kept bugging him.

"Tengu, how come you lost to Dog?" Dave asked.

This question kept grinding his brain cells. He never found the answer to it. Dave had already thought about asking Dog directly, but he would need Bud to do the translation for him. The dullahan could only grunt for word, and the upgrade to Death Knight didn't fix his vocal cords.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That was not just a loss. The fight against that headless knight was a devastating defeat. I have lived long, and the creatures I met with that strength were sparse."

The words coming from the Tengu's mouth downed on Dave like a cold-water bucket.

"Really?" Dave muttered.

"Yes. Your dullahan is like a shackled beast. The stronger he becomes the loser his shackles become. If I had to guess, your dullahan must have been a legendary warrior before he passed away and turned to Undeath."

Dave gulped. 'Dog, a legendary warrior?'

"What do you mean by a legendary creature?" Dave asked.

The Tengu stopped causing the others to halt also.

"It's better to show you." The tengu said and sat down crossed legs.

He slammed both palms together in a prayer form and said, "Sit in front of me."

Dave sat in front of the Tengu while holding Onixya in his arms.

The tengu raised on hand up and chopped toward Dave's head. The moment the Tengu's hand reached Dave, this one's vision turned dark, and he was looking at a different scenery.

Dave was floating above the Undead Ascension arena. And right under him was the square stone platform. There was no one else but Dave in the undead ascension arena. But a few moments later, hundreds then thousands of undead spawned into the arena's chairs.

Two gouts of black smoke materialized in the arena, and they reformed the Tengu and the dullahan.

A loud 'Fight' echoed through the arena, signaling the start of the fight.

However, neither of the two moved a muscle. The Tengu was crossing his arms and gazing at the dullahan.

Dog had his bone-flail strapped to his waist, noticing that the tengu didn't have a weapon, he threw his weapon away.

"Oh, honorable warrior. I would advise you to use your weapon." The tengu said.

Dog however shrugged, he didn't seem interested in fighting an unarmed person while he was armed. He kept holding his head protectively and gazing at the tengu, waiting for him to make the first move.

The blue hue of undeath in the tengu's eyes shone brightly. Then the tengu disappeared from his position. He was so fast that his movement looked like he blinked. The tengu appeared in front of Dog, his hand raised up and chopping down like a sharp blade.

Dave remembered that the tengu used only his hand to split the lake. So in all honesty, the tengu's hand was like a sword, and Dog had no weapon.

Yet, Dog was unfaltering, he sidestepped the hand chop and punched with his free hand toward the tengu. The tengu managed to duck under the punch and slash up with his hand again.

Dog raised his foot, blocking the hand with the sole of his shoo, he used the tengu's strength to backflip away from him.

"Holy fuck, Dog knows Kung-Fu?!" Dave commented on the scene. The two of them were just testing waters.

"Not bad, headless warrior. How about your use your weapon? I find it unfair to fight you, my hand alone is as sharp as a sword," The tengu said.

Dog, however, didn't comply. He grabbed his head with both his hands and placed it over his shoulder. After a few twists, the head was fixed in place.

Dog raised both his fists forward and stood in a boxer's form.

'He can do boxing now?'

The tengu rushed toward Dog and sliced at his ribs. Dog dropped his elbow on the tengu's extended hand, forcing it out of trajectory and sent a curving blow to the tengu's face with his other hand. The attack was so sudden and so fast that it left both the tengu and Dave flabbergasted.

Dog swung his left leg to the tengu's flank. The red-faced creature blocked it with his arm, but he failed to see an incoming head-butt that dropped him on his back.

"You're quite good at hand to hand combat." The tengu said after wiping some blood off his nose.

The tengu began forming ninja-seals and summoned five fireballs. This was the [Dragon Ball] skill.

The tengu pointed at Dog and the fireballs coursed toward him like meteors.

Dog slid his leg on the stone floor and smashed his fist down on the pavement. The floor cracked as thousands of rock pieces blew up in the air.

The fireballs smashed into the flying rocks and exploded before reaching Dog. The dullahan used the distraction of dust and fire to approach the tengu.

'Is he crazy, he's going right through the fire.'

Dog appeared right in front of the unaware tengu, with a fist that punched directly into the tall nose's stomach.

The tengu spat out a load of blood, but still sliced at dog's neck.

The attack landed and decapitated Dog, but he was a dullahan, to begin with. But due to the head being separated from the body, dog was disoriented. His head was on the ground and looking at the opposite direction of his body.

Dog's body was standing, lost, and unable to locate the head.

"This is the end, headless warrior. Thou who dare desecrate this land..." the tengu muttered as he took an Iaido-stance. He didn't have a sword, but his hand was more than enough to split a mountain.

"With my advent, I lay waste to your defilement! ZAN!" the tengu shouted.

His hand blurred and returned to its former position.

The tengu aimed his skill into Dog's body. If it touches him, he will be split in half and instantly executed.

Yet Dog was not one to go down that easily. He ordered his body to jump away from his position. The arena floor and the entirety of the arena, even some of the audience was split in half. The stage split in half, like a lemon cut in two, one side slid off the other. A second later, the two halves merged back together.

But Dog was safe.

"You should've aimed for the head," Dave said.

If the tengu aimed for dog's head, that would have instantly been his victory.

The tengu, having realized this mistake repeated his action again. This time he was aiming for the head. Yet Dog must have realized the position of the tengu from his recent attack. He ordered his body to charge at the tengu's location.

Luckily enough, the body managed to force the tengu away from his iaido-stance.

'What is dog doing?" Dave wondered. He saw that he was actually licking? The floor.

Dave didn't understand what was going on until he saw a spread of black sigils on the floor.

Suddenly, Dog's basilisk emerged into the arena. When the basilisk saw Dog's situation, it immediately understood what it had to do. He grabbed Dog's head by his teeth and turned him toward the tengu. Now, Dog was able to see both his body and the tengu fighting.

Dog's body began hammering the tengu with continuous attacks, forcing him to move back.

The tengu shouted, and a burst of wind pushed away the body. Then the tengu flapped his wings and flew up. the dark sky of the underworld darkened further, and more clouds gathered above the arena.

Then, hundreds and thousands of black feathers began shooting down like bullets.

Dog's body began doing summersaults flipping backward from the rain of feathers. He kept backflipping until he reached his weapon.

'Guess he had enough with the tengu using all those skills.'

Dog whipped his bone-flail into the air changing its form to the whip form. Then he began whirling and whipping the air with it, creating a barrier that blocked all the feathers that rained down on him.

The feather rain stopped, but the tengu had the upper ground. He was flying high up in the air and Dog was a sitting duck for the tengu.

Dog swung his bone-flail toward the tengu, but the red-faced creature was too far away from the reach of the bone-flail.

The tengu began creating more fireballs and shot them at Dong's head.

The basilisk swallowed dog's head and curled onto itself. It received the explosive fireballs but still protected dog's head from the damage.

Soon after the basilisk opened its mouth, and shot its tong like a whip toward the tengu. A chameleon can shoot its tongue at a 60 miles per hour, but a basilisk was much faster. Yet, Dave knew that the distance between the basilisk and the tengu was still too far from the basilisk's tongue to reach. However, it seemed that the basilisk had no intention of attacking the tengu with its tongue.

At the tip of the basilisk's tongue was Dog's head. He used the basilisk's tongue like a spring and shot his own head like a bullet toward the tengu.

The tengu was about to dodge, but Dave saw something unusual. Dog's usually blue eyes had changed to bright golden. It was the same color as the basilisk's eyes. The tengu jerked in mid-air, one of his wings began turning to stone. And this wing was the same wing Dong's head was heading toward.

The head and the wing crashed into each other, and the tengu was now missing a wing. Dog's head fell to the ground, but it was caught by the basilisk as it shot its tongue again to catch it. But the tengu was unable to balance itself with a missing wing and crashed into the ground.

Dog's body came running toward his head and placed it back on. Then he turned toward the tengu and waited for him to stand up.

The two began running toward each other. Dog was now wielding his weapon. It seemed that he had enough playing. The tengu sliced at Dog, and dog dodged and retaliated.

The battle changed to a slug-fight. Weapon and fists clashed against each other. The two fought like there was no tomorrow; they fought, disregarding any measures of safety or caution.

The tengu used spells, and Dog smashed them all with his bone club. The tengu tries to cut Dog in half, but he was always stopped, either by Dog's club, or the basilisk that periodically used [Petrifying Gaze].

The fight soon turned to Dog's favor as the tengu became more and more battered. His left hand was shattered after being turned to stone. And his right leg was fractured from being struck directly by Dog's bone-flail.

Dog was not better off. Most of his armor was cut in several places and had his bone-flail split in half.

Dog and the tengu faced each other in a gruesome encounter.

The tengu drew his hand again; this time he placed it like if he was about to draw a sword. Wind gathered like a twister and shaped itself into a long katana under the tengu's flank.

"This is my ultimate move, do you dare to face it?!" the tengu shouted.

Dog relaxed his posture and stood straight up. Suddenly a gigantic hue began materializing behind him. It was like the silhouette of a man, it had a golden glow, but it was unfocused and unclear.

Dave's skin began crawling. He knew what this was.

But before the tengu could release his skill, a gigantic golden armored fist materialized right above the tengu and came crashing down on him. Right then, Dave's vision swam, and he was back into the wilds.

Dave hastily stood up, his eyes wide open.

"Y-you said Dog was a legendary creature?!"

"Yes, that skill, I had never seen it before I assumed he was a legendary creature."

"No, you couldn't be more mistaken." Dave said, he didn't want to even utter the following words, "Dog is not a legendary's much more fearsome than that. Dog was the former wielder of the God of War legacy! The legacy that is currently owned by the Devastator's Guildmaster! Warlord's legacy!"