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317 The Might of a Doom Knigh

 The little dragon began eating at the egg's scales. Dave left Onixya on the floor to finish her meal.

Dagla appeared back into the room.

"It seems that you have branded it. Fantastic."

"Was it really important to brand the dragon?" Dave asked.

"Yes, otherwise, if its real parent senses it, the mother dragon would have taken it from you. Now, even at the presence of the real mother, this little one will still deem you it's true parent." Dagla said.

"Oh, that's nice. I was afraid for a second that the black dragon might come looking for me because I took its child."

"Oh, that will happen, you can be sure of it. A mother's rage can never be extinguished. You should be very careful as if the dragon senses your presence near it, it will come looking for you," Dagla said.

"That's not very reassuring."

"Ha, don't worry, you will become strong enough soon. Once you can wield Deadrea's Weapons, you will be able to become stronger and at a frightening pace. Then, the dragon will not pose a threat to you," Dagla said.

"Alright, thank you very much, Dagla, I'll have to get going now. Something is happening at Urburg and I need to be there soon," Dave said. He picked up Onixya who just finished eating all of the dragon shells and tore a teleportation scroll to Urburg.

The moment he arrived, Dave facepalmed himself. 'Damn, I forgot to meet with Dortha about the [Herculean Strength] upgrade. Anyway, let's leave it for next time. It looks like something interesting is going on here.'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Onixya climbed on Dave and rested on top of his helmet. She began swaying her tail left and right. She looked happy and was enjoying discovering new scenery.

Dave's party were occupied with talking to the hundreds of NPCs currently present in Urburg. They haven't noticed Dave's presence behind them.

Dave brought his fist to his mouth and coughed announcing his presence to all. The moment the NPCs noticed Dave however, most of them had their faces turn white as a sheet of paper. Some couldn't even utter a word, and some of the females fainted out cold.

"Oh, I didn't think I had such an appeal. Howdy all," Dave said.

"Dave, you're scaring them," Lone said.

When Lone spotted the small dragon on top of Dave's head, here eyes widened and she screamed like an overly excited little girl. Lone swiped the little dragon from on top of Dave's head and began tickling and playing with her.

"So, cuuuuuuuute!"

Dave winced from the loud screaming and shook his head.

Lone answered the NPCs without lifting an eye from the little dragon that she was smothering with affection, "Calm down everyone, he is friendly."

"B-but don't you see. He is an undead! Did you ever see a friendly undead!" One of the older NPCs spoke.

"Old man, I won't cause you any harm, don't worry," Dave said.

"I can't believe a servant of evil."

"Then how about this?" Dave snapped his finger. The ring of True Undeath shone brightly. The toxic green Doom Knight armor changed to that of a chrome-plate armor adorned with gold and red. It looked like the armor of a holy paladin of the highest grades.

"A paladin? Why fake your appearance, sir?" Asked the same old man.

"I didn't fake my appearance. I can turn to Undeath at will. Now old man, what brought you all here?" Dave asked.

The old man was still wary of Dave, but he had to answer, "Sir, we have been exiled from the kingdom of Qin. Due to some disagreement with the rules we have been kicked out of the country. We wandered the Wilds for years looking for safety, and we have lost many of our family along our journey. The people you see here are all that is left," The old man said.

Dave took another look at the people. They looked tired and beat. Their clothes were torn and unkempt. But under the old and dirty clothes, were toned and fine muscles. Even the women had the same physical trait.

Dave frowned, he thought that these people might be spies from the Qin kingdom. But taking another more inspective look at these people, he noticed that their fingernails were dirtied. They had scares that weren't caused by swords. Their skin was the color of bronze signifying that they had been under the sun for a long time.

And under their eyes were bags from the continuous lack of sleep. The children had a skinny build, meaning that they hungered for a while.

'These can't be spies. Otherwise the country of Qin would be damn good at this.'

"I can accept you as residents of Urburg,' Dave said.

"You will allow us to live here?" the old man said.

"Yes, but under a few conditions," Dave added.

"Yes, what are they?" the old man said.

"I'm planning on creating a community here. There will be undead and humans co-existing together. So you will not cause problems for the undead, and they will not cause problems for you. You will be given land, and you may choose any of the houses here for your lodging. You can create shops or build your own houses. Anything you want really," Dave said.

"But, the undead are dangerous. We would rather live in the wilds than live with filthy undead!" a young man behind the old man said.

"The undead you know, and the undead I know are completely different. Listen up. These are my conditions. If you like them then you are more than welcome to live in Urburg if you don't like them, then you may leave this place," Dave replied

"Can we have some time to think upon this?" the old man asked.

"One day. Come to me with your answer then," Dave spoke back.

"Alright sir," the old man took his family toward a half crumbling building, and they began a discussion with themselves.

"Davey, you want to start investing in Urburg?" Lone asked.

"Yeah, this is the best time to begin reconstructing Urburg," Dave said.

Mercy came next to Lone. The assassin in white seemed interested with the little dragon as she began poking at her. The small dragon was squeaking. She seemed to enjoy playing with the girls. Suddenly the dragon burped a small gout of black smoke. Then her stomach began growling.

Dave snorted, "Guess Onixya needs some food."

Dave used one of his newest abilities [Summon Undead].

He waved his hand in front of him, causing a burst of black magic to coalesced into Bud the Shadow Ghoul.

Yet this ghoul was utterly different than what Dave remembered. He even had doubts that he summoned something completely different.

Bud was big, to begin with, yet now, he was thrice as large as a troll. He was wearing a full set of Death Knight armor, and two gigantic curved Daggers were strapped to his waist.

Bud knelt down, shaking the ground.

'Man, this shadow ghoul's going to have a hard time being sneaky with this size.' Dave smirked.

"Lord, how can I serve?" Bud spoke, this time clearly and correctly.

"Seems like you can speak well now,"

"Yes, lord. My tongue has improved due to my increase in rank."

"Good. Can I ask you for a favor then?"

"Your words are my command."

"Then, Onixya here is hungry can you bring her something to ear."

"At your service," said the ghoul and disappeared in a gust of black smoke.

'Guess his size doesn't affect his Shadow-Form.'

"Who was that?" Lone asked.

"That's Bud. He is a Death Knight now."

"Oh, you have three Death Knights under your command now. That's dope," Perfect said.

Dave shook his head, "I have a hundred and two. I'm a Doom Knight now."

"No wonder you have new armor," Mercy said.

"Yeah, well I'm much stronger right now."

"Uh, yeah, well I hope that what you're saying is true because I think that general dude is back," Flanker said, pointing at the gate.

Looking at Urburg's gate, Dave saw the general he chased off earlier back, this time with a couple thousand riders. They stood patiently at the entrance as if they were awaiting an order.

Onixya began growling in Lone's hand. She was looking intently up in the sky.

A loud screech echoed through the wilds. It was the sound of a wyvern, and there were many of them.

The old man who was talking with his family came running toward Dave, "Sir, that is general Zhu-Chin, please he can't know that we are here!"

"Why is that?" Dave asked.

"I will tell you later, but please don't let them know that my family is here. They will kill them on sight!"

"Kill you? Didn't you say you were exiled, now they want to kill you? Aren't you being very contradictive here." Dave said in a frown. He despised being lied at, and the old man seemed to understand this fact.

"Please, Lord, I had my reasons not to tell you the whole truth."

"Go and hide for now. When this is over, I will come looking for you. You better have a convincing story to tell by then," Dave said dismissively.

The old man nodded to Dave and ran back into the broken building.

Dave's party gathered around him.

"He looks angry," Perfect said as he looked at Zhu-Chi.

Zhu-Chi led his troops through the gate of Urburg. Dave snapped his fingers and changed back to Undead.

When Zhu-Chi was in front of Dave, he said, "The king of the holy country of Qin will declare war on the undead legion if you do not retreat from this city. This is the only warning you will receive."

"It seems that you didn't hear me clearly the last time I told you to piss off," Dave said.

"Well, you can't blame him, you kinda cut off his ear," Flanker said in a snicker.

Zho-Chi frowned hearing the priest mocking him.

Dave shook his head and said, "We will not give up this area. Leave or die." Dave said.

"I have come with reinforcements. You cannot defeat us with just those two thousand undead of yours.

"Then I'll just have to prove you wrong, again," Dave stomped the ground with his leg. A burst of black magic exploded from under his leg and spread all over the city of Urburg.

Death Knights began emerging all around Dave. All of Dave's former Undead Captains had been upgraded to Death Knights. A hundred of them were now present in Urburg. Then, hundreds of other undead spawned all over Urburg.

The deathly energy they radiated made the horses shudder and neigh in fear. More undead kept spawning in Urburg. The number of troops that Dave had under him now had exceeded a hundred thousand Undead!

This was simply a mind-boggling number and was neigh impossible to imagine. Many undead had no room to spawn inside Urburg, so they were summoned outside of it.

"Now, you say my two thousand undead aren't enough to defeat you? I brought a hundred thousand then."

Zho-Chi was once again proved wrong; the numbers that he came with were nothing compared to Dave's troops.

"Seeing how you brought about a thousand soldier, now you're outnumbered a hundred to one. Do you honestly think you can win?" Dave said.

But before waiting for a reply from Zho-Chi Dave added, "What I dislike the most is being given ultimatums, so please, die."

Dave waved a hand and said, "Slaughter them all."

Then he turned around and left. He didn't care for the please or battle cries of the soldiers of Qin. The captain had already signed a full-scale war against the legion the moment he dared to step at the gates of Urburg the second time.

Dave's troops then converged on the battalion sent from Qin and began a mass slaughter.

"Aren't you going to participate?" Lone asked.

"Nah, the undead alone are more than capable of eradicating them, and I still gain exp even if I don't fight."

"That's just broken!" Flanker said.

"Well, that's the advantage of being a Lich, I get to grind EXP without having to move a hand. If you want to level up a bit, you can help my undead and secure some exp." Dave said.

"Just don't use heals, you will harm the undead," Fortress reminded.

"Yeah, I know. Alright, time to get some easy exp!" Flanker dove into the fight.

"I can't miss free exp, I'm in," Lone said, she handed Onixya back to Dave and began shooting at the soldiers of Qin. The rest of the party all went to help the undead fighting-more like mass-slaughtering-the troops of Qin.

"Lord. I have brought what you asked." Dave heard Bud's voice behind him.

Bud was carrying the carcass of a dear. He dropped it to the ground and said, "What is happening here?" Bud asked.

Dave placed Onixya next to the deer carcass then replied, "They are having some fun; you can join if you want."

"With pleasure," Bud replied and disappeared from in front of Dave.

Onixya began eating from the carcass with glee. Dave made sure that some undead remained by her side before he went to the ruined building where the NPCs were hiding.

When he entered the building, like a Deja-vu, the NPCs were shocked from the sight of the Doom Knight.

"You said that the kingdom of Qin wants to kill you, why is that?" Dave asked directly.

"Sir. Before that, I need you to know something," said the old man.

"What is it?" Dave asked.

"It's about my great grandfather."

"What does your great grandfather have to do with this?" Dave asked.

"Well, first of all, the weapon on your back, that's his glaive. My great grandfather was the Great General Ouki."