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315 A battle of Ice and Fire

 Dave inspected his opponent.


Name: Du'Rhaza. Lich.

Tier: Doom-Knight Rank.

Danger level: Friendly.

Level: 550

Base damage: 250,000-320,000

HP: 5,000,000

DN: 50,000

MA: 155,000


[Freeze] (Passive) All of Lich Du'Rhaza's skills deal Freezing Damage. After a certain amount of Freezing Damage is dealt to the player. They will turn to [Ice Statue]. Becoming immobile for 2 seconds. The next attack on the [Ice-Statue] has a 5% chance of instantly executing them.

[Frozen Death]: (Passive) Continuously Saps life from the living and transforms it into his own health. Steals 0.1% of targets around him per seconds and convert it to HP.

[Icy Burial] Surrounds the target with an ice tomb. Dealing 100% of base Damage in -Freezing Damage and burning 50% of their max Stamina.

[Frozen Necromancy] Summons ice-creatures as undead to attack Du'Rhaza aggressors.

[Ice Aura]: releases an ice aura that slows and saps target's stamina.

[Icemancer]: (Passive) Full mastery over ice magic. Can control ice, bend it and shape it to whatever form Du'Rhaza wishes. Ice attacks deal base attack damage in magic damage.


One of the strongest units under Arch-Lich Dagla -Abyssal Knight- of the undead legion. The Black Skull Order trapped du'Rhaza in the Ice-Queen palace. Not wanting to waist his immortality, Du'Rhaza delved into ice magic and managed to fuse both undeath and Ice which made him one of the most unique liches that could use the freezing element to cause death to his enemies.


'He has some nasty skills if I was a human that is.' Dave smiled. His undead nature gave him the ability to counter most of Du'Rhaza skills.

A loud voice echoed in the arena. "FIGHT!"

Du'rhaza remained hovering in the air, waiting for Dave to attack.

Dave used [Immortal Apparition], teleporting above Du'Rhaza and swung down with his glaive. The Doom Knight smiled and waved his hand upward, creating an ice barrier that blocked Dave's glaive.

Dave dropped down to the ground and jumped again swinging his glaive at the lich. The lich waved his hand creating two ice swords. One of the ice swords smacked Dave's glaive away, while the other pierced through Dave's chest.


Your undead Nature grants you ice damage immunity!

Ice damage resisted!

Dave cursed, Du'Rhaza was toying with him.

The constant ice aura surrounding Du'Rhaza created a small layer of frost over Dave, it didn't harm him, but it was annoying.

Dave noticed that his HP was continually dropping.

'Shit, His Frozen Death is sapping my HP even if I'm undead.'

"What's wrong young Lich, you should be stronger than this," Du'Rhaza said in a soft tone.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'm just warming up," Dave replied.

'I guess the glaive is not going to help much here.' Dave switched to the sworn Stalwart gauntlets and activated [Aura]

"Smart, fighting ice with fire. Show me how hot are your flames!" Du'rhaza said, and with this, the aura surrounding him raged further creating a hail storm around him. Dave's Aura looked like a flickering candle flame in the presence of the mighty ice storm raging from around Du'Rhaza.

Du'Rhaza waved his hands, creating spears that shot toward Dave. Dave rolled away from the spears. A Loud crash sounded behind Dave. Looking behind him, Dave saw that the ice spears had pierced deep into the stone pavement of the arena.


Dave smashed his fists together "Guess I'm gonna have to turn up the heat!"

Dave activated Drahma's Earrings. Using [Zealot] his body grew larger, and steam burst out from every pore of his body. His armor was like a hot iron ingot placed in the cold snow of the north.

"More power!" Dave slapped at his chest disabling the Azur water rune. The chaos energy from his chaos runes began writhing inside him. Rampaging like an infernal tornado that was bottled up and was seeking release.

His skin began to burn bright as red magma colored veins seethed incredible heat through his body. Dave's [Aura] grew stronger and raged fighting against the oppressing cold.

Dave jumped at Du'Rhaza while throwing a powerful punch toward him.

Du'Rhaza summoned another ice barrier, but it was destroyed as if it was made of thin paper. The punch landed on the lich and sent him tumbling on the ground.


"How about that? Strong enough for you?" Dave asked.

The ice-lich stood up, laughing he said, "Yes, that's more like it. Now this will be a proper fight instead of a child-beating."

Du'Rhaza raised both hands up. The ice particles in the air gathered together and created hundreds of ice swords.

"Take this!" Du'Rhaza dropped his hands, pointing them at Dave.

With that, the swords flew like bullets toward Dave.

Dave used [Dragon Fist] punching at the air, the aftereffect of the skill created a gigantic fire dragon that shot out from Dave's fist. The dragon opened its maw wide and consumed the ice swords into its gullet then surged toward Du'Rhaza.

"Not bad!" Du'rhaza said he twirled around himself creating a gust of ice that gathered into a dragon quite similar to Dave's. This ice dragon shot toward Dave's fire dragon, the two of them collided and destroyed each other.

'That's just not fair!' Dave grumbled, but it was no time to feel depressed. Du'Rhaza summoned two more of these ice dragons and sent them surging toward Dave.

Dave dodged away from one of the dragon but was forced to face the second. He raised his leg up and smashed down in [Dragon Kick] a fire dragon materialized in the air and came down crashing on the other ice dragon. The two of them nullified each other.

Du'Rhaza seemed to enjoy creating ice dragons as he made some more.

"How much mana do you have! That's not fair!"

Du'Rhaza smiled, "I lived for a long time. I have enough mana to keep up this output for years! Don't even think that you can defeat me by waiting for me to deplete my mana reserves." Du Rhaza said and pointed at Dave.

The five dragons shot toward Dave instantly.

"Alright, time to use a new combo!" Dave's hands fashed in ninja seals. Two fireballs materialized above him. He was using [Dragon Ball] soon after, the two fireballs turned to eight, then they turned to sixteen fireballs.

Dave smiled and pointed the giant fireballs at Du'Rhza.

The first five fireballs crashed into the five ice dragons destroying each other in the process while the remaining eleven fireballs coursed toward Du'Rhaza.

Du'Rhaza waved his hand, creating a gigantic ice-wall, but the fireballs were empowered by Dave's Zealot and chaos runes that they easily destroyed the wall and slammed into Du'Rhaza.



Fear Effect Failed to apply!

Fear Effect Failed to apply!

Fear Effect Failed to apply!

Fear Effect Failed to apply!



Dave was genuinely surprised. He never thought that this combo would be this powerful.

Du'Rhaza was staggered, he groggily stood up and asked, "What was that? There was a familiar magic mixed into them, the very magic I taught you, [Spectral Skulls]"

"Exactly, it was [Dragon Ball] mixed with [Spectral Skulls] this made them eight giant infernal spectral skulls, and I added a skill of mine [Twin Strike] which doubled the number. Sorry if I went too hard on you." Dave said in a snort.

"Very well, that's an interesting concept. Let's see if I can do the same."


Du'Rhaza smiled and raised his hands. Unlike Dave, Du'Rhaza was the one who gave him the Spectral Skulls skill book. So he was more proficient in it. Ten, a hundred, a thousand then an incalculable number of spectral skulls materialized in the air. The small spectral skulls all gazed at Dave in a violent manner.

Then Du'Rhaza roared, with that, the black spectral skulls gained a blue sheen, and they were made of ice.

'Fuck me!' Dave's eyes were bulging out. The Ice-lich went way over the top with his attack.

"Oh, so it works, show me how you can survive this!" Du'Rhaza pointed at Dave. And all the spectral skulls descended on Dave like an avalanche.

Dave hastily activated [Bastion] to protect himself from the incoming ice-spectral skulls. The skulls came down on Dave continuously like the bullets of a machine-gun. They shook his shield like the beatings of a drum.

Dave waited patiently, hidden under the shield of Bastion, but the skulls were so numerous, so many that they lasted more than the three seconds of immunity Dave's skill gave him.

The moment the glowing shield of bastion disappeared; Dave was pummeled into the ground by the continuous spectral skulls. His avatar was slammed constantly and continuously by the incoming and none-stopping skulls. Every attack emptied his lungs and he couldn't even grunt from pain. These formerly ethereal skulls, now turned to ice felt like bowling balls striking him down.

Hundreds of red damage numerals appeared above Dave's head.

Then a notification appeared in front of him.


You have 1% HP remaining!

You are in critical condition!

Passive skill [Unyielding] has activated. You are immune to death for 5 seconds.


The skulls continued dropping on top of Dave pinning him to the ground. With every explosion, hos body shook.

Thankfully, the skulls stopped falling on him before the seconds from Unyielding had ended.

Dave stood up, meeting eyes with Du'Rhaza. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Dave said.

"Yes, indeed. But you should know, I'm doing this for your own good. You are not strong enough to be a Doom, Knight. Now die, and try again when you are stronger." Du'Rhaza said.

He waved his hands again and summoned the same number of skulls.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Shit, I have no way to beat him."

He thought about using [Call of Chaos] but the cast time and the time it took for the meteor to arrive is far too long. Using Double Edge would buy him a few seconds, but the summoned skulls will still kill him if Du'Rhaza decides to shoots them.

Du'Rhaza's vast mana reserves were a pain for Dave.

Thinking along these lines, Dave had a lightbulb idea moment.

"Guess I'll try that!"

Dave ran toward Du'Rhaza as fast as he could.

"Oh, rushing to your death, I admire your courage. See you another time, Kis'Shtiengbrah!"

But just as Du'Rhaza finished his words, Dave's infernal body shot out red lightning crackling around him. A dark devastating aura, bone-chilling and terrifying was released from his body. The blood-red aura enveloped his body like a thin blood coating.

Dave's appearance changed. His back grew large black raven wings. And his head grew two giant horns. Both of his hands turned, even the Sworn Stalwart gauntlets changed appearance to those of enormous claw weapon instead of fist weapons.

Dave's Death Knight Armor changed color to blood red. And his avatar hovered in the air on its own.

"Demonic aura?" Du'Rhaza said.

Dave spoke, in a voice much deeper and more gruesome than his usual draugr voice "Yes, Demonic Ascension]."

Suddenly, all the spectral skulls in the air stopped then they began dissipating.

"Huh?" Du'Rhaza was shocked for a moment. He had lost control over all of his spectral skulls. Then suddenly, he fell on his back from his floating status. Eve the aura surrounding Du'Rhaza dissipated into nothingness.

Dave looked at Du'rhaza from mid-air and said in a smirk "I have the high ground now!"

"What happened? Du'Rhaza asked he waved his hand, trying to summon an ice weapon, but the frost he created was instantly dissipated.

"You cannot use Mana as long as I'm in this state. So tell me Du'Rhaza, am I good enough to be a Doom Knight?" Dave asked.

"I agree that you are strong. But I'm not dead yet!" Du'Rhaza waved his hand and summoned his sceptre. Then he swung it at Dave. Dave tried to take a step to the right. He forgot that he was actually hovering. So that mere attempt to move to the left caused his wings to flap once and blasted him a dozen meters away from Du'Rhaza.

"Wow, these things are strong!" Dave said as he glanced at his pitch-black raven wings.

Dave took a step forward, his wings flapped again and pushed him toward Du'Rhaza like an arrow. He aimed his fists -now claws-at Du'Rhaza. The ice lich blocked with his staff, but Dave empowered by Zealot and Chaos Runes broke the lich's staff in half and his claws pierced through the lich's chest.

Du'Rhaza grunted in pain. He took a direct critical hit. Dave headbutted the lich with his horned head and stunned him. He then raised the lich that was still stuck to his claws and threw him against the ground.

When Du'Rhaza was smashed into the ground, he held his hand at Dave saying, "Okay! I give in. Ha! My old bones can't take such a beating. You win."

Dave stopped in his track. He was wondering if the lich actually surrendered or if it was just a cliché attempt to backstab Dave when he let down his guard.

Yet the notification that appeared in front of Dave confirmed the lich's surrender.



Lich Du'Raza has been defeated.

You have been given a new Sub-Division Unit Number to lead.

You are currently the leader of the first unit of the Rogue Division.

Lich-Du'Rhaza has not lost his rank as a Doom Knight and will continue leading unit 404.

Your rank in the undead legion has increased.

Congratulations on reaching Doom Knight rank!

The one hundred undead captains under your command have all been upgraded to Death Knight Rank!

Their weapons and armors have been provided upgraded by the legion!

Your Doom Knight Rank grants you access to an extra feature of the Undead Management panel.

Command and Conquer!

You can now communicate with your Death Knights over vast distances of the world.

You can forcefully summon your underlings to your presence anywhere in the world.

You have gained a new passive skill.

[Deathly Presence] You passively release an aura that frightens monsters that are 50 levels lower than you. Terrorized monsters will flee the scene in your presence.

You can now equip, Doom Knight Rank Equipment.

You have access to an extra set of purchasable items in Dickens's shop.

You can now corrupt more powerful dungeons and turn them to the property of the undead legion.

You have gained



Dave kept reading through the notifications and grinned like an idiot.

"Yeah, a hundred death knights to lead. Next step. An abyssal Knight!"