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314 Doom Knight Ascension!

 Dave logged out and had a late-night snack. It was 2 Am and way past sleep time. He drank a cup of milk and went to bed. After a sound night sleep, Dave woke up fully energized in the morning.

His phone was flashing. There was a notification awaiting him. Dave unlocked his phone and saw that there was a message from Lone and a few missed calls. Reading through the message, Lone was urging Dave to log in. It seemed that Urburg was in trouble.

Dave hastily got out of his bed and jumped into the capsule. A few seconds later, he was in the underworld. Dave tore the Urburg teleportation scroll and appeared in the middle of the abandoned city.

Hundreds of soldiers wearing golden and red armor were wandering the city. When they noticed Dave, they converged together and grouped up in a large square formation.

Lone, TNT and Mercy, were waiting at the gate.

"What's going on?" Dave asked.

"Their captain wanted to evict us, we told him we would wait until you come," Lone said.

"Evict you? Who the hell does he think he is?" Dave said in an angry tone. The one to take what belonged to Dave in-game had yet to be born. There was no way that Dave will willingly hand over the only city that grants access to the Wilds. And especially to NPCs.

"I ordered the eviction of this city. From now on, this land belongs to the holy kingdom of Qin." A man said. This person was wearing bronze and gold armor and rode on a large warhorse.

"Who the hell are you?" Dave asked.

"I answer not the questions of the undead. Leave these lands if you cherish your life!" The captain said confidently.

Dave inspected the captain.



Level 550

HP 5,000,000

MD: 150,000

PD: 150,000

Skills: ???


Captain of the Flawless Blade of Qin unit. A veteran of war and a good leader, honoured by the Emperor of Qin thought his efforts in battle and was awarded the title of The Unsheathed Blade of the Kingdom.

The captain's level was high, but Dave knew that with his army, he could still take him on. So he drew his glaive saying "At first, I had no interest in fighting your kingdom. But you seem to be misunderstanding something..."

When Dave drew his glaive. All the knights behind the captain readied up for battle.

"We the undead take whatever we want and give nothing back. I'll give you the same offer you just gave me. If you cherish your life, leave these lands or be turned to undeath!" Dave said.

All of Dave's allies converged toward him and stood behind Dave.

"Threatening me? You and what army?!"

"It's funny you mention that, Tiny!" Dave said.

The small black slime peaked from his side-pocket. Jumping into the air, Tiny transformed into his massive form.

The captain and his underling were distraught for a moment. They didn't expect the undead to have such a massive monster at his command. But they were the proud knights of Qin. They wouldn't be forced to retreat from the sight of one giant creature.

Yet, this was not what was going to bring them pure terror. Tiny waved his arms and summoned hundreds of sarcophagi. These sarcophagi were hanging from Tiny's body by long chains. The coffins opened all at once, releasing tens, hundreds, then thousands of undead. They all materialised around the knights and surrounded them from all sides.

Singund, Dog and the tengu stood at the front. They acted as the greatest and best vanguards for Dave's army.

Then came the turn of the Manticores that spawned all around the undead. The knights of Qin were pinned and locked into an inescapable wall of undead. If Dave gives the command only death will await the warriors of Qin.

"U-undead! You will bring the wrath of Qin upon your head!" the captain said, threatening Dave in a tone betraying his intentions.

"You already brought the wrath of the Undead Legion upon yours!" said a voice that came out of nowhere.

Suddenly, a large gust of black wind materialised right next to the captain. From it, emerged Samael. He stood with a dagger placed dangerously under the captain's neck.

"You do not cross the undead. The undead crosses you. Kis'Shtiengbrah, what is your verdict?" Samael asked.

A notification appeared in front of Dave.


You have been offered a choice that might change the fate of the world.

If you chose to kill the captain of Qin, the undead Legion will be in a hostile relationship with the army of Qin.

If you chose to spare them, there might be a chance to make a truce and create a cooperative relationship with the country of Qin.


Dave thought about it and said, "Samael as much as I want to kill this one. I don't want to cause unnecessary bloodshed. Though the legion is far stronger than some mere human country. We still have to slay the Ash-King first, before creating any enemies. Let him go, but with a warning." Dave said.

"Right," Samael smiled and slashed with his dagger at the captain's ear, cutting it off.

The captain screamed in pain, but when his underlings tried to avenge him, the captain shouted, "HOLD! We understand. We shall leave!" said the captain.

Dave waved his hand, and his undead let the soldiers of Qin a way out. The captain, dissatisfied with this failed conquest turned around and called for his troops to retreat. Like a beaten army, the warriors of Qin left Urburg with a sour taste in their mouth. The Undead were dominant and their power is known by many. They had no chance of defeating them, especially with their low numbers.

"Cool Davey as always!" Lone commented. She feared for the city of Urburg to be taken from them. No one wanted to lose a good EXP area.

Dave smiled at lone and turned to the Abyssal Knight, "Samael, I never thought I would see you in the over-world. How did you get here?" Dave asked.

"I used the gate," Samael pointed, "When you used the gates of the underworld, it automatically loaded all of your visited gates. So, we can come here whenever we want." Samael said.

"Well, that's good because I think we might get in trouble soon," Dave said and sighed.

"What do you mean?" Samael asked.

"I don't think that the captain will give up on Urburg. He will probably come again. So, I might need your help in fending him off in the future." Dave said in all seriousness.

"What you say rings true. But I cannot help you with defending this area. I still need to defend the Red Fortress. However, if you become a doom knight, you will have a hundred death knights under you. You will be more than capable of defending this area on your own."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Oh, right, I'm not that far away from level 400. I think it's time I level up. I have a doom Knight Armor sitting in my inventory. It's about time I try it out." Dave said.

Rummaging through his inventory, Dave brought out the potions he bought from Ramsha.

"Let's hope these can do the trick."

Dave drank the lesser potion of EXP, and his level immediately increased from 388 to 390. The animation of levelling up shone around Dave.

"Wow, Dave, what's that?" Lone asked.

"It's an EXP potion I bought from Ramsha," Dave replied.

"Gimmi one! I'm low level."

"Hang on, I need to level up to 400 first, if I still have some more, I'll share with you," Dave said.

"Hey, what about us?!" Flanker asked.

"Shut up. Lone's Skelly's girlfriend, what right you have to ask for potions?" Fortress reprimanded.

Dave's brows rose, 'Girlfriend? When did that happen? And why wasn't I informed?'

Lone bashfully looked away and didn't comment on Fortress's statement.

'At least deny or confirm it! Sigh.'

Dave shook his head and continued drinking the potions. Dave had 9 of each tier. Lesser, normal and superior. After drinking each potion, he noticed that the effects were lessening the more he drank. But thankfully, he levelled up to 400 and was left with two superior medicines.

"Here, Dave handed the two potions to Lone."

Lone immediately drank one, and several levels up animations appeared under her.

"Wow, I'm already level 320! This is good!" she drank the other potion and levelled up some more.

"Hey, skelly, where did you get these?" Mercy asked.

"I got them from Ramsha," Dave said.

"I think I should buy me some, how much are they worth?" Mercy asked.

"They can only be bought with BloodStones, but you don't need to bother yourself with it right now. I already bought all of Ramsha's stock."

It was as Dave said. Ramsha had a limited amount of EXP potion, and it was only natural otherwise, it would have broken the game.

"Okay, I guess it's time for me to take my Doom Knight ascension."

Dave checked his Status Screen.


Death Stroke




Battle Lich


















Physical Def


Magic DEF


HP Regen


Mana Regen


Stamina regen



Unassigned AP



Shield Boarder

War Maestro

Pride of the Undead

Dead Men Tell My tale!

Dave added 50 of his unassigned points to INT, pumping it to 1000.

A notification appeared in front of Dave.


You have reached 1000 points in Intelligence. You gained [Overdrive]

An active ability that enables the user to use all of his mana-skills without mana cost for 30 seconds.


You have completed the minimum requirement for Arch-Lich Dagla to be your magic instructor. Please head to Dagla to learn a new skill.


He poured the rest of his unassigned attribute points to Strength, pumping it to 820.

"I should probably go to Dagla first, but I can't wait to become a doom knight."

Dave opened the Undead Management panel and chose Undead Ascension, he paid the 100,000 CP point to purchase the right to ascend, and a notification appeared in front of him.

A notification appeared in front of him.


Undead Ascension

You have purchased the Right and sent a challenge to the Leader of Subdivision Number 404.

Regiment Leader

Doom Knight Du'Rhaza.

Do you accept to commence the battle for leadership now?



"I'll be back shortly guys, wait for me," Dave said and pressed Yes.

He disappeared from Urburg and appeared in the Undead Ascension arena.

The arena was glorious as always, this time the rows of spectators were filled to the brim with all kinds of undead. A doom Knight ascension had more audience than the casual Death knight's.

Du'Rhaza, the Ice-Lich floated in the middle of the arena. He looked at Dave in kind eyes and said "You grow fast young lich. But haste is not always a good thing. Do you think you have what it takes to beat me?"

Dave whirled his glaive and pointed it at Du'Rhaza Dave said, "There is only one way to find out!"