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312 The Leviathan

 Dave was waiting for Tiny to finish eating all the corpses of the Torab Snakes. As he waited, Dave's eyes were wandering around the lake. There was a large red spot, from the remains of the Torab serpent that the Tengu had slain.

Dave had yet to wear his armor, so he jumped into the lake and dove down. He wanted to see if the snake had some loot.

Swimming deeper and deeper, Dave found the dead Torab Serpent lying dead at the bottom of the lake.

The tengu's [Dimensional Cut] had cleanly separated the snake to two perfect halves that were laying side to side at the bottom. Dave touched the corpse but found nothing of value. No drops and no loot.

Disappointed he was about to rise back above the water. But, his death vision reminded him that he is a lich, and can revive what had died.

The Torabe Serpent is a monster level 550. The chances of reviving it were pretty slim, as the higher the monster level, the less the possibilities there were to reanimate it.

Dave touched the serpent, using [Rise Undead]. The aura of Death spread around the snake and covered it. But the snake didn't move. Dave tried it another time, half given up. But surprise overcame him as the two halves merged back together into one entity.


Congratulations, you have revived [Torab Sepernet]- Adult- Into Undeath.

Torab Serpent is a [Beast] category creature. Beast category creatures do not have underlings and cannot join the Undead Legion as one of its legionnaires. But they still benefit from the blessing of the Death Heart.


"Nice!" Dave said. The snake coiled around itself with its multiple heads and moved under Dave.

"Take me up!" Dave said the words through gurgles underwater.

Though most of what was heard were just bubbles and noise, the serpent had understood what Dave meant. It moved toward Dave who latched on it and the snake coursed to the top of the lake.

When Dave and the serpent appeared above water, the tengu had already pulled out his katana preparing to attack again.

"Calm down. He is an ally now."

"Warrior of the Dead, your ability to turn your foes to allies is most impressive. But beware, too much power can dull the mind." The tengu said.

"Yeah, don't worry, I won't get cocky this soon. Tiny, take everyone in. I need to go back to my Settlement," Dave said.

Tiny waved its giant arms, summoning five coffins. Dog, Tengu, the serpent and all the manticores were absorbed into the sarcophagi summoned.

Dave fell back into the water as the snake was absorbed from under him. Even tiny fell to the water as he had absorbed the manticore he stood on top.

Dave shook his head and shouted, "Tiny, become smaller and come here."

The Grave lord transformed into its slime form and moved toward Dave on the water like a water bubble.

Dave placed tiny into his inventory and pulled a teleportation scroll to the Dead Realm. He tore it and disappeared from the lake.

Dave appeared almost entirely naked in the middle of the Dead Realm. Many undead gave him strange looks. Dave hastily equipped his armor and summoned Grumpy.

"Grumps, let's go to my settlement," Dave said.

The basilisk snorted and dashed out of the city.

It took them ten minutes to arrive at the settlement. Dave hurriedly went to all of the Respawners and revived his troops. Then he went toward Dikenz's shop.

The Zombie was humming off-tune, as he cleaned the wears in his shop. When Dikenz saw Dave, he stopped his humming and spoke to him in a wide, rotten, toothy smile," What can me do to me favor'it cost'mr?"

"Dikenz, I need to buy some blueprints."

"Oh, hadn't ye bough't em all last time, ye was her'e?" Dikenz asked.

"There should be some new ones now, naval Blueprints."

"Ah, righ't. N' me though, who m'ight ve' been that brave lad ye'a beaten that nasty snek"

Dave was having a hard time understanding what Dikenz was trying to say so he said, "Just hand me the blueprints. I also need two Death Knight armor sets."

"For ye new undead?"

"Yeah, the tengu and Singund ar'nt well equipped. I also need 200 workers to build the docs don't forget those."

"Alright, gi'mme a sec." Dikenz brought several blueprints for Dave and two sets of Death Knight armor for Dave."

"Ye' find them workers waiting at the river in ye settlement, lad."

"Alright, so what's the total?"

"That'd be 1,200,000CP,"

Dave smiled at Dikenz, and Dikenz smiled back. The two started a staring contest where none of them said a word, but they kept looking at each other's eyes.

Dikenz seemed to be becoming more and more Daring, and Dave didn't want to call Samael over. Yet before any of them spoke, Tiny emerged from Dave's side-bag. Tiny jumped to the counter and looked up at the Zombi.

When Dikenz saw the little smile, he yelped saying, "That'd be for any other cost'mer, fer ye, id make a discount."

"The usual discount I suppose," Dave said in a grin.

"Y-yes, the usual, pity, get that thing away from me!"

"Tiny, come back," Dave said, and the small slime hopped away from the counter and into Dave's side-pocket.

"That'd be 120,000CP then."

"Thank you," Dave said and paid the sum.

Walking away, Dave said to Tiny, "Thanks. I'll make sure to give you a snack the next time we go hunting."

The slime shuddered in excitement for the promised snack.

Dave arrived at his settlement and saw a couple hundred undead grouped up together next to the river going through his land.

One of these undead was an undead captain, and the rest were regular Elite Tier undead.

The captain moved toward Dave, He had a missing hand and a large saber strapped to his waist. He wore a round hat and a sea captain coat above his tunic. Saluting, the undead captain said, "Commander Kis'Shtiengbrah. It is an honor for us to work for you. I hear you wish to build a doc here?"

"Thank you, captain. Yes, I do. What's your name?" Dave asked.

"Call me Gafgar. I used to be a captain to a great warship. If it is related to shipbuilding, or sea voyage there isn't anyone better than me in the whole of the legion. The sea can vouch for me!" the undead captain said in all pride.

"Thank you, Gafgar."

"Commander, I suppose you wish for me to build you a warship?"

"Yeah, is there a problem?"

"Yes, a big one. You see, this river isn't wide enough or deep enough to build such a ship. We will have to go all the way to the Underworld's seawater."

"Yeah, I forgot about that. I also have a small problem." Dave said.

"What might that be, commander?"

"I want to take the ship to the surface. The world above. I don't think it's possible to do so with a teleportation gate." Dave said. He just realized that he had a massive problem at hands. Building the ship in the underworld is useless if the treasure is in the overworld of conquest.

"That isn't a problem for us, commander. I will ask his majesty to allow the building of a naval teleportation gate. It should take the whole ship to the overworld as regular teleportation gates do."

"That's great. You can start now." Dave said.

"Commander, before you go, may I ask you something.

"Yeah, what is it?" Dave asked.

"I wish to build the Leviathan."

"Leviathan? What's that?"

"It used to be the ship of the legendary pirate king Gangplank. It coursed through the seas like a sword, sea monsters feared it, and sea ships had to move away from its trajectory not to get crushed from its weight and speed. This ship's structure is a construction miracle."

"And what do you need me to do to get you to build this Leviathan."

"Permission and a lot of resources," Gafgar said.

"You won't need the blueprints for it?" Dave asked.

Gafgar smiled wide, "Didn't I tell you I was the greatest ship maker the legion had ever known? I built that ship! I know every part of it by heart.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What do you need?" Dave asked.

Gafgar took a deep breath and began telling Dave the necessary tools and materials he needed. After hearing Gafgar's demands, Dave's forehead began sweating. The cost and materials needed were mind-bogging. Dave didn't know if Gafgar was going to build a ship or a moving sea fortress.

"There total cost of this ship will be 5,000,000CP. Commander."

Dave checked his Undead Management panel, he still had more than requested, but the building of this ship will leave him with about 2,000,000CP.

"Commander, if you don't have the resources, I can build you a regular warship. It shouldn't cost more than a tenth of the Leviathan's cost."

"Nah, we are legionnaires, we won't take anything less than the best. Build The Leviathan!"

"Thank you, commander," Gafgar said in all excitement.

"Legionnaires! We are rebuilding the greatest ship ever to cross the seas! Ready up!" Gafgar shouted to his two hundred undead.

"Do you need more undead for your task? I can have Dikenz send you more undead to build the ship.

"Yes, that will be for the best. I need at least one thousand undead to build this ship. It shouldn't take more than a week time." Gafgar said.

"A thousand undead it is," Dave said and went to Dikenz.

After ordering more undead to go to Gafgar, the whole group moved down the river and toward the sea of the underworld.

'Man, I'm beat, I need to sleep for a bit.' Dave mumbled to himself.

Looking at the direction of the Undead City, Dave remembered what Samael told him about the hydra.

"I need to meet the Abyssal Knight Dothra about the hydra. Samael told me he knows about them."

Dave nudged grumpy to go toward the undead realm to meet yet a new Abyssal Knight.