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308 Dog Stepps Up

 Dave pulled out his glaive and readied for battle, "Everyone, I'll buy you some time. Scroll out of here. We can't take him."

"What about Ralph's legacy?" Mercy asked she seemed concerned about Ralph's quest.

"I'm good guys. I only needed to fulfil a certain condition. Let's get out of here," Ralph said and tore a teleportation scroll.

His avatar disappeared from the room.

The rest of the party began tearing their scrolls. But when Fujin caught on to what the little rats were trying to do, he wasn't about to sit and wait for all of them to escape.

Fujin dashed like a wind gale toward the closest party member, Lone Arrow. But she was quick in her action, sidestepping a leg sweep from the wind god, then tore her scroll, disappearing from view.

Fujin switched targets to TNT, Fortress and Perfect had already torn their scrolls and disappeared, but Flanker was panicking.

"I don't have any teleportation scrolls left!" Flanker said.

Fujin raced like a bullet train toward Flanker. The wind god bent his knee, aiming it directly at Flanker's face.

Dave used immortal apparition to teleport right next to Flanker. He then yanked the priest by his clothes away from the face shattering knee attack.

Dave swiped out a teleportation scroll from his inventory and slapped it into Flanker's chest, "Use this!"

"Thanks!" the priest tore the scroll and disappeared, leaving Dave facing Fujin alone.

Dave had enough time to tear a scroll and leave the dungeon, but his eyes were locked onto the corps of the tengu. That boss monster was strong, if he had him as an ally, that would make a great addition to Dave's power.

He had two choices, leave and give up the corpse, or attempt to bring it back and risk death at the hands of Fujin. The decision was obvious for our dragur.

Dave bolted through the green fields of the mountain, leaving Fujin at a loss. This rat was not escaping the same way the others were.

Dave kept moving until he arrived at the tengu's corpse.

Dave extended his hand toward the tengu, a deathly aura gathered around his palm and began seeping into the tengu.

"SAWARNA!" Fujin roared words in a language Dave didn't understand. But the sound from this shout was enough to burst the wind creating a supersonic blast that almost broke Dave's eardrums.

The aura gathered around the tengu but a failure notification appeared in front of Dave. The tengu didn't resurrect. Fujin raced, stomping on the mountain floor and crushing it with every step. It was as if Fujin retained his weight even after changing his form to a smaller one.

Fujin arrived in front of Dave at the speed of sound. He chopped down with his hand on Dave. Dave sidestepped the hand chop that crushed through the ground and placed his palm on the tengu

Another failure notification appeared in front of Dave.

Fujin kicked in a roundhouse to Dave's chest, Dave had no way to dodge the attack, but his avatar moved on its own, bending back like an arc dodging the leg attack and jerked back up.

Dave hadn't understood what just happened, but this gave him a precious second to attempt [Rise Undead] again. Dave touched the tengu, this time the creature moved, the spell worked, and the tengu was rising back into undeath.


Congratulations, you have revived a Named Undead.

Dai-Tengu {Tengu} level 450.

As a named undead, Dai-Tengu will be added to your undead ranks without the need for you to supply him with mana to keep him in functional condition.


But Dave had no time to enjoy the scene, Fujin became furious at him, he clearly hated the fact that Dave revived the tengu right in front of him. Dave tore his teleportation scroll and escaped from the labyrinth.

Dave appeared in in front of the gate of Urburg. The whole party was right next to him. They were waiting for Dave's arrival.

"What took you so long? I thought you died," Lone asked.

"I revived the tengu. It was risky, but it's worth it. Ralph, your quest is good?" Dave said.

"Yep, only needed to complete a small task in the Storm Laby. Now I have to go meet some monk," Ralph said.

"What about Bud and the rest?" Lone asked she was more concerned about the undead than Ralph as it seemed.

"Sadly, I don't know. They will probably perish there. I'll revive them back at the Undead Realm. For now, I need to wait," Dave said.

"Wait for what?" Mercy asked, "Shouldn't we be completing Ralph's quest."

"Yeah, I will, but I'm still waiting for the challenge...should come any minute now..." Dave said.

Dave was tapping with his foot on the ground. Nothing was showing up, not even the tengu, nor the quest. Dave was getting impatient, was the game buggy?

"Albert!" Dave called.

"Holla!" The sound of a cheerful old man sounded from behind the party. Turning, they saw Albert in Hawaiian tourist clothing lying down on a beach bench, under a sun parasols shade. A small table was right next to him with a coconut juice and a small umbrella on it.

Albert wore shades that he lifted a few centimetres above his eyes to see the players then repositioned them back.

"Any problems?" Albert asked.

"Yeah, I just revived a tengu, and I didn't receive the challenge notification like I had when I revive Singund," Dave said.

"Let me see," Albert sat straight up on the bench, he rubbed the small white goatee beard he had and said.

"Nope, no problem at all. You did revive the tengu, but you need to be next to him to have the challenge issued against you. For now, the tengu is one of the undead legion's units. But he cannot go to the undead realm." Albert said.

"Why is that?" Dave asked.

"Well, simply put, Fujin isn't letting him go. The only way for the tengu to leave the storm laby is to be allowed to exit or killed by the storm brothers. Seeing how the Tengu was their teacher...well, you're in for a hard time getting him to serve you." Albert said in a smile.

'this solves the reason why the tengu was sitting in seiza after his death and why Fujin angrily shouted when I tried to revive the tengu. I guess they didn't want to see their mentor being controlled by another.'

"Shit, I'll have to go back to the Storm laby," Dave said.

"Well, not necessarily," Albert said.

"Why is that?" Dave asked.

"You have other units under you. If the tengu sees them, it will be the same as seeing you. Issuing a challenge to one of them is the same as challenging you. Your underling can pass the challenge right to you to fight the tengu, and if you win, that will make the tengu your underling and then you can forcefully summon him from the Storm Labyrinth by the king's power" Albert said.

"Oh, that's very detailed. Thanks for the assistance Albert."

"Hey, just doing my job with a bit of extra. Enjoy your gaming." Albert snapped his fingers and disappeared along with his chair and table.

"Guess we'll have to pray that Bud and co can find the tengu," Dave said.

"You think you can beat it on your own in your challenge?" Lone asked.

"Why? Is the tengu that strong? I mean Skelly here killed Singund, and that guy was a monster." Ralph said.

"Yeah, I should have shared the tengu fight with you guys. It took me a dozen dunlords and hundreds of undead to defeat it. Fighting it head-on will be a pain. The tengu isn't as resilient as Singund, but he has massive damaging abilities."

Just as Dave finished his words, a notification appeared in front of him.


Dai-Tengu has issued a challenge to one of your underlings.

Dai-Tengu has challenged you.

Winning in the challenge will award you the servitude of the Death Knight Dai-Tengu.

Dai-Tengu has no underling under him. So your troops will not increase in number.

Dai-Tengu is level 450. He has been denied access to Doom Knight ranks due to your low level when you revived him.

Dog the Dullahan, in your name wishes to fight the tengu.

If Dog the Dullahan fights in your name and loses, you shall suffer no consequences. However, Dai-tengu will be appointed Doom Knight position in the Undead Legion and will no longer be under your command unless you challenge him yourself.

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"That's strange," Dave mumbled.

"What's strange?" Lone asked.

"Dog wants to fight the tengu," Dave replied and shared the notification with the party.

"Then why don't you let him? You won't lose much," Lone said.

"I don't know if he can defeat him."

"You should trust your undead more Davey. Dog is really strong you know," Lone said.

"Alright let's give him a chance," Dave said and pressed, yes.


Dog the Dullahan has been teleported along with Dai-Tengu to the Undead Ascension Arena to fight to the death.


"We should wish Dog good luck," Dave said.

"What about the rest of your troops? If Dog were there, the rest of them would also be there. I hope that Raijin and Fujin aren't there." Lone said.

"Nah, my troop's numbers are decreasing rapidly," Dave said as he was looking at his undead panel. "Fujin must have remained there, and he is fighting them. Well more like slaughtering them. Man, it's gonna cost me a lot to revive them again." Dave groaned.

"Now what?" Flanker said, "Big guy over there said he finished the task he needed in the storm laby, what's the next step?" Flanker asked.

"Yeah, well I have several solo quests to do. Sitting under a waterfall for several days and do weight lifting and stuff like that," Ralph said.

"What kind of quest is that?" Flanker said in confusion.

"Don't know, it's a legacy quest in its starting phase. This is probably just the beginning. You guys should level up, and I'll go and do these quests alone." Ralph said.

"Where are we going then?" Fortress asked Dave.

"Well, I just recently got a quest that I can share with you guys. It's a killing quest." Dave said and shared with them the Torab Serpent slaying quest.

"Two hundred of the snakes in the Undead Frontier's lake. Those things are annoying, you know. Without a boat we can't kill them," Lone said.

"The undead have some boats we can use, let's go there first," Dave said and shared with them several teleportation scrolls to the Undead Frontier.

The party tore the scrolls and disappeared from Urburg into the Underworld again.