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 "You will use, Skelly's fame to boost the fame of Sigma Electronics," Sam said in a matter-of-factly.

"Okay. I suppose I'll have to mention that in tonight's video I sent to CCN," Dave added.

"What's the content that you sent them?" Sam asked.

"I've sent them the conquest of the third raid zone. It has a lot of fighting and a super nasty boss." Dave shuddered as he remembered the immortal Lakhbar. He was a monster both in form and power. One of the toughest bosses Dave had ever fought in conquest.

"That's a great idea, Dave," Zoe pitched in, "But, how are you going to manage the company once it is in your hands? I mean if you, as David Ruster take control over Sigma Electronics, that will make people think that you and Skelly are the same," Zoe dropped an excellent question.

"Yeah, you are right. I don't know how to do that," Dave said.

"You won't need to. You'll be the shadow director of the company," Sam said.

"I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the term. What's that?" Dave asked.

"A shadow director is a founder or significant shareholder who wishes to escape the disclosure requirements of a directorship," Sam explained to them.

"So, I get to own the company without ever having to show my face?" Dave said.

"Yes, exactly. I can handle the remaining paperwork needed for your company management. Now all you need to do is to give a presentation to CCN of the Sigma Company and mention that it is supported by you, as in Skelly. I can even guarantee that your stocks will go through the roof in no time," Sam said.

"And you should probably change the company name," Lone said.

"Yeah, think about something creative. Something that will make people think of Skelly as they think of the company," Sam said.

"Okay, sounds like a plan," Dave said.

They stayed in Samuel Silvana's office for some time, discussing how Dave will handle his new company as they waited for news from Belfort. Belfort called, saying that everything was good to go and with some other good news.

Dave has successfully bought 49% of the stocks. The stocks had dropped even more, which made Dave's estimated 45% become 49%.

"Just two more per cent and you could have had the whole company for yourself," Sam said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I thought there would be more shares in the market due to how low the stocks have gotten," Dave said.

"True. But usually, a company will never put more than 51% of its stocks in the market, in fear that some big shark can come and swoop it wholly under his control. Scoring 49% is a huge deal you can always buy the rest at a later date."

"I find it strange how that much of shares were released anyway," Zoe said.

"Right, Sigma-Electronics is a family company, owned by a man named Ford Richard. He owns 40% of the shares he probably didn't put his in the market. The rest -60%- were owned by Satan Slayer. So seeing that many stocks in the market mean that he had completely given up on the company," Sam said.

"Hang on, if Satan Slayer sold his cut, doesn't that mean that there is a missing 11% of the shares?"

"Yes, It appears that you weren't the only one thinking of buying the shares of this company though. This is going to be problematic," Sam said.

"How so?" Zoe asked. She wasn't very good with numbers, nor was Dave. So, they had to pay attention to Sam's explanation.

"Well, although the one who bought the 11% is the owner with the least number of shares. He can prove vital over the direction of the company. If he decides to aid you and become your ally, you will both control the company as partners. And Ford Richard will have close to no say in the company. But if he decides to aid Ford Richard, the total of their stocks is 51% which means that they get to call the shots." Sam said, patiently.

"We need to find the person who bought the shares and speak with them," Zoe said, she didn't look too happy with someone else controlling 'Dave's company.'

"I'm on it," Sam said as he called Belfort again. After speaking for a while, Sam looked at Dave and lone dejectedly.

"Belfort just told me that the shareholder bought them under an unknown status. We don't know who he is. But it's alright, Dave. This isn't much of a problem right now. I would have advised you to make a meeting with the shareholders, but it's better to keep your identity anonymous. I will, however, take your place in the conference table," Sam said.

"Though I dislike the fact that they didn't give Dave full control, you should still go easy on them uncle. They will be Dave's partners in the future."

"Don't worry, I'll just make them see who they are dealing with," Sam said in an evil, devilish grin.

"Uncle, that's no different than what I warned you about." Lone shook her head. Her uncle was incorrigible.

The three continued chatting in the office for a while until Dave had to excuse himself as he received a phone call from Ralph.

He left the office and used the phone in the hallway.

"Supp, bruh."

"Hey man, where you at?" Ralph asked.

"Just doing some stuff with Zoe's uncle, why?"

"Yeah, was calling you for that legacy quest you said."

"Oh, weren't you raiding the east?" Dave asked.

"Man, that ended hours ago, gruesomely so."

"What happened?" Dave said. He had a feeling that it was about the dragon.

"Well, it turns out that the east is way too strong than the current player power. Their border guards are the weakest. They are level 450. As for their main army, they have an average level of 600. Heck, they came at us riding wyverns and used legacy skills."

"What? NPCs using legacy skills?" Dave almost shouted the question.

"Yep, strong ones too. Man, today was a huge mess." Ralph said. He sounded annoyed.

"What's going on, Dave?" Zoe asked as she came out of Sam's office.

"Something big happened in the east, Zoe."

"Oh, I haven't checked," Zoe said and browsed on her phone for the news.

"Yeah man, they sent us an army of 20,000. They were enough to wipe two-thirds of our players in less than an hour. The rest spread through the wilds to escape."

"That's a heavy blow for the players. That's a lot of level loss and exp, but at least some survived, " Dave said.

"Ha, nice joke. No, I doubt that anyone would survive by now. Stuff turned out exactly as you said they would."

"The black dragon, right?" Dave said.

"Yeah, he came out of nowhere and began a mass manhunt. He is still killing players right now. I doubt anyone of the remaining players will make it to Moria before the dragon finds them."

"Yeah, well tough luck for them. It's good for me, though. This way, I can level up while they are losing EXP. And you must have used the Teleportation scroll to escape." Dave sounded a bit too happy over the loss that had befallen the raiding army.

"Yeah man, I had to find a spot to hide before using it. If the guildies find out I had a scroll to leave the area, they'll kill me, no joke," Ralph said in a snort.

It was only natural. Humans were greedy, and if one had an item that could save them from death and the level loss, they'd do all they want to either know his secret and if he didn't share with them, that player that would either be 'selfish' or blamed for the numerous deaths in the Wilds.

"Yeah, that was some good thinking bro. I suppose Mercy and Tess did the same."

"Yeah, the three of us are in Urburg. Also, there are some NPCs here. They aren't talking with us, though."


"Yeah. I think TNT invited them here. Tess mentioned that Fortress was inviting NPCs willing to go to the Wilds and work in Urburg."

"That's great. I think it's time to start renovating the place," Dave said.

"What about my legacy quest, man?"

"Yeah, of course after your legacy quest," Dave said, laughing. "See you soon, bro," he added.

"See you soon," Ralph replied and hung up.

"Dave turned to Zoe, who was still scrolling through her phone.

"Man, this is crazy. The whole raid team got wiped. Demetri must be bleeding money right now," Zoe said.

"The poor guy should never have tried to raid the east using money. Things like these would require a lot of time preparing for them. Though he had the manpower, he didn't have the strength to take the east," Dave said.

"Right, never bite more than you cloud chew," Zoe added.

"He should have realised that the east would be very hard to conquer, I suppose the guildies will attempt another raid soon after they regroup. But I doubt the outcome will be much different, especially without the banishment scroll," Dave said.

"There is much to think about for them. But at least the guildies know the way to the east now and they could prepare better for another fight." Zoe replied.

"True. Alright, I guess I should get going. Ralph needs me in a quest." Dave said.

"Can I come? I got nothing better to do. I still need to level up some more to finish my legacy quest with the Ice Queen."

"Of course, you can," Dave said.

Smiling Zoe clung to Dave's arm and said to her uncle, "We're going now, Uncle. See you later tonight."

"Enjoy your day, kids." Sam nodded and continued his work.