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304 Setting a foot in the big world

 "I don't have much to do right now. If you are free, I can come out and meet you right now," Dave said.

"Good, I'll ask Zoe to come to pick you up," Sam said.

"Thanks," Dave replied and hung up. He logged out from the game and took a quick shower.

Dave was feeling hungry, so he called room service and ordered some food. It took a while for the food to arrive. Having eaten his fill, Dave waited for Zoe to call.

His phone rang only a minute later, and it was Zoe.

"Yeah, Zoe."

"S'upp Davidskin, I'm downstairs, hurry up. Uncle's been acting all strange this morning."

"Yeah, I suppose he would," Dave said in a smile. Dave took the hotel elevator down and met with Zoe at the hotel entrance. She was inside her purple Lambo and was fixing her hair as she used her phone as a mirror. When she saw Dave, Zoe smiled and called him into the car.

Dave got on and strapped his seatbelt tightly on.

"Davey, what did you do to my uncle? He's been smiling all morning like a goof," Zoe asked.

"Nothing really, he came to me with this crazy idea about buying some guy's company. I can't say I understand everything, so that's why I'm going to meet him directly."

"Okay, uncle's up in his office it's not far from here," Zoe said and stomped on the accelerator.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Her car zoomed through New York's streets like a rogue train. She was not caring for speed limits or any measures of safety. Dave became numb to the way Zoe drove, but he still made sure that his seat belt was tightly secured every now and then.

"We're here," Zoe said in a cheerful tone.

Stopping her car, Zoe got out and threw the keys to the valet. Zoe followed after her as they entered a skyscraper. It was the largest building in the block.

The woman at the entrance greeted Zoe with a smile as she let the two of them in. Zoe kept walking until she reached the elevator down the hall. The bin was large and equipped with a quick ascension option. It could travel to the upper floor in just ten seconds.

When they got on, Zoe pressed the upper floor button.

"You guys love the upper floors."

"Yeah, who wouldn't want to have the high ground?" Zoe said in a grin.

Dave shook his head from the butchered reference Zoe just made.

The elevator arrived at the top floor. They moved through a carpeted hall. There were several closed doors along the hall, but at the furthest end, there was a red-haired woman that sat behind a desk. She must be the secretary, Dave thought.

When the woman saw Zoe, she buzzed the two into a large office. The office was like a private room. It had bookshelves filled with all kinds of literary works. There were pharaonic statuses neatly positioned in the room, giving it a high-profile theme.

The floor was made of mahogany wood, and the curtains gave a dim shade into the office's interior. A crystal chandelier hung from the high ceiling. And on the other side of the room where the two stood was a single desk where Sam was writing something down.

Sam glanced up at the two and smiled. He wrapped the documents he had and said, "You came quickly."

"Hello, uncle, Yeah, there was no traffic," Zoe said. She pulled a chair over and sat in front of the desk.

"David, please sit," Sam gestured for Dave to take a chair and to come closer.

"Do you remember when I asked you to buy the CCN stocks?" Sam said.

"Yeah, it was just yesterday."

"Surprisingly, the stunt paid off even better than I speculated. CCN's stock values increased by 150% in one day, I think that they will increase even more, but it's better to use the money right now to secure yourself a great deal."

Sam pulled two documents from under his desk and handed them to Dave.

"These are the paperwork needed to start the possession of Sigma Electronics. This is a branch company owned by IGU-Electronics; they are one of the leading in this day and age in their domain."

"IGU-Electronics, I think I know them. Isn't Satan-Slayer one of the big-shots in that company?" Zoe said. She was most knowledgeable about the devastators of the three. So a big Shot like Satan-Slayer was hard not to know.

"Satan who?" Dave said.

"He is a sub-guild master from the Devastators, a big fat-cat," Zoe said.

"Yes, that's the one," Sam said.

"I don't suppose that he will just let us take over one of his companies," Dave said.

"No, it doesn't work like that. Heck, I think he would be more than glad to dispose of the company as it will only bring them a bad reputation. It's wise to amputate the toe to save the leg," Sam said.

"If I got this right, this means that IGU-Electronics will rather give up Sigma-Electronics than being labeled together with them as anti-skelly;" Dave said.

"Exactly, now usually no one would try to buy this company because it has such a bad reputation now. So, you will take it over."

"I don't understand this part. If no one wants it, why would I want it."

"You, as Dave wouldn't, but Skelly. That's a whole other story," Zoe said.

"Like my smart and lovely niece just said, you won't take over Sigma-Electronics as David Ruster. But as Mr. Skeletal. This will instantly boost your stocks to the roofs."

"I see. I never thought about it this way. So, when do we begin?" Dave asked.

"You just need to singe those documents, and all should be done," Sam replied.

Dave read a few articles in the files and smiled, 'The demon sure does work fast."

Dave signed the documents and handed them back to Sam. The demon barrister pulled out a phone from a drawer under his desk and dialed a number.

"Belford, I have the paperwork done' ill fax it for you. You can start now." Sam hung up.

"Alright, it should be done now. All of your stocks from CCN will be liquified and used to buy the shares from Sigma Electronics. Belford told me that the shares are so low, that with the amount of money you are investing, you will be able to buy approximately 45% of the company. Which is a huge chunk."

"I thought I needed at least 51% to be the real owner of the company, isn't that right?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, but you don't have enough right now. Don't worry. You will be able to buy the remaining 6% in time. Right now, this makes you the largest shareholder, you just became a big-shot in the real world, Dave. Congratulations."

"Well, that was easy."

"Everything is easy when you have enough money, Dave" Zoe said.

"Now there is only one thing that is left for you to do," Sam said.

"What is that?"

"Propaganda, the largest the world has ever seen. And we are friends with the company that currently has the largest audience in the world at our disposal," Sam said.