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302 The Hungry Undead.

 Dave rode through the wilds in the darkness of the night; his regiment was following tightly behind. A few hours after, he heard the gale of the wind roaring above him. His gazed up and noticed a great shadow looming in the veil of the night. This shadow he knew, it was that of the great black dragon.

Dave's heart thumped in panic, 'Fuck, it's already out!'.

He hurriedly rummaged through his inventory, looking for his teleportation scroll. But right before he was going to tear it, then he noticed that the dragon wasn't interested in him as it coursed through the night toward the east.

"It must be going for the guildies, well that's none of my concern. I hope my friends get out of this safely. Boyz! Keep moving!" Dave kept riding toward Urburg.

The Wilds were quiet this night. The dragon probably caused this. Most monsters kept hiding, other than Leonard, Dave didn't think that anything in the wilds could threaten his survival as he was with his undead.

Finding the lack of monsters to be an annoyance, Dave decided to go back to the Underworld, at least there, the monsters were numerous and in abundance. Dave kept riding until he entered Urburg. Arriving at Urburg teleportation gate and was about to use it to go to the Red Fortress. But when he opened the teleportation interface, he saw a small icon flashing. It was a new gate code that was added to his character logs.

Dave clicked on the new teleportation code and activated the gate. The gate shone brightly for a moment and sucked in Dave and his boyz. Dave's vision swam and returned to normal after a moment. He found himself in a familiar city. It was Pharaoh's Crypt city. The third raid zone.

Two Death Knights came over toward Dave, "Commander," One of the knights said, "Lord Samael had left something for you." The Death Knight handed Dave two items.

They were a breastplate and two armored gloves.

Dave inspected the items.


Damaged Undead king's Armor.

Damaged Undead King's gloves.

King's Bones

Bring these items to Andre of Arotsa with the required material to repair them.


Dave opened his quest logs. He scrolled down until he found the quest related to repairing the Undead King's Armor.


Main Questline (Difficulty: SSS)

Andre, the smith, has offered to fix the armor of the Undead King if you find the rest of the pieces of the set and bring the following for the repair work:

Bones of a King (Must have been killed by you.)

5X Unicorn's Horn

100x Adamantine Filaments

Ramsha's Blood (10 Liters)

100x Silver Hydra's Scales.

1x Black Dragon's Heart.


Seeing the required materials again, Dave felt a twang of pain. Of all the items, he had twenty Adamantine Filament and five unicorn Horns, all thanks to Bone Breaker of course who oh so kindly gave them to Dave. As for the King's Bones, Dave must have missed them when he looted the puppet king, but thankfully Samael was kind enough to bring them to him.

But for the remaining materials, he had no idea where to start. The dragon is damn strong. And the hydra, Dave had never heard of it. As for Ramsha's Blood, that was the thing that made him dread this quest the most.

Ramsha was the guardian of the Underworld, and as Nick had mentioned before, he was God School's homeroom teacher. Fighting Ramsha is nothing short of suicide.

Dave thought for a moment, 'Ramsha had mentioned that he existed in the underworld to trade with players for whatever Demon Related items they brought. There is a good chance that some of his blood could be tradable.'

Dave didn't count on it, but logically speaking, this was his best shot. Because other than that, players will need to fight the level 999 creature Ramsha for his blood, which is honestly speaking utterly unrealistic at this point in the game.

He used the same gate to teleport back to the Undead Frontier. Though it would have been interesting to tour and investigate the new city, Dave had a feeling that he needed to become stronger as soon as possible, he could explain why, but Dave's gut feeling rarely proved wrong.

He arrived at the Undead Frontier. Like always, Delvina was slave-driving the Death Knights to do various works, not that they seemed opposed to the idea. The Death Knights did every task they were ordered to, from building lodgings to sharpening weapons and polishing armor. They were a hard-working bunch that did everything with extreme care and attention to details. They had eternity to live, so there was no need for them to do any job sloppily.

Delvina nodded to Dave and continued with her work.

'Seems like she has no quests for me," Dave shrugged and left the volcano where the Undead Frontier was built.

Dave rode on Spike through the caverns under the volcano and kept moving until he exited the area. There used to be some demons gargoyles living here, but the undead must have razed them to the ground.

Dave moved between the archer towers surrounding the volcano and moved to the west. He soon arrived on the shore.

There were hundreds of undead making boats or repairing them.

"What's going on guys?" Dave asked as he saw the undead hard at work.

"Commander Kis'Shtiengbrah, we are honored by your presence," said the overseeing undead captain as he saluted.

"At ease soldier," Dave chuckled. "Just tell me, what are you guys doing?"

"Commander, we are repairing these boats to take for another hunt.


"Yes, we hunt the demonic creatures that are living in the lake. The increase the acidity I the lake. If we slay them all, the lake should become clearer."

"And how is that going for you?" Dave asked.

"Not so good sir, the acid is so strong it corrodes most of our boats before we reach our daily kill quota. We could use some help."

A notification appeared in front of Dave.


Chained Quest

Rank S

Minimum Level Required 350.

You have been asked to help the Undead Legion by clearing the lake that surrounds the Undead Frontier from the Torab Serpents.

Help the legionnaires by slaying:

201 Torab Serpents.

Rewards For completion.

-Naval Tech!-

Dock Blue Prints.

Warship Blue Prints.

Trading Ships Blue Prints.

Fishing Ships Blue Prints.

Title: Dead men tell MY tale!


Dave's eyes almost bulged 'Damn! This quest is good. With this tech, I can probably make ships and use them to go around Conquest's sea areas.'

Dave became more and more interested in the quest. Players around conquest couldn't make their private ships, though some professional carpenters had manually created a ship, it sunk only one hour after it set sails. The reason was that the ship was not 'game-designed' it didn't have stats that could sustain an attack from a sea creature and thus was destroyed.

If Dave could get his hands on the blueprints, he will have a monopoly over sea-voyage and have the opportunity to grind in another none explored area of Conquest.

"Alright, I'll help, but I give me some time. I have something to do," Dave said.

A notification confirming Dave's confirmation to the quest appeared in front of him. He waved it away and asked the captain, "So the last time I came here Drahma helped me cross the lake, I suppose you have a boat that I can use?" Dave said.

"Yes, but I don't think it can carry the stag, commander," the undead captain said as he looked at Spike.

The Undead Forest Pronged Fiend angrily growled at the Undead Captain.

"Calm down Spike, he doesn't mean to say that you are fat, you are just poofy. Isn't that right captain!" Dave glared at the captain.

"Y-yes, yes poofy..."

Spike Snorted accepting the comment.

Dave pulled out Tiny from his inventory. Unlike grumpy, Spike was not a combat pet, but a regular undead, he needed to be stored inside Tiny's graves. Thankfully Dave still had some spare space in Tiny's undead storage space as he left some of his elite undead in the Undead Frontier.

"I'll summon you back when I get to the other side, Spike."

"What is that, Commander?" asked the Undead Captain as he pointed at the slime. "For some reason, it gives me a repulsive feeling."

"This is a grave lord," said Dave and threw Tiny up. The slime changed to its massive form and dropped to the ground.

The captain retreated, taking a few steps back, "Commander, this is a forbidden undead! You should not give it free will.

"Nah, Tiny's been behaving since the first day I got him. He is no trouble at all-" Yet Dave's words never finished as the giant Tiny grabbed two of the undead working on the boats and chugged them into its gullet.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Dave brow twitched as he heard the Grave Lord uttering, "Hun-gry..."