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301 When it rains...

 Shouts and cries of pain and suffering echoed as the 100,000 player army watched one of their own, or former own, getting destroyed by Dave's army.

Dave had beaten the living hell out of Douche-Guy and his goons. Mopping the Wilds's grounds with their faces. The destruction of the two hundred players took less than one minute. In which, none of Dave's undead suffered any obvious or grave injuries.

Dave smiled as he saw Douche-guy dissipating into specks of light. He turned toward Demetri and said, "Sorry for that, but he had to know his place."

Demetri shook his head saying," He brought his death and level loss on himself. I hope you forgive this rude behavior."

Warlord's face was twisted, he disliked the fact that it was one of his own Devastators members that tried to assault Dave. This fact placed his guild in a dangerous position. Skeletal was the underdog in this game, everyone liked to root for the underdog, and facing the underdog meant that one became the enemy of the people.

Valentine had already picked up on this and said, "Skelly, you know that Ruinsmith's actions were his own..."

But before he could continue his words, Dave held his hand up stopping him, "Yeah, don't worry I'm not here to make enemies. I just wanted to revive an old friend and be back on my way."

"So, there is no chance that you could assist us in this raid?" Demetri said as he looked at the giant undead Manticores behind Dave. Those things could be great in tanking enemy units, not to mention the possibility of them being used as transport tools.

"Sorry, Demetri, I still have a lot to do for the Legion. I wish you good fortune." Dave ordered Tiny to gather the troops he just released.

Finishing his task, Tiny changed into a small slime and hopped on Dave's shoulder.

Dave then led his battalion through the players who parted giving him way toward Ashkar's Tomb.

Blaster followed behind Dave and said, "So, what you up to now?"

"Well, I was thinking of doing some grinding in the underworld. I need to level up more to capture the remaining Raid Zone and make them under the undead King's command."

"Good luck with that bro. I still haven't started that legacy quest you gave me. Wanna do it after we finish this raid?" Ralph said.

"Yeah, why not. Heck, I just remembered, I might even go back to the Storm Labyrinth." Dave said.

"Storm Labyrinth? What's that," Ralph asked.

"It's an amazing dungeon in the underworld. So far, I believe it's the hardest dungeon I ever saw in this game. It has two giant bosses level 750 each, and they have AOE, Execution skills." Dave said, it was almost as if he couldn't wait to go back there to meet Raijin and Fujin.

"Man, you are masochistic." Ralph shook his head.

The two of them hadn't noticed that they were already standing in front of the tomb of Ashkar.

"It's here," Dave said and jumped from above Grumpy.

Dave could see a large dear like skeleton under the dirt next to Ashkar's Tomb. He crouched and touched the dirt, muttering, "Rise Undead."

Almost instantly, black death aura burst out from his hand and coiled under the dirt, it gathered around the skeleton and covered it in a thin coating.


Congratulations, you have succeeded in rising Forest Prong Fiend level 450 (Spike) back to Undeath.

By reviving the Forest Prong Fiend (Spike) you have kept your word to him. Maximum affinity level reached. From Now on, Spike is a friendly unit to all of your allies and will defend and fight for you in time of need until its last breath.

Prong Fiends are wild monsters. Wilds monsters can't be categorized under the Undead Legion's ranking system. They are still however members of the Undead Legion and benefit from the immortality granted to them by the Death Heart.

You can now capture Prong Fiends or revive them and they will be added to your units.

You have unlocked a new Respawner: Forest Respawner

You have unlocked a new building to add to your Undead Settlement.


Spike shook and shuddered as he broke the dirt and rose up, standing high the prong fiend was as magnificent in his undead form as he was when he was alive. The only difference was that Spike now had rotting skin and his fur lost his silver-white color and sheen.

This didn't make Dave dislike the fiend in any way.

Dave scratched under the fiend's jaw and said, "Welcome back buddy."

The fiend neighed loud in accordance, it drooped its head and launched Dave un in the sky using its horns. Dave was so surprised he couldn't even scream. When his avatar reached maximum throw height it began descending toward the ground. Spike moved a few steps forward helping Dave land directly on his back.

The players were amazed at Dave's acrobatics, thankfully the draugr didn't scream from fright otherwise he would have made a poor display of courage, unbefitting of Skeletal.

'Never make them see you sweat!' Dave was thinking while his heat was thumping loud in his chest.

Grumpy growled when he saw Dave riding on Spike.

"Hey, no need to feel jealous. Spike was dead for a long time he deserves a bit of spoiling."

Grumpy grumbled in dissatisfaction but Dave was right, Spike was underground for a long time, he could use Dave's company. Also, Grumpy already knew that there was nothing better than a basilisk for battle, and the mount Dave is riding right now was only for leisure walks in the Wild. So, he didn't complain...much.

Dave turned to Grumpy and said, "Take care of the Priestess grumps." It was better this way, as the unholy Priestess would usually ride behind Dave on Grumpy, now she had her own temporary mount.

Mercy came over toward Dave and said, "Can you lend me a dunlord?"

"Hmm, what for?"

"Tess's Centaur takes a lot of time to be summoned again and a dunlord will stay with us for a longer time, and we could use the ride, it gets tiring to walk all day long."

"Right, you, you and you," Dave pointed at three dunlords and added, "Serve these three. They are my friends, protect them with all you got, understand?" Dave said as he pointed at Ralph, Mercy, and Tess.

The three dunlords bowed to Dave agreeing to his command and went toward Dave's friends waiting for them to mount them.

"Alright, guys, if you encounter any troubles, you know what to do," Dave said then shouted, "Legionnaires! MARCH!" then nudged Spike, to dash like a bolt through the Wilds.

The remaining undead followed after Dave. A few moments later, there were only players near Ashkar's Tomb.

"Alright, the show is over. Let's get to the east, we lost enough time already!" Demetri said.

The player army headed to the east at a rapid pace. They were hoping to get there before nightfall, and at the speed, they are moving with, they should be there by that time.

A few hours later. Night had already fallen in the Wilds. The guild alliance had met another World boss that slaughtered several of their players but they still moved on. They also faced level 500, wyrms and level 600 Forest Ents that blocked their way. Players fell in the thousands as they rushed in the direction of the east.

Zhang Shi, the leader of the Blood Ragers had made a good distance from the rest of the army, he was serving as a pathfinder for the remaining players and was great at it.

Congratulated by a notification that he exited the wilds and he dismissed it almost instantly, Zhang Shi was wary. A few miles away from his position was a small village. There were NPCs that were moving about in the night. Most of them were guards holding torches. Zhang Shi concluded that these guards probably served as a defendant to the villagers from the monsters that lived in the Wilds.

A ranger in green asked Zhang Shi, "Should we wait for the rest of the players?"

"No, it's just a small village, let's capture it first, it'll make a good base of operation where we can conquer the first city of the east." Zhang Shi said.

He had confidence in his troops and thought he wouldn't need assistance from anyone else.

Zhang Shi ordered the assault on the village.

"Leave none alive! Kill everything," Zhang Shi ordered.

The players ran toward the village in the night and broke into it. The guards were taken by surprise and didn't know what to do.

"Lord Zhang Shi, these guards are strong, the lowest level is 450 and they are quite powerful," A player in the lead said, he was having trouble killing on of the village guards.

"That's only natural, these guards are supposed to protect the villagers, they had to be strong," Zhang Shi replied. "Just keep the assault, the village should have at most a hundred guard, we can take them out and take the city for our control."

"Roger," Replied the player and hung up.

A few seconds after that, Zhang Shi received a call from the White Ghost, "What is it?" Zhang Shi replied.

"What the hell are you doing?! You launched the assault too early, who knows what are we going to end up finding! You should have waited for the rest of the raiding party to come!"

"I don't work for you White Ghost, I was tasked with clearing the way, I am clearing the way." Zhang Shi hung up. He always thought that anyone with half a brain could strategize, and this was nothing but a village, what's the worse that could be in a secluded village of the east?

Zhang Shi's troops continued on with their assault, eradicating every NPC in sight. They didn't leave anyone they met alive in fear of them informing nearby cities.

Half an hour later, the village was burning and all the guards were killed. The players were happily looting the corpses, some were glad they came as the items that the guards dropped were quite powerful and high level.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"This raid is going to prove a gold mine Zhang Shi!" one of the players said.

"Yeah, I couldn't wait for the rest of the guild members to come, otherwise we would have had to share the drops."

"I say lord Zhang Shi is a genius like none other. Not even that self-proclaimed best strategist White Ghost can hold a candle to your wits," said the same player.

"Enough with the bootlicking, and give me the headcount. Give me full details of the items we found."

"Roger," replied the player and ran toward the rest of the players.

Half an hour later, the sound of footsteps sounded behind Zhang Shi.

Looking back, there were thousands of players from the guild alliance grouping in square formations.

"You had to pull that shit, Zhang Shi, why didn't you wait for us!" White Ghost shouted.

"Why should I? I had a mission and I completed it. The village is now ours, we can use it as a temporary base before we capture the nearest city."

White Ghost was about to retort when Demetri said, "Enough, we have bigger matters at hands. We need to set up camp as soon as possible. We will raid the closest city at dawn," just as Demetri finished his words, the White Ghost took a step back.

"Zhang Shi," White Ghost said in a stutter.

"What is it?" Zhang Shi replied

"You said you killed every NPC in the village, right?

"Yeah," Zhang Shi replied in confusion.

"Then how do you explain that?" White Ghost pointed forward.

There was a small kid with wounds all over his body riding on a horse, next to him, were hundreds of knights wearing full helmets and golden-red armor.

The little boy was pointing at the player army.

"Fuck, he must have escaped somehow, alright let's prepare for a fight, these knights should be easy to deal with." Just as Zhang Shi finished his words, one of the Knights took a horn and blew on it, the sound echoed through the night.

Mercy gripped tight on her dunlord's harness and said, "Something's very wrong here."

"Don't worry we are numerous, we can still take down these knights even with their reinforcement, Alright, Blood Ragers, prepare for battle!" Zhang Shi shouted.

Just as Zhang Shi finished his words, loud and long draconic howls echoed all over the wilds.

"The fuck? Is that the black dragon?!" Demetri became anxious.

"No, these roars feel less imposing, but there must be many of them, which makes whatever is coming quite a pain in the ass" Warlord said.

The loud roars echoed louder and louder, and they sounded closer by the moment, whatever was roaring was coming at a fast pace.

Looking up, Demetri ruefully smiled, "Shit, that's not fair," he said.

High above, hundreds of red glowing eyes were gazing at the players from a distance. One of these eyes had just moved under the moon and cast a shadow on the ground. It looked like a dragon but had its arms attached to its wings. A wyvern, not only than the wyvern wore a harness and there was a knight riding on it.

Another horn blew, and right beyond the village, thousands of warhorse mounted riders came galloping toward the players.

"PLAYERS! READY UP FOR BATTLE!" Warlord shouted, he opened his arms wide and used his legacy skill [War God's Ascension].

A gigantic armored figure materialized behind Warlord, he wielded a battle ax that looked like it had fought a million battle. The war god behind Warlord released a golden aura that covered the players invigorating them with the will of battle.

"Using Legacy Skills already?" Demetri asked. He thought that Warlord would save it until they were going to siege the city.

"That's the best decision, in case you didn't notice, those riders are at least level 600 each. We can't win this fight without legacy skills, alright everyone uses the legacies!"

Hundreds of deity avatars emerged as players activated their legacy skills. There was no need to hesitate, the incoming army would spell disaster if the Guild Alliance underestimated them. So to make sure that the first battle against the eastern army would end in success, they had to bring their full power from the start.

The light shows of materializing the legacy avatars ended, and soon, another light show of spells and magic covered the battlefield. The first to attack were the wyverns, and their fire breaths lit the darkened night of the wilds. This night was going to be a long night for the Guild Alliance.


Far away from the battle at the east, somewhere in the wilds, a crack in space appeared. An unholy dark aura seeped through the crack, there was wrath, rampage, and indignation spewing forth from this special crack. This was where the Black Dragon was imprisoned, and it was now coming out.

The dragon stepped out of the rift in the sky, but it didn't roar or scream, it was so filled with anger, that the redness of its eyes and the tenseness of it muscles could tell stories about what it would do to whomever it dared imprison it.

The black dragon sniffed at the air and smelled blood, it looked to the east and with a powerful flap of its wings, it surged up in the sky and coursed toward the eastern kingdom. Death was impatient, and it was riding the winds to the east.