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298 Introductions Are Due

 Dave was teleported back into the wilds. Appearing in the corpse-filled area where the battle of the orcs and players happened. There, he was face to face with Singund.

Singund was looking at Dave disapprovingly.

"What? Is there a problem?" Dave said.

"I still don't think you are fit to lead," Singund snorted.

"Really? Not even after I have beaten your ass?" Dave questioned.

"A leader is not just about strength," The orc said.

"That's new, coming form an orc. Say, what the fuck do you know about me to say I am not fit to lead?" Dave said he was getting angry. Never was he in a situation where one of his underlings talked back to him.

Even Dog, with all his antics, was a good follower.

"Huh, I won't be following your orders," The orc snorted. Just as he finished his words. Tiny shook, releasing Bud, Spark, and Dog. The three undead all pointed their weapons at the Orc. Even tiny changed to his gigantic form and said," Lord, this one, unfaithful. I eat, this one. This one becomes nothing, you take his troops. No problem."

Dave smiled as he saw the Orc pinned in place.

"See, Singund, in this regiment, we don't people who say no. YOU LOST AGAINST ME, YOU ARE MY BITCH NOW! Now if you don't feel like doing what I say, I can have Tiny her eat you up. That'd be a much better than having a fickle underling."

The orc was at a loss of words, he didn't know what to do right now. The undead surrounding him didn't look that strong, but the huge one gave him a fright the undead should never know. It was not the fear of death, but the fear of obliteration and void.

"You see Singund, you are strong. I could use that strength, but I don't need it. So you either man the fuck up and do what I say because I won and you lost. Otherwise, be turned to nothingness where you can no longer fight and shed blood."

Shaking, Singund had to admit he was unable to change the current situation. The draugr was more powerful and had beaten him. His pride couldn't let him bend the knee to a former human, but to the victor, he had to kneel.

Singund fell to one knee, "I shall serve."

"Good, now first thing first. That weapon of yours is shit. Here," Dave threw him his flamberge.

"Consider this a loan, I'll get you a newer weapon when we are back to the dead realm."

"What's wrong with my cleaver, it never failed me before?" Singund said.

"Your cleaver is dull, rusted and is no better than a club right now. That's one of the reasons you lost to me. A true warrior is not just about his brawns, his weapon serves a purpose. Also, you'll have to change to Death Knight armor. Because that crap you're wearing is just... ugly."

Dave didn't find any sort of symmetry, or beauty in the mismatched equipment that Singund wore. A Viking helmet with ranger gloves, and a berserker's belt with a knight's greaves. Singund wore anything and everything, it looked ugly and just bad on the eye. And Dave was sure he didn't benefit from any of his equipment's stats because they were incompatible with the Orc.

"What does ugly have to do with the armor I am wearing?" Singund looked at his outfit.

"Just believe me on this one. Once we are back to the Undead Realm, 'ill pimp you up. Alright, let's go." Dave said.

"Wait, I haven't retrieved my soldiers," Singund said.

Dave looked behind Singund, there were thousands of corpses behind him. If Dave had to revive all of these Orcs, it would take him ages.

"I can't help with that," Dave said he was about to call Alfred. No, Albert now, to see where were the undead orcs he was promised to meet when he was back to the wilds.

Singund however, pulled out a small black crystal from his pocket.

"I received this when I first returned from the dead," Singund said and threw it at the field of corpses.

Suddenly, the black crystal exploded in a wave of black death magic that covered hundreds of corpses on the battlefield. The aura seeped into the corpses and began moving them. The corpses shook and shuddered as they stood back up. Their dead eyes opened an eerie blue. The orcs were mass revived into the world.


Congratulations, you have obtained 1002 new undead.

Leader of the High Orc Undead units. Singund the Conqueror. Level 450

Undead War Boar level 400.

700 melee High Orc Units. Level 400

300 Shaman High Orc units. Level 380.


'Holy shit, every one of these guys is higher level than me.' Dave's eyes arched up. But he was happy, this meant that he became stronger.

Another notification popped up in front of him.


You can now create an orc village in your settlement.

Orcs can be spawned using their own respawners, purchasable from Dikenz in the Undead Realm.


"Very well," Dave said but I can't have you all coming with me. Tiny, take everything in.

"I can't, not enough space. Most 2,000." Tiny said.

It was true, Tiny's level was still not enough for him to take in all of Dave's troops. And the total of Dave's troops was: fourteen paladins, one unholy priestess, eight basilisks, eight Manticores, with one dead fighting the Puppet king. 102 dunlords, 100 Undead captains, 1000 elite undead. And 1002 orc race. It was a total of 2235 undead.

"Take in all of the elite tier undead and High orcs, leave the rest with us. Dave said. he was going to lead a brigade of 235 units. All of them mounted on dunlords or basilisks. They were small enough to navigate the wilds without much difficulty.

Tiny absorbed into itself all the remaining undead and transformed into the slim figure. He then jumped into Dave's waist bag.

Dog, bud, Spark, and Singund rode next to Dave while the remaining dunlords carrying their undead captains rode behind them.

They headed toward Ashkar's Tomb where Dave knew he will meet some of the Guild Alliance players.

Dave called Ralph.

"Ralpho, what are you up to?" Dave asked.

"Hey man, good of you to call. We are about to move to the East, Demetri considered what you told him and decided to make a run for it."

"Smart guy. So listen, tell them I'll be coming to Ashkar's Tomb, I don't want any idiots attacking me when I come uninvited."

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"Nope, not a fan of suicide," Dave said.

"You think that we're going to fail?"

"I don't think so. I know so bro. At least, you can use the scroll to leave the wilds. For the rest of the guild alliance, this raid's going to spell their doom." Dave said.

"You look so sure of this. Any reason why?" Ralph asked.

"Simply put, judging by the distance from Ashkar's tomb to the eastern kingdom, it should take them six hours of straight sprinting to get there. Surprisingly, that's the amount of time I think you guys have before the dragon is out. If by some miracle, the guildies don't encounter any monsters on their way to the east, you will make it. If not, well you don't need me to tell you what's gonna happen bruh."

"Yeah, well I'll keep the scroll ready for use. Anyway, Demetri is nearby, I'll tell him you are coming." Ralph hung up.

"Let's keep going, we are going to meet some humans," Dave said.

"Humans! Despicable creatures! One of them killed me by stabbing me in the back. What a coward."

"Right, how come you died, I never got that you should have been able to wipe out a good chunk of the guildes alone."

Dave had just noticed that Singund's death was a strange occurrence. Mainly because orcs empower each other by being next to one another, and this guy was broken strong alone. His death should have come at a great cost of the Guild Alliance, but Ralph never mentioned anything about this.

"It was an assassin in white. She used the power of gods to slay me, I don't know if I should feel honored or angry."

'Oh, so Mercy used a legacy skill on him.'

"Huh, seems like we are fated, Singund." Dave smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"The one that killed you is a friend of mine."

"You befriended the living? What does the legion say about that?" Singund was new to the legion so he didn't know about Dave's history with them or what the legion was up to, by befriending humans.

"You will know soon enough. Let's keep going," Dave said.

The undead brigade kept moving toward the east, crossing woods and shrubs as they raced through the Wilds like a death wind gale. Thanks to Dave memorizing the way to Ashkar's tomb, he only needed an hour to get there. But a few miles before the tomb Dave encountered a group of Smolzys.

"Shit, these guys are a pain in the ass," Dave said.

But against his expectations, when the Smolzys saw him, they shouted some incomprehensible stuff and escaped in every direction.

"The fuck?" Dave tilted his head, he didn't understand these creature's behavior.

"These little ones, fear not the sword, but fear undeath that lives in us," Bud grunted his words.

'Hmm, this is probably the reason why they didn't get too close to the Tomb of Ashkar, because he delved in necromancy. Man, if I had my Undead Form back then we wouldn't have had to get captured by these little fuckers.'

Dave shook his head at the thought and urged grumpy forward.

His brigade exited the large forest of the wilds and entered the large opening surrounding the Tomb of Ashkar.

The players were picking up their tents and were readying out for a march out. A player suddenly shouted, "UNDEAD TO OUR SIX!"

Some players gathered up in a square formation and were readying up for a fight.

"Stand down!" a gruff Russian accent voice sounded behind the players.

A man in purple robes came forward, "Kis'Shtiengbrah, it's good to see you here. Blaster here said you will be coming."

"You must be Demetri, good to meet you," Dave nodded.

Tess, Mercy, Warlord, Valentine Wan Yi, and even the White Ghost came forward meeting with Dave.

"Oh, so many guild leaders. I feel quite honored," Dave smiled.

"That's the woman that killed me!" Singund grunted.

When the High Orc spoke, everyone looked at him. A sense of familiarity soon downed on them. This was the leader of the Orc pack they had just killed. And by the way he was positioned a few feet behind Dave, it looked like he became Dave's underling.

"Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce my new...friend. Singund the Conqueror," Dave said in an evil draugr smile.