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294 Die Bitch!

 Dave rubbed the necklace Dagla had given him. It had two skills, [juggler] and [Doubler]. He had ½ chance of activating either of the skills.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Skill [Doubler] has activated

Which stat do you wish to double?

Duration 60 seconds


Dave confidently said, "Strength!"


Confirmed. Strength value 750 has been doubled.

You now have 1500 Strength.

You have exceeded 1,000 strength.

Passive skill [Herculean Strength] has been unlocked.

Your physical damaging attacks deal +20% increased Damage.


"Good, but I'm not done biatch!"

Dave used [Zealot], a skill granted by the Legendary tier earring Drahma had given him.

Blasts of steam escaped from his joints as he expanded, growing to twice his normal height in seconds. [Zealot] doubled his HP and increased his damage output by 300%, but it also doubled any damage he took. Dave rubbed another ring. The one he'd gotten in Ashkar's Tomb. The Fleshomancy ring's [Imperfect Reflection] skill activated, creating a [Zealot] enhanced clone of himself. Then Dave disabled the [Azure Water] Rune embedded in his chest armor.

A pounding beat pulsed in his brain and a web of cracks spread across his armor plates. Chaos radiated from within the flaws, glowing like agitated lava.


Chaos-Energy Imbalance!

Your body is suffering from an overflow of destructive energies from the runes of Chaos!

+300% Damage to all abilities

You will lose 1% of your maximum HP per second until your Energy balance is restored.


Dave's HP didn't decrease, the clone passively soaked in all the damage Dave was supposed to take.

"You're not the only monster here!" Dave said through grit teeth, steam bursting out from his mouth with every word.

Dave activated [Defile], empowered by his 'god mode' buffs, a black area under the boss materialized and was much larger than his usual [Defile] range. Barbed roots rose up from underground and held the massive boss in place.

Dave jumped high up, activating [Advancing Dragon] he initiated the fight with an empowered [Dragon Fist] that landed square into the boss's chest staggering him.


Dave disappeared from the place before the boss swung all six of his black sword at Dave's location. He appeared right above the boss's head. Dave's leg was extended upward and chopped down on the boss's head, slamming it into the ground. The ground broke from impact creating a miniature crater. Dave disappeared from mid-air and appeared next to the boss's head, Grabbing both horns Dave heaved, and with a loud shout, picked the whole boss up, swinging him from its place and into the domed hall wall.

Lakhbar was slammed into the wall. The strength behind Dave pinned the boss into the wall like a cartoon character. Dave crouched and lunged forward. Like a bullet, he smashed his shoulder into Lakchbar's back. Sending more cracks spreading on the wall Lakhbar was pinned to.

Lakhbar groaned, he tried to retaliate but Dave wouldn't let him. Dave punched and punched at the boss cracking the wall and shaking the dome with every hit. Red numerical values appeared over the boss.






He even landed a few critical hits. The boss was at Dave's mercy. It couldn't move or fight back as it was pummeled into the wall.

Suddenly the boss was motionless. Dave had successfully depleted 3,200,000 HP in his endless mayham. The boss didn't die though, it shuddered once again, his body became thicker and his flesh tore, creating stronger muscles. Lakhbar gained more height and weight.

Lakhbar's Hp just reached 6,400,000HP a mind bogging HP amount that almost made Dave helpless.

Lakhbar took the opportunity when Dave was distracted by inspecting the status screen. The boss swatted Dave away with a palm sending him rolling and tumbling on the floor.


Your [Imperfect Reflection] clone has died!


The attack was strong enough that it instantly killed the clone, but thankfully Dave didn't receive any damage. However, the passive effect from the chaos runes was still bleeding Dave out by 1% of his max HP per second.

The boss muttered, "I think I got it." Flexing his hands, an infernal aura, like Dave's, surged around him. Then the boss lunged at Dave with an extended kick. Dave knew this attack; it was his own [Dragon Kick].

"Fuck, it's now mimicking my skills!" Dave cursed at the incomming attack.

But thankfully, Dave was quick on his reaction. He sidestepped to the left and kicked at Lakcbar's incoming kick.

Though the difference in size was comical as Dave's foot was not even a tenth the size of Lakhbar's. Dave still managed to activate [Mikiri Counter] thanks to his massive Strength. Dave's leg pushed Lkahbar's kick away and he punched at the destabilized' boss's stomach. Staggered but haden't fallen, the boss threw two of his swords away and grabed at Dave then headbutted him.


The boss was about to attack Dave again who as struggling to release himself from Lakhbar's grip. But Dave's undead didn't take it to heart. They disliked the fact that some digesting demonic creature was assaulting their leader.

Like a crazed horde of rhinoceroses, the basilisks, dunlords, undead and all of Dave's units charged Lakhbar at once, shaking him and helping Dave release itself. Lakhbar roared, the undead was clinging at him even though the infernal aura around him was burning them, the undead didn't fear or falter. They kept going forward, no matter the obstacle, no matter the cost.

Lakhbar slashed with his swords at the undead around him killing dozens with every hit. Dave's units were decreasing at a rapid rate. He didn't have a way to destroy this thing. The HP alone was a huge deterrent.

Tiny came running toward Dave, he grabbed at him and said, "Use my power."

Tiny grabbed at Dave and placed him on his chest. A black slimy matter covered Dave and buried him into Tiny's chest.

Dave's vision swam, he was now looking at the boss head to head. Looking at his arms, he noticed that he was the one in control of Tiny's body.


You have unlocked your Grave Lord's trait.

Fight as one.

You can use your Grave Lord's body as your own to fight.


"Noice!" Dave shouted. Dave swung a punch at the boss, shaking the creature entire being.


'Even the power behind my punches increased. This is dope!'

Dave fought the colossal Lakhbar in a clash of titans. Trading punches and attacks, Lakhbar began using more of Dave' skills. Like [Defile] and [Dragon Ball]. He even disappeared from sight at once in [Immortal Apparition]. But no one knew Dave's skills better than Dave. He got accustomed to Lakhbar's erratic behavior and skill usage and countered them with his own set of skills or skillfully playstyle.

Dave's HP was rapidly depleting due to the Chaos Imbalance, and it was affecting the body he was using, Tiny's.

But Lakhbar was in a far worse a state. Dave and his undead were smacking the oversized creature with all they got and it was working. A final punch rocketed the boss's body and it came crashing on its knees. The fall came at the right time as Tiny was no longer capable of sustaining the damage from the Chaos Runes and ejected Dave out from his body.

Tiny crashed into the ground, unable to move a muscle. The buffs from Zealot and the chaos runes were too much for the Grave Lord.

"Thanks, Tiny, you did well," Dave said.

[Zealot], [Doubler] and [Herculean Strength] ended at the same time. Dave disabled the [Chaos Imbalance] by reactivating the [Azur Water Rune] he was back to his regular state.

The boss remained still.

'Please don't come back, please don't come back!' Dave was hoping that the nightmare would end soon. The boss was downed, unmoving at all, this time second after second, no notification showed up, nor did the boss move.

A wet tearing sound echoed from the boss's corpse. The boss didn't move, but something inside it came out. It was a smaller version of Lahkbar. It's HP, unsurprisingly 12,800,000HP.

"Fuck, how many times do I have to kill it? Nothing short of a miracle can kill this fucker now." Dave ruefully smiled.

Then it dawned on him, a miracle, the forbidden chapter. He read about a chapter that could kill any being under an Ethereal Rank. But, he doesn't have it.

'I suppose the only way to truly kill this thing is with the Forbidden Chapter. But since my dumbass got caught before I could investigate further or try and get my hand on something of the sort. I guess this is my reward for trying to bite more than I could chew.'

Lakhbar lunged at the nearest undead, he fought and slaughtered his way through Dave's ranks. Dave unequipped his gauntlets and took his glaive from the ground.

"Well, killing this thing is no longer possible, let's see how long I can survive. There is always another try," Dave comforted himself and ran toward Lakhbar.

The sound of battle echoed, undead were fighting to a bitter end, dying with every confrontation. Two more manticores died at the hand of the raid boss. He was quick, too fast for the manticores to catch or attack.

Dave followed after Lakhbar who evaded fighting against Dave. The boss became smarter, he decided it was best to eliminate Dave's underlings then fight him alone.

Dave caught on and ordered his units to stay together and fight defensively. The boss was incredibly agile, Dave needed to slow it down. He stomped a foot on the ground and activated his Battle Lich class's new ability [Blot the Sun].

Dark clouds gathered inside the domed hall turning everything black. But the undead could see perfectly fine in the dark. Lakhbar was slowed down massively and Dave managed to catch up.

Dave clashed his glaive with Lachbar's claws, he was able to push the boss slightly away. Suddenly someone called Dave. Panicking, Dave moved away from Lakhbar. Looking at the caller, it was mercy. He didn't know what she wanted from him, but if she called it meant that it was urgent.

Dave accepted the call and fought the boss while on the phone.

"Supp, Mercy!"

"Hey Skelly, I'm on speaker. The guild leader of the European Army and commander of the Conquest super guild alliance wishes to speak with you."

'huh, that's a big shot what does he want from me?'

Dave waved a hand summoning eight spectral skulls. He wanted to use them to push away the boss and give himself a few moments to speak through the phone.

"Is this about joining the raid? Sorry, no thanks, I have my hands full right now," Dave said.

"Skelly." Dave heard an unfamiliar voice through the voice com. "Please reconsider, I am willing to pay you twice the amount you received from selling the Conquest Right if you help us in this raid with your undead."

Dave snapped his fingers blowing up the spectral skulls. He knew they wouldn't deal much damage but at least it would give him some time now.

When all of the spectral skulls blew up, a notification appeared in front of Dave.


Your skill [Spectral Skull] applied [Horror Effect] to [Lakhbar]

Horror Effect has applied [Execution] to your target.

All of [Lakhbar] forms have suffered the same effect.

Lakhbar has been slain!


"DIE BITCH!" Dave shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Excuse me?" The man on the other end of the phone.

"Ah sorry, not you, this stupid boss was a pain to kill. So what were you saying?" Dave said. he was glancing at a notification that appeared in front of him.


Server Announcement

Congratulations to player Kis'Shtiengbrah for successfully completing the third raid zone of the underworld

The Pharaoh's Crypt is now under the Undead Legion's control.


Dave frowned, the man on the other end of the phone was not speaking. "Yeah, bro? Hey, is the connection alright? You're awfully quiet."