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290 in custody?

 Dave rode through the gates of the Pharaoh's Crypt city. Black-skinned people were moving around the city. Trading goods, and doing their daily business. The city was no different than the Undead City. Men in black robes would trade food, weapons and other daily necessities with others. There were even young children playing on the streets.

Dave felt apprehensive at the thought of destroying the city. The only difference between this and the legion was that these people had pledged allegiance to the Ash King.

Dave continued moving through the city, he arrived at a market place where he saw the other man on a basilisk setting shop.

Dave saw that he had several weapons and armor placed on the street and was patiently waiting for costumers.

When the merchant saw Dave, he grumbled and looked away, annoyed. It seemed that he disliked the idea of seeing another merchant on a basilisk that was much larger and darker in color than his. Though Dave didn't know, the stronger a merchant's mount, the more valuable the items he carried. It was a simple fact as the stronger basilisk meant that it could better defend the items it carried.

Dave ignored the merchant and kept moving until he arrived at a secluded spot of the market place. Dave tapped on Grumpy's head and told him to sit down.

There was a dark alleyway behind Dave, making sure no one was present, Dave took out Tiny and told him to release Bud from the dimensional pocket.

Tiny grew large enough that he almost surpassed the buildings in the alleyway. Thankfully, no one noticed the gigantic Grave Lord in the city. Tiny released a single sarcophagus and it opened. Bud was ejected out of the casket.

Looking around Bud said, "We, inside city?"

"Yes, I need you to do something for me," Dave said then looked up at Tiny.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Shrink back up or you'll expose us."

The giant Grave Lord contracted into itself turning back to a slime then hopped back into Dave's waist bag.

Dave turned back to Bud and said, "Try your best to get information about the Pyramid. See if you can get inside, and get me the layout of the building."

Bud nodded at Dave and disappeared into a swirl of shadows.

Dave took some of the equipment he didn't use anymore and placed them in front of him. He even took some of the dunlord ballistae and put them for sale. He made a note to himself to put these weapons for an exorbitant price so that no one would buy them. He just needed to gather info right now.

Two dark-skinned people moved along the city streets, walking near Dave, they spotted the peculiar items on display.

The two of them approached Dave, one of them pointed at a kite-shield Dave was putting on sale.

"How much?" the dark-skinned man asked in a gruff voice.

Dave didn't want to waste time with the two so he said "10,000Gold."

The two men frowned when they heard the price and walked away.

Dave tightened the hood over his face, fully covering it. He crossed both arms and began shooing people away by overpricing his items.

Bud, unusually was taking a lot of time. Dave became worried, he feared that his ghoul might have been caught. He checked his Undead Management panel, Bud was still at full health.

"Seems like everything is still going fine." Dave calmed himself.

After a while, the people scarcely moved along the street where Dave was setting shop. It seemed as if the darkness of the Underworld has increased a notch. Looking up, Dave saw clouds covering the broken moon.

Dave heard a brisk movement in the darkness of the city. He was not in his undead form, so his night vision was terrible. He felt that someone or something was stalking him. Grumpy stood up and began growling, this was clearly an enemy.

Feeling a faint breath behind him, Dave jumped forward, a blade had just gone past the spot he was on.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Dave cursed.

Dave didn't receive a reply. He rapidly took his Death knight Gloves and put them on. Looking around.

He heard a chuckle through the dark, then a gruff voice spoke, "Instead of taking out a weapon, you take out your gloves, are you mad?"

Dave didn't reply, he had his own reason why he took the gloves first. The Death Knight Gloves had a passive ability that enabled him to quick equip his weapons and switch them in the blink of an eye. The sound of a sword cutting through wind came from Dave's right. Dave jumped away from the sword but was nicked by the tip of the blade on the shoulder.


The sound of another sword swing came from in front of Dave, but this time he was ready. He pulled out Ouki's glaive from his inventory and swung forward, meeting blade against blade a spark lit the dark city street. For just one moment, Dave saw the face of the assailant. It was the man that tried to buy the kite-shield.

"You have quick reflexes, for a human that is," the man said snakingly. He then lunged at Dave. Dave couldn't see where the attack was coming from and received a critical blow.


He wasn't wearing his armor, so his HP was very low compared to when he was fully equipped. Now he was at less than 40%

"Alright smartass. You think you can hide in the dark? Flame on, BITCH!"

Dave activated [Aura] a surging swirl of fire exploded from around Dave and lit the entire alleyway. The assailant backed away, he was caught off guarded and didn't know what was going on. The human was like a lit torch.

Dave put on his quick-equipped his Death Knight chest piece and boots and ran after the retreating assailant. The man was quick on his feet and jumped to the building wall and kicked up reaching the top floor of another.

Dave waved a hand, summoning eight spectral skulls, he was surprised by the increased number of spectral skulls, but a notification icon was blinking in the corner of his vision. He concluded that it must be that the skill had leveled up increasing the number of skulls summoned by four.

The spectral skulls were much faster than before, they flew lighting the way toward the assailant.

"Death magic!" the assailant shouted in surprise, but his voice was soon smothered by the explosions of the spectral skulls.


You applied Horror effect on your target.

Target has been Horrified!


The black-skinned NPC lost his footing and dropped down to the ground. Dave came rushing toward him and chopped down with his glaive, decapitating the NPC.

"Don't ever fuck with me!" Dave shouted. "Oh wait, you're dead! Fuckface, that's what you get for trying to act smart, you tryna steal from me?..."

Dave continued on with his ramblings next to the NPC's corpse until the sound of heavy footsteps came from all around him.

City guards armed to the teeth were surrounded by Dave, pointing their weapons at Dave.

Dave inspected one of the guards.


City guard. [Cindered]

Level: 400

Tier: Epic

Base damage: 50,000-60,000

Danger Level: ☠

HP: 1,500,000

PD: 50,000



A city guard, his sole duty is to protect the citizen and enact order. Attacking a City Guard makes a player hostile to the city. It is best to follow their orders.


"Discard your weapon!" the city guard shouted at Dave.

Dave looked around, there were more than twenty of them. He could survive by summoning his regiment from inside Tiny's dimensional pocket but he didn't wish to make himself an enemy to the guards, yet.

Dave pocketed his glaive and armor and raised both hands up.

"I acted in self-defense," Dave said.

"We'll hear you out in the city jail. Take him!" one of the guards said.

"Wait," Dave said.

"What? Are you planning on resisting arrest?"

"No good sir, but my mount will be left alone." Dave pointed at the basilisk.

"That's a huge basilisk. I've never seen one that big, captain are we going to take it with us," a guard commented addressing the guard that spoke to Dave.

Dave concluded that that was the captain, to remain on a friendly term Dave said "Yeah, I bought it at an expensive price, thankfully it's quite docile. Isn't that right, Grumpy!" Dave hinted to the onyx basilisk to remain friendly.

"I'll have one of the guards take the basilisk to the stables near the jail. We'll hear you out then see if you truly acted on self-defense." The captain said.

"How are you going to assure that what I said was true?" Dave asked.

"We have our ways, now follow me, human. No funny tricks!" the captain said

"Alright," Dave replied and followed after the captain.