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289 A daring plan

 "You can have this one, Tiny," Dave said as he placed his glaive on his back.

They had just finished off the second cursed manticore. Apart from some scares loot. There was nothing of value in the corpse. Dave tried to revive it but failed three times in a row. The Manticore corpse was no longer useful so he gave it to Tiny.

The small slime jumped on the corpse and began digging deep inside it. Soon after, the corpse deformed and twisted back to the same appearance Tiny had when he ate the painted dogs corpses.

The only difference was that Tiny now had, were carapaces instead of hides covering its chest area. He was a large creature of bones and flesh, two hands and two legs, with a stag skull.


Your familiar Grave Lord (Tiny) has consumed a level 450. Due to the summoner's level being below 450. Grave Lord Tiny's level has been adjusted to match the summoner. (346).

Your Grave Lord Level has exceeded the minimum level recommended to use the skill [Death Collector].

[Death Collector] Collect the corpses of slain monster to be used later in combat. Stored monsters don't need to be supplied with Mana as long as they are kept within the Grave Lord storage space. Additionally, the skill [Death Collector] has a new passive.

[Dimensional Pocket] can store up to 2,000 undead at once.

Your Grave Lord has unlocked the ability, [Major Metamorphosis]. Grave Lord (Tiny) can swap from his {Slime} form to {Battle Form} instantly. All undead Stored in [Dimensional Pocket] can only be accessible when your Grave Lord is in {Battle Form}.


Tiny shuddered, then chains sprouted out from its flesh. At the end of every chain was a sarcophagus dangling. There were other sarcophagi strapped to its chest with chains.

"Oh, neat trick. This could come in handy sometime," Dave muttered.

"Alright, let's wrap up here, we still have a lot to do boyz!" Dave called. He had lost ten undead in the last fight and twenty more in the fight with the first manticore. But it wasn't much of a problem to him right now. He could replenish his forces by raising other more powerful creatures as undead.

The regiment of undead roamed the third raid zone. Slaying several Manticores every hour. After nine hours playtime, Dave leveled up three times reaching the required level for the raid. And also leveled up three skills.

He had revived six Manticores. Leveling up his [Rise Undead] by one level. Increasing the maximum undead he could from 5 to 10.

Also, he discovered that one of his rarely used skills [Twin Strick] had an incredible rate of synergy with all of his skills. As it mimicked the last skill or attack used and dealt 75% of the skill's base damage as a bonus. Now he could use Twin Strick with most of his skills to obtain a more powerful effect.

[Twin Strick] leveled up from level 1 to 2. Reducing its cooldown from 5 minutes to four and a half minutes.

Lastly, it was his [Dragon Ball]. The skill now summoned two giant balls of fire that exploded on contact.

Dave's nine-hour harvest was great. He felt incredibly happy, but that was not all. Using his [Raise Undead] Dave had now nine Manticores added to his regiment

He kept three inside the sarcophagi on Tiny and used the remaining ones as escorts to his regiment.

He had killed more than twenty manticores, but he had failed many times in reviving them. He gave the failures for Tiny to eat. The Grave Lord seemed quite happy with the feast as it ripped every manticore corpse to shreds and used their parts to empower himself and became much stronger. Now, Tiny's HP was the same as a Manticore, a staggering one million HP.

Dave's only concern was his mana regeneration rate. As only supply six Manticores with mana at once without going into mana regeneration deficit.

With six manticores. Dave allocated every three of these chimera creatures, two hundred undead to ride on top of. The six manticores were much faster than the regiment and made it quickly into the main area of the underworld third Raid Zone: The Pharaoh's Tomb.

Looking over a dun, there was the Pharaoh's Tomb. It was city of an incredible size sprawled in the sand. The city was ancient and gave an eerie feeling to it. It was surrounded by walls that were at least thirty meters tall and ten meters thick. Towers with flames rose a few meters above the walls. It looked like a fortified city. And in the middle of the city was an enormous pyramid. Its layers were composed of a layer of gold and a layer of black stone. The top of the pyramid was a red jewel that was so big it could be seen from miles away shining an eerie light.

Dave smiled, just a while ago he was the one defending a city, and now, it may be the time where he will be sieging one. But he knew he was severely outnumbered. A city this size will require tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of undead to take down. He only had twelve hundred and it was not enough.

"I guess sieging this city is nothing short of suicide. I need to think up another plan." Dave mumbled under his breath.

Soon after, he saw a dozen hooded men walking toward the city gate. Behind them was a basilisk carrying large bags. The city gate opened up to the men and let them in.

"Bud, can you go in and see what those people were carrying?"

"Yes, Lord. I go, see." the shadow ghoul disappeared into a swirl of black smoke and coursed toward the city.

Dave waited for a few minutes until Bud came back.

"What did you find out?" Dave asked.

"Merchant, man, can enter. Trade." Bud said through cut words.

Dave thought for a while. He concluded, that trying to raid the Pharaoh's Crypt by bruteforcing his way through their walls was impossible. Not to mention the Sphynx he saw the last time he was here.

"We're going to infiltrate the Pharaoh's Crypt like we are merchants. We will have a better chance at capturing the city by killing an unaware city guardian than raid them." Dave said.

"Lord, we are too many," Bud said.

"I know," Dave looked behind him. The manticores alone were massive in size and could be spotted from a long distance.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Stinger, give me your saddle," Dave said.

Stinger came over and gave his saddle to Dave. Dave Removed Grumpy's armor and placed the saddle back on the basilisk. He also took the bags from other dunlords and put them on Grumpy. Now grumpy looked like a loaded merchant pack mule.

"Tiny, take everyone in. We're going to infiltrate the city," Dave said.

The giant Grave Lord opened its arms wide. Hundreds of sarcophagi strapped in chains fell hanging from his hands. When the sarcophagi opened, the undead under Dave's command were sucked into them. Even the giant Manticores were sucked inside the wooden caskets.

Only Dave, Tiny and Grumpy were left.

"Change back to slime form," Dave said. The giant morphed and twisted into itself and became a small blob of slime. Dave took Tiny and placed it inside the bag hanging from his waist.

Dave removed his Death Knight armor and put on his newbie clothes. Brown pants and white shirts. He also had a hooded robe that he put on top. Dave raised his right hand and snapped a finger.

Black death aura coalesced around him and transformed his eerie draugr-lich appearance to that of a normal human.

"Alright, human enough. This appearance shouldn't be too threatening."

Dave hopped on Grumpy and guided it toward the city gate. His heart beating with every step Grumpy took. He didn't know if the people inside the city would let him in or just shoot him on the spot.

When he arrived to the city gate. A few dark skinned people perked up from the walls. Their arrows pointed at Dave.

"What is your purpose in coming to the Pharaoh's Crypt, human!" the archer thankfully had his name written in yellow.

"I'm just a wandering merchant. I came to trade goods and will be on my way soon after," Dave shouted from under the gate.

The two archers looked keenly at Dave for a moment.

"I fail to see how a human can survive the Underworld. You lie!" One of the archers said, his name turned from yellow to a dark shade of red.

Dave's heart tightened, he was about to swap to his sword and shield to defend himself when the second archer said.

"Show us your token. All traders that come to our city must have a token proving their identity and allegiance to the Ash King."

'Token? How the hell am I supposed to have that? Wait, hang on.'

Dave rummaged through his inventory and picked an item.

It was a red flaring token that he obtained from killing the crazed demon general in the Blood Stone mines.

The red letters over the archer's names changed to green, "You have our sincerest apologies! We have mistaken you for an impostor. Please come in."

The archer waved a hand and the gate to the city opened up for Dave.

A notification showed up in front of Dave.


You have successfully infiltrated the Pharaoh's Crypt.

You have been given the temporary ability [King Slayer].

As long as your identity remains undiscovered, your first attack against the [King] in the Pharaoh's Crypt will deal 1,000% of its base damage.

By killing the King of the Pharaoh's Crypt. The undead legion will have access to the city's teleportation gate and will be able to overtake the city from within.


"Oh, nice, this should come in handy, now let's go kill a king," Dave muttered as he led grumpy inside the city.