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 "Alright boyz, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!" Dave pulled General Ouki's Glaive and whirled it over his head then shouted, "LET'S BRING IT DOWN!"

Grumpy roared and charged forward, the entire undead regiment followed after the basilisk.

Tiny was the first in the lead, his strides were large and he made it first to the manticore. Yet the moment he reached to the creature shouting 'food, food' the manticore swung a fist at the Grave Lord. Shattering the bones in his chest and sending the whole creature crumbling to bits and pieces.

"Help me raid the Pharaoh's Crypt my ass! It got blasted in one hit!" Dave was angry but kept moving toward the manticore.

The Manticore slammed down with its fist at Dave who swung the glaive using both hands, smashing into the Manticore's fist. A loud blast echoed from the point of impact and the Manticore's hand was forcefully swatted away from Dave and landed into the ground. Normally it would have been impossible for Dave to overpower the massive half bull half scorpion. But thanks to the skill he developed [Mikiri-Counter] it counted the bull's punch as a thrusting attack. Enabling Dave to use his glaive to complete the Mikiri Counter.

Dave felt his hands numb, but he was exhilarated at his immense strength and reaction.

"All ranged units! Make it rain!"

Dave's undead archers shot a volley of arrows at the Manticore. The most arrows bounced away from its hard skin, but those that managed to go in between the gapes of his carapace made the manticore screech.

The dunlords shot their ballista bolts at the manticore. The new steel bolts were much stronger than the old wooden ones. They pierced through the manticore's flesh and broke parts of its carapace, bleeding the creature and wounding him in numerous areas over its body.

Red Damage numerals appeared on top of the manticore. It was in an enormous amount of pain.

"Casters! Follow up! Melee units, Climb!" Dave shouted he was leading grumpy under the Manticore's legs all the way to the other side.

When grumpy was under the Manticore's tail, the creature swung down with its tail at Dave. Dave whirled the glaive on top of his head for style points and used [Mikiri Counter] again, swatting the tail away. Grumpy kept moving away from the monster until Dave ordered him to stop.

'Can't believe I'm gonna do this.'

"Buddy, I hope your aim is good with that tail of yours." Dave moved from Grumpy's back to his tail and said, "Throw me!"

Grumpy reared up, raising his tail a bit over the ground, then in one single motion, sent Dave with his tail flying in the air like a bullet.

Dave grabbed the glaive with both hands and pointed it forward. The Manticore that was occupied with the undead climbing it and the ones shooting arrows must have felt Dave coming at it. In its paranoia, the Manticore turned to see what was going on only to meet Dave eyes to eyes.

Suddenly the Manticore screeched loud in pain. The manticore was unfortunate enough to turn right when Dave's glaive was a few meters away from the back of his head. When he turned, he enabled the draugr to stab his glaive into the manticore's forehead.

The glaive had pierced through the bones in the Manticore's forehead and was now stuck like a nail on a wall.

Dave was holding on with his hands on the glaive but he couldn't get it out. The Manticore went for Dave with his hand. But Dave pulled himself over the glaive and jumped up dodging the hand. When he was coming down, he switched to his infernal gauntlets and grabbed at the glaive causing more pain to the manticore. Blood gushed out from the wound, but the weapon didn't budge.

A notification popped in front of Dave.


You cannot use two weapons of different properties at once!


Dave ignored it and swung himself sideways, still grabbing at the glaive Dave activated [Infernal Tornado], hopefully, the spinning motion of the skill can free his weapon.

Suddenly, the weapon was jerked out from his position following after Dave's spinning motion. Gravity pulled Dave down as he was spinning over himself like a top. The glaive flared in flames as it sliced through the Manticore's face and chest, leaving a vertical bloody wound on the Manticore.

Dave landed on his feet. Blood fell from the wound going down the Manticore's body. Fire from his gauntlets had seared most of the wound making it look like a badly mended scar wound.

A notification appeared in front of Dave


[Synergy!] You have created a new skill. [Blade Tornado]

Spin around yourself using a: Glaive, Spear, Greatsword. Dealing 100% weapon damage decreasing by 10% for every successful attack.


"So that's how synergy works. Damn this is good," Dave smiled for a moment, but his expression froze, the angry manticore was sending a fist his way.

Dave rolled away, dodging the punch that sent sand flying in the air.

The manticore roared in pain, looking at its hind legs, Grumpy was biting on one and pulling the giant creature with it. The manticore roared and swung with the side of its tail sending grumpy flying a few feet over the sand and rolling on it. The basilisk laid on the ground unmoving.

"FUCKER!" Dave ran up to one of the Manticore's legs and jumped to its knee. He started climbing up the manticore piercing the glaive into its body to secure a footing.

The manticore had hundreds of other undead climbing on top of it so it didn't notice Dave at first. But the amount of Damage he was receiving from one of its legs far surpassed the damage Dave's troops inflicted on it. The manticore soon came to the realization that draugr that scarred it was climbing and raised the foot Dave was on and stomped on the sand.

Dave held on, managing to keep his footing and kept climbing. The manticore, unable to shake off Dave went for a grab. Dave jumped from the leg and landed atop the manticore's hand.

Remembering how Kalel the undead he revived through Dog, ran up the Giant's Arm in the fight of the Undead legion against the Black Skull order, Dave did the same thing and ran up the Manticore's arm. Albite less agilely, and almost falling Dave still managed to reach up to the Manticore's shoulder.

The manticore tried to grab at Dave with his other hand, but the draugr was quick in action. Jumping to the Manticore's face and stabbing his glaive into the creature's eye.

The manticore screeched in pain. But Dave wasn't done. He shoved his other hand right into the manticore's eye. Blood and sludge splashed against Dave's armor but he ignored the viscera. He then used [Spectral Skulls], summoning four spectral skulls right inside the monster's eye.

"Eat this!"

Dave snapped his finger, four explosions burst inside the manticore's eye destroying it completely.





Dave jumped away, free falling he used [immortal apparition] appearing right behind the Manticore. Dave used his new skill [Defile]. Pointing a finger, a spreading of black magic covered a circular area on top of the Manticore's back.

Dave staggered a few times. Red damage values popped up above him.

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Your Undead nature prevents you from being [Poisoned]


Dave ripped the spikes from the Manticore's tail from his back. The manticore had shot him with the projectiles from the tail.

The tail came down toward Dave who rolled away. Sliding, Dave grabbed with his hand on a protrusion from the Manticore's back carapace. An undead that was on the manticore's back came over and helped Dave up.

The manticore jerked to the side. Dog had wrapped his bone flail over one of its eight legs and pulled on it. Dog ignited his weapon. The flames surrounded the bone flail and seared the manticore's leg. The creature swung a fist at Dog, but a shadow materialized in mid-air stopping the attack. It was Bud, and he was flying...

The black patch on the Manticore's back suddenly began growing a thorny vine. The vine coiled around the manticore; the roots dug deep into it, bleeding the creature.

Dave looked around, and called "Everyone, move away from the manticore."

The undead heeded Dave's call and moved away, the casters moved farther away and the undead climbing the manticore jumped away all at once.

"Alright, big boy. Let's see how you fare with an angry Worm Emperor!" Dave used [Double Edged]

The sand under the manticore spread apart, revealing sharp rows of teeth rising up.

Dave instantly used [Vertical Slash] and flipped away from the rising jaws of death. The Minghocao bit at the plastron under the manticore. The Minghocao jaws tightened on the creature as it lifted it whole above the ground. The manticore flailed as it rose up in the sky. Waves of pain surged through the manticore. It was slammed into the dirt, blood pumping from the wounds the Minghocao's jaws caused it.

The giant Emperor Worm didn't finish yet. It opened its maw again, and like the flood gates were open, a wave of yellow acid liquid splashed over the creature, melting most of its carapace to nothing.

The Minghocao dove back underground leaving the creature writhing in pain.

"Boyz! Meat's on the chopping block!" Dave pointed at the fallen creature. Every undead ran back toward it, swords at the ready.