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285 The Boyz Are Back In Town!

 Entering the empty barracks, Dave went to the crystal in the middle of the building and touched it.


Undead Spawn Point

You have 1,000 Undead waiting for revival.

Units cost 10 CP to revive.

How many units do you wish to respawn?


Dave smiled and entered the total number, 1,000, to respawn.


Time until all units are respawned 1,000 seconds.


A shadow materialized in front of Dave and coalesced into a familiar ghoul.

"BUD! It's damn good to see you again!" Dave patted the ghoul on the back.

" good to lord." Bud spoke slowly.

"Alright, let's get out of here, everyone should be back soon and it's gonna get crowded.

The units were spawning steadily and continuously behind Bud.

Dave went to the dunlord spawn point.

The dunlord tomb was magnificent. Looming sandstone statues guarded the entrance to the rough-hewn stone tomb. Dave walked up to the broad stairs to the doorway and entered. The interior was cool and dim, a human-sized diamond-cut transparent crystal was set upright in the middle of the room.

Hieroglyph banners were carved along the walls, recounting mythic stories in mysterious half-pictures. Braziers in each corner of the room supplied the low light.

Dave touched the center crystal and a blue screen appeared in his view requesting him to input the number of dunlords he wished to respawn. Dave entered the total number of 112 dunlords.

Stinger came first.

"My lord, I am glad to be of service once again," Stinger said.

"Thanks Stinger, but you will be serving Bud from now on. I will call for you when I need your specialty."

Stinger noticed Grumpy at the gate of the tomb, his expression changed to disappointment but still, he nodded to Dave accepting his request.

'Shit, I feel like an ass now. Anyway, I need to pay Dikenz a visit. I have some cash to spend and it's better to pimp my boyz out before I raid the Pharaoh's Crypt.'

Dave mounted Grumpy and led him to a conspicuous shop in his settlement.

Dikenz was like always, assembling and organizing his wears. He even had a cloth that he used to wipe them as he hummed a tune horribly off-sync.

"Hey Dikenz!" Dave said.

The zombie merchant jerked when he saw the draugr riding grumpy in front of his shop.

"Ah, me fave'rit cust'mer!" Dikenz said, he was shaking and looking behind Dave.

"Samael isn't here, don't worry, it's just me this time," Dave said in a toothy smile. This only served to increase the Zombie's shaking. Though undead didn't have fear in them, somehow Dave managed to implement it into this poor Zombie. It was all thanks to Samael of course, but Dave wasn't keen on letting the Zombie get away with all the scams he pulled on him.

"Aye, How may I be of servi's?"

"I need some armor for Grumps, also upgrade my unit's weapons."

"Ah, wait me, I'll be needn to do some maths," Dikenz said. He pulled a paper and began scribbling numbers on it.

"Ye have two hundred archers, two hundred casters, n'the rest re them melee fighters. Aie, I can upgrade their weapons n equipment for 8,000,000 CP, and I'tll take four days for em to be ready," Dikenz said in a toothy smile. Of course, his teeth were all rotten.

Dave frowned, he thought that Dikenz still hasn't learned from the Samael's lesson.

"Right, eight million. You see, I don't have the time to wait for all the equipment and weapons to be ready. So, I will have to use the favor I owe Samael and have him come here to pick up my items."

Dikenz's eyes widened, and said, "AH, silly me, I made an oopsie with me calculations, I even added an extra zero. It's just 800,000CP, and ye needn't use ya fav'er to call Lord Samael. That'd be just a waste, I tell ya. I'll have to call some friends and yer weapons n'armor should be ready in an hour."

"That's why I love doing business with you Dikenz, you're quite sensible." Dave smiled eerily at the Zombi and walked away.

After an hour, all of Dave's undead were fully equipped and wielded newer weapons and armor. Even Grumpy was armored up in protective full metal gear.

The dunlords had their ballistae crossbows upgraded. They were now metal made instead of the older wooden version. Their gear was upgraded to steel armor. Lighter than the older iron version and much sturdier.

His undead used to wear old and battered rusty armor. Now all the melee units had new full plate armor. All black of course.

The casters had their robes renewed, they were wearing red robes and were led by Spark. Who has a wizard pointy hat now. His wooden scepter was upgraded to a crystal scepter with a red orb on top.

The archer had their old leather armor upgraded to hard leather protective gear. They now had hats and newer, sturdier bows.

Dog was right next to Dave riding on a basilisk. The remaining basilisks were carrying the paladins. Dave reached with his hand toward the Unholy Priestess. She took his arm and hopped behind Dave. Just as Dave was going to order the Undead to move, Samael appeared next to him.

"Kis' Shtiengbrah, there is something I need to tell you."

"Yes, Samael, what is it?"

Samael sighed and said, "You should know that the king is sending you on a suicide mission."

"Yeah, I already know that. The Pharaoh's Crypt can't be captured with just a thousand undead."

"Then why did you accept this quest?"

"Well, aren't we undead?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Then even if I fall, I can rise back again and attempt the raid and I will keep doing that until they fall. That's the greatest thing about being an undead Samael. We can always come back, we can always try again."

Samael smiled and said, "True, that's what makes our race the strongest and mightiest. Okay, what I'm about to tell you one of our race's forbidden knowledge. Use it right, and you might be able to conquer the Pharaoh's Crypt in one try."

"Oh, I'm listening," Dave became interested.

"Did you ever hear the term Grave Lord?"