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284 Great Generals Glaive

 1 day before the start of the Eastern Raid.

Dave walked down the palace stairs and exited through the courtyard. A familiar undead was standing next to the palace gate. He was of a large stature and towered over Dave. It was the Undead's legendary blacksmith Andre. Dave had met him before. He was a main character in his quest to restore the parts of the Undead King's Armor in Dave's inventory.

"Andre, it's good to see you again," Dave greeted the undead.

"Kis'Shtiengbrah, the pleasure is all mine. I had to thank you personally for bringing me back to this world. Limbo is a place no one wishes to remain in."

"I only did what I had to do. No need to thank me."

Dave nodded and was about to walk away but stopped and asked, "Andre, did you see my Dullahan's weapon?"

"Yeah, that's a fine piece of work, a weapon that changes shape. I say it resembles the work of the Workshop."

"Right, I still have a weapon from The Workshop. They are the Swords of Mercy. They were quite handy. Say can you make me something like Dog's weapon?"

Andre rubbed his chin and said, "Why do you need that sort of weapon? A sword and shield are much better for you than that."

"It's true that a sword and shield are good, but I find it hard to fight while mounted with the flamberge."

"Oh, the reach. Well, there are better weapons than a Bone Flail.

"Enlighten me then." Dave eyes perked up.

"Your dullahan's bone flail is good for crushing skulls, but it requires a lot of strength and is hard to control. You need something heavy, that can cut and slash and has a good reach. Something that you might use when mounted and dismounted."

"Then what do you suggest?"

"Well, you have two options. The first, an ultra greatsword."

"Ultra what?"

"Ultra Greatsword, like the one the exiled Knight Deadra used to wield. That thing was a monstrous weapon that requires inhuman strength. If used right, it could slash through shields and armor. But don't even dream of using one with that pitiful strength of yours." Andre laughed.

"Then what's the second option."

Andre smiled, "The lord of mounted combat. A war glaive! And I just have the right thing. If you remember, some of the items yu brought from the dragon lair was one of such weapons. Follow me, I already repaired it."

'Oh I already forgot about those.'

Dave followed after Andre, moving along the streets of the Undead City.

The undead were hardworking in repairing the damage the demons had caused inside the city. Though most of the damage was from Drahma's rampage, no one was complaining. The giant was helping Dave revive the undead, and he was entitled to some chaos.

Andre's forge was situated near the palace, it had enormous bellows that reached the ceiling. Black smoke continuously poured out from a chimney at the top of the building.

There were dozens of undead throwing logs into a blast furnace. Melted steel was poured into molds shaped into weapons.

When Andre saw Dave staring at the construction he said, "Those are just standard weapons for low level undead. Higher ones and unique undead use weapons of a much higher quality."

Dave nodded to Andre, in fact he was also asking himself why would the legion be mass producing weapons, instead of hand making them. But the undead's numbers were too much to make everyone one of them a unique weapon.

"Come with me." Andre led Dave to a room behind a curtain. The room was square and big enough to contain hundreds of weapons that were hung on shelves. In one of the room's corners was a furnace that was emitting a scorching heat.

"That's hotter than the blast furnace outside," Dave said.

"Yes, I use BloodStones to heat this one instead of regular logs. Powerful weapons require greater heat. Here let me show you your weapon."

Andre rummaged through a pile of spears and pikes and pulled out a weapon taller than himself. It was an iron shafted glaive with thousands of tiny drawings on it. The shaft ended in a curved black blade that was at least half a meter long.

"The total length of the glaive is three meters. It's enough to use from on top of your basilisk."

Andre threw the glaive toward Dave while saying, "Be careful, it's heavy."

Dave caught the glaive and it instantly jerked him down, the weight almost popped his shoulder joints from their place.

"Holy! Isn't this too heavy?!"

"True, but that's what's great about it. Take a good look at it."

Dave inspected the weapon.


Great General Ouki's War Glaive.

Category: Weapon

Type: Glaive

Requirements to handle: Undead race, or level 450, or Death Knight class.

Mandatory requirement to use the weapon: 750 STR

Damage: 2,000-3,000

Damage modifier : 10% STR

Attribute bonuses:+10,000 HP


[Warmonger] The Great General Ouki's War Glaive passively generates [Courage] while the wielder is mounted.

[Courage] Reduces the chances of falling to deliberating status effects for all the units under the user of the glaive's command by 20%

[Heaven Slasher] Your next basic attack deals 100% damage in Flat Damage, ignoring all of the target's defensive values. (Does not apply to immunity generating skills)

[Never Dull] (Passive) Ouki's glaive ignores 20% of target's Physical defense.


Dave was amazed by the weapon's effects.

"You should give it a try, lad. It's a good weapon that belonged to a good leader," Andre said.

"Thanks Andre," Dave said. He left the room supporting the heavy glaive by his shoulder.

When he left the smithy he tried the weapon. It was heavy, but after a few swings Dave was accustomed to the weight. He tried to use the weapon with just one hand, but it was too heavy for him to swing a proper attack.

"Damn, I need at least 1,000 STR to be able to use this weapon with just one hand. I'll have to give up my shield when I am mounting grumpy." Dave sighed but he was still happy.

The weapon's base damage was extraordinary.

He made quick calculations. He had 750 STR, and the weapon could deal from 150,000 to 225,000 damage on a target with 0 Physical Defense.

It was quite powerful, but it was only natural. This was a two-handed weapon, it dealt a lot of damage, but was limited to its low attacking speed.

Dave left the smithy courtyard and exited the Undead City. He crouched and touched the ground with his palm. Black sigils spread form under his palm and summoned Grumpy.

"Hey Grumps! Look what I have!" Dave showed grumpy his glaive.

The onyx lizard didn't understand what Dave meant.

"It's a glaive! We can fight together from now on!" Dave smiled.

When the idea dawned on Grumpy, he growled in accord.

"Alright, let's go bring back the boyz grumps. Take me to my territory."

Dave hopped on top of Grumpy's back and nudged the basilisk forward. The six legged creature ran through the undead realm's plains taking ten minutes to arrive at Dave's estate.

Dave jumped from on top of Grumpy, and went to the closest building to him, the undead barracks.