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282 To Be a King

 Orcs were never a smart race, they never thought before they acted. They never planned or strategized. It would not be untrue if one says that the Orcs might be one of the dumbest races of Conquest. However, there was one thing they could do and are damn good at it. A bloody, gory fight.

The Orcs used their massive numbers whenever they fought to overwhelm their enemies. They never flinched in front of a sword but moved toward it with glee.

Fireballs rained on the players. The casters behind the melee units used barriers to block the spells. The archers and ranger units shot their arrows through the barriers stopping the orcs from advancing. The melee players charged at the orcs on lizards and began a slaughter.

The players outnumbered the orcs, but the orcs were madly empowered by the presence of each other. Singund was singlehandedly whopping the players at the front with his massive cleaver. Any player that got to three meters from him was split in two.

Roaring, Singund increased the strength of the orcs, bringing more pain to the players and increasing their casualties.

"Shit! This is going to exhaust our human resources," Demetri said, the players started dying at a rapid rate. The orcs dealt massive damage thanks to their numbers. They only needed one or two shots to kill high-level players.

"Your best shot at getting out of this fight with minimum casualties is to kill off Singund first," Tess said.

"How do you suggest we do that? Can't you see that it's impossible to ever approach him." Demetri said.

Tess groaned and said, "You have the world's best assassin, I think she can take care of him with one strike."

"Right, you have that instant-kill skill," Demetri said.

"I am saving that legacy skill for the king," Mercy said.

"It has 72 hours cooldown, it should be ready for use when we reach the king in the Eastern Kingdom," Demetri said.

"I think you are missing the point, Demetri," Warlord said. "That woman works for a contract, nothing is for free. If you want her to kill the orc leader. You'll have to pay."

"How much?!" Demetri asked.

"Give me a moment," Mercy said and used her phone to call a private number.

Soon after, she spoke "Papa. Are you watching,"

"Yes, sweetie. Tell them [It's Just business] requires ten mills for the kill."

"Papa said ten million dollars."

Demetri grunted. Looking at the situation, if he waited any longer, more players might die.

"Deal!" the moment the word left Demetri's mouth. Mercy had already disappeared.

The chaos in the battle was increasing. Players were shouting for heals and supporting fire. The orcs were ridiculously strong. The player's numbers were useless against the might of the orcs.

The guild leaders were all looking at Singund with intensity. They were waiting for Mercy to attack.

The orc leader was covered in player blood, he was in ecstasy, perhaps with the Dragon's disappearance he can now rule the Wilds as its rightful king. He can become the King of the Wilds, and have title and power like those soft-skinned humans have.

He will have his own Kingdom and be its lord and master, for all to bow down to him. To have the status of his character placed in every corner and street. To be worshipped. This very thought, spun in the orc's tiny brain, filling it with a need of slaughter. If these soft skins were the first that were going to oppose him, he was going to destroy them to make an example for all the other denizen of the Wilds.

Blood pumped through Singund's muscles, filling him with unrestrained rage, he used this strength to cleave through the player ranks and moved toward the guild leaders. There was nothing better than taking the head of an enemy leader by oneself.

The players couldn't stop the rampaging Singund, he was blasting through players with sheer force, spells and skills bounced off his armor harmlessly. Some lucky fireballs hit him square in the jaw but he just laughed and became more frenzied the more pain he was in.

Fear gripped at the heart of the players from such sight. This frenzy was only seen in one race. The Giants. A prime example was Drahma the Unbridled. Perhaps the orcs were a distant relative to the giants.

Suddenly, the space distorted and Mercy appeared behind Singund, on top of the boar he was riding.

The orc leader jerked forward. His rampage suddenly stopped. He looked down. The tip of a black blade had emerged from his chest. Black blood leaked out from the wound and Singund could utter but a word, "C-coward!"

Suddenly the orc dropped from atop his boar and fell to the ground. Mercy flashed into stealth once again.

"Shit, isn't that totally broken? A one-shot skill?" Demetri complained.

"it's true the skill is strong, that's a legacy skill after all. But in reality, it has a lot of conditions for it to be effective. We don't know all the condition but at least we know one."

"And what's that?" Demetri asked

"The target has to be a king or a leader of a group." Warlord said.

"Does that include..." Demetri didn't finish his words.

"Yeah, even guild masters," Valentine said.

"Damn, you don't wanna anger that," Demetri said.

"Anger what?" Mercy appeared in front of Demetri.

"N-nothing. The money will be wired to Its just business soon. Thank you for your participation."

"Right, your minnows should be able to take care of the rest," Mercy said.

It was just like Mercy said. Without Singund the Conqueror, the orcs died meaninglessly at the hands of players. Some even escaped into the Wilds.

An hour later, the battle was over, the guild alliance had lost 4,000 players. They slew many of the orcs, littering the whole area in viscera and blood. Some orcs lost their courage when they saw their comarads falling and had to retreat.

Defeat was nothing to the orcs, they suffered through many defeats previously, and in their tenasity and their fast reproduction, a new leader will soon be born and lead the orcs once again in to rule the Wilds.