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281 Tusks Everywhere.

 "Mr. Skeletal, I really wish if you could join us in this raid," Demeteri said in a pleading tone.

"Sorry bruh, still have a shit ton of stuff to do. And there's one really nasty ass dragon that will not like me being there at all ."

"We already took care of the dragon using a Forbidden Chapter called banishment. The dragon will not be able to get out from his dimensional prison for at least a week. You have nothing to fear," Demetri said.

"Oh, it's funny you said that. Banishment Forbidden Chapter. I just dealt with the very people who made that thing. And let me tell you one thing from the stuff I learned here. Don't count on that thin paper to hold a dragon, otherwise, you will dearly regret it."

Demetri frowned, he didn't like what he was hearing.

"You are just trying to scare us, Skelly, Forbidden Chapters are absolut! The dragon will stay stuck there," Wan Yi shouted.

"Who's that?" Dave asked.

"This is the Heaven Dawn guild master, Wan Yi," the man in tribal tattoos said proudly.

"Oh, I remember you, you're the dumbass that tried to kill me and ended up getting spanked to death by the undead at the Undead frontier. Sorry to tell you, you're not the smartest in the bunch. Listen up, consider this a free tip from your friendly neighborhood skeletal. You either get to the east disregarding all prudence and hope that at least half of your army reaches the east, or die from the rampage of a very bad, very nasty dragon. Mercy, go private." Dave finished his words.

Mercy changed the loudspeaker option to private.

"What's going on Skelly?" Mercy asked.

"Listen, Mercy, I know we aren't on the best of terms. Shit, I don't even think we are qualified to be friends. But I hate to see you getting wrecked by that dragon. I just found out shit ton of stuff about Forbidden Chapters. And that thing only works on creatures below the Ethereal rank. That dragon is stupidly strong if you stay with them, you'll die. You still have the Urburg teleportation scroll?" Dave asked.

"Yes, I still have one."

"Good, save it, that's the only teleportation scroll that can work in the wilds. How long was it since the dragon was trapped?"

"One day now."

"You have at most two more days before shit hits the fan. Your call, Mercy," Dave hung up.

Wan Yi was raging at being called a dumbass and The White Ghost was calming him down.

"Mercy," Demetri angrily called her name. "What the hell was that?"

"I do not account for Skelly's behavior. However, he won't lie."

"Ghost! Could what skeletal said be true?"

White Ghost turned to Demetri and said, "I don't know. To be honest, it's a possibility, but the scrolls are all one time use, we couldn't 'test' it even if we wanted."

Demetri rubbed his temples and said.

"We'll have to increase our speed," Demetri said.

"We will risk a lot of deaths," Warlord said.

"No, Warlord. If there is a 1% chance that what skeletal said was true. Then we have to risk it. If we are slow in getting to the east and the dragon catches up. No one's gonna be left alive."

"What if he is bluffing," Wan Yi said.

"He has nothing to gain from lying to us. No, on the contrary, wouldn't that make us his enemy. I doubt Skeletal wants that." White Ghost said.

"I agree with the White Ghost. We can't risk staying here for long," Valentine said.

Just as he finished his words. Two players in leather armor and lances came running toward the group.

"We're fucked!" one of the players said.

"Watch your tone, don't you see babes here!" his friend scolded.

"What's going on?"

"Shit's about to go down man, a huge army of High Orcs is coming our way. At least twenty thousand."

"The fuck?! Isn't that too damn fast?" Demetri shouted.

"We need to organize the players. Ghost, Val, you're up."

"Alright," Valentine said.

White ghost nodded.

Valentine used the global party chat and shouted orders, "EVERYONE LISTEN UP! We are under attack! Third Formation NOW!"

All the players began moving and gathering together.

The white Ghost gave his own set of commands. "Melee units, take the front, any player under level 400 go back and act as a support. Healing players, stand behind the melee units in a single file. Arches, casters in the back. Buffing parties at the last line."

The players formed an enormous circular formation of tens of thousands of players. It looked like a giant wiggling ring from the sky.

The players waited patiently for the enemy to arrive.

"We have contact!" One player shouted.

Thousands of High Orcs came riding on gigantic lizards. Behind the heavily armored High Orcs were more orcs on foot and shamans next to them.

One High Orc was most conspicuous of the group. It rode on a boar the size of an elephant and had tusks larger than a sword.

This orc's name was written in large red letters. Singund The Conqueror.

Singund waved a hand, signaling the whole High Orc army stopped at his command.

"Will you look at that? We came out to see if the dragon really disappeared and found these soft skins. How wonderful it is to see them walking The Deep Wilds without fear. Looks like you grew some balls after all," Singund said.

The high orcs around him struck their weapons on the ground.

"Warlord, it'll be a bad idea to fight them. I just inspected one. Though they are lower level than us, they empower each other by being next to one another. With these numbers. Killing them off will cost us dearly," Valentine said.

"What do you suggest then?" Warlord replied.

"I say we talk to them. You know, like Skelly, he talked some monsters out of a fight. Be sincere and all," Demetri said.

"I would not recommend that," Mercy said.

"What do you suggest then? You don't want to fight and you have been antagonizing all of our plans since the get-go."

Mercy sighed and said, "These are orcs, they are dumb, ugly and brutal. You'll have better chances of teaching them quantum physics than talking them out of a fight. This battle is happening, whether you want it or not." Mercy said.

"These Soft Skins are disrespecting us, not talking to us because they think we are dumb and only like to fight. Well, I say that's half true. We really like to fight. Orcs show them our might!"

The orcs behind Singund shouted all at once, "Bones for the Orc God, Skin for the Tusk Throne!"

"Warhammer anyone?" White Ghost laughed.

"I don't think they're allowed to do that," Tess giggled.

Warlord frowned, "That's a lousy rip-off."

Singund roared, covering his entire Orc Army with a red glowing aura. This signaled the start of the fight. The orcs began by charging toward the player ranks. They moved like the tide, unafraid of the spells or worried about the shields and bariers the players put forward They wanted a fight and a fight they will get.