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 "This is the world boss [Territory] only 200 players can fight it at a time. We need to leave now before it kills every player. It will trap others inside with it. We didn't come to fight world boss Demetri!" Warlord shouted.

"Right. Everyone, run across the field!" Demetri shouted.

The players all took the opportunity while the boss was occupied with killing the 200 unlucky players and ran through the field.

Thankfully there were no more monsters or traps in the field so the players safely made it across thank to the 'sacrifice' of 200.

"The fuck was that?"

"I was also surprised but really, that's to be expected. We are in the Deep Wilds Demetri."

"Fuck, I really don't want to regret raiding the east," Demetri said.

"Don't worry, our mission is to raid and control at least one city. When we set foot in the east and have a teleportation gate under our control. We can infinitely supply our forces with numbers," Valentine said.

It was true. To take the east with a mere 100,000 players was wishful thinking. The real reason behind this force was to set foot in the east and control a city where they can invade through the teleportation gate and spread across the east, weakening their defenses via infinite numbers of players that can die over and over again.

Setting foot in the east was just a step, a prelude to the fall of the whole region. This whole army was made for that sole purpose.

The army crossed the field and entered a forest with thick foliage. When they got their bearings and reorganized, Demetri asked for the total player death toll.

"It's more than 4,000 players, most of them from the Blood Ragers as they were securing the way ahead for us," Valentine said.

"Good, we are still in the clear. Let's keep moving we can't stay here. If the World Boss appears again, we might get eradicated." Demetri said.

Warlord led his horse next to Mercy ad Tess.

"You said you partied with Skelly right?"

"Yep, the two of us did. But I won't be giving you any info about him, his skills or any of the sort."

Warlord shook his head, "No, I don't need that. Otherwise, it'll be unfair when I fight him again."

"You want to fight Skelly?"

"Yeah, he got lucky the last time. He was just a low-level scrub, but he had a powerful skill. This time I will be prepared."

"Well, the skelly you know is no longer the same. You can't beat him," Mercy said

"I know he got a legacy, even if it is SS class. But he can still be defeated," Warlord replied.

"No, the legacy has nothing to do with this. The real reason why you can't beat skelly is because you aren't playing the way he does. Well, to be more exact, you no longer play the same way he does," Mercy said.

"What do you mean?" Warlord said.

Valentine approached and said, "She means that you no longer play for the fun of it. For the thrill Conquest used to bring us. I noticed this a long while ago Warlord."

"Fun? We're leaders of a guild; we have many responsibilities and obligations. When do we have the time to have fun?" Warlord snorted.

"You're jealous," Tess said with a snicker.

"Me? You're speaking bullshit." Warlord was about to lead his horse away from the players when Mercy added.

"Be honest Warlord. Don't you wish to let go, of all of this? And play the game to fulfill your own ambitions instead of the ambitions of some corporate big cats."

Warlord grit his teeth but couldn't find an answer.

"Skelly is doing all the stuff you can't do. Hating him for it is not fair for both of you. If I were you, Warlord, I'd try to make my own legacy instead of being jealous or want to destroy someone else's," Tess said.

Tess might look like an easy-going girl with not a care in the world, but the words she just spoke were deep and struck some sensitive nerves on Warlord. He already knew what she was saying is right, but his own ego was blinding him from the truth for far too long now.

"Why didn't Skelly join the raid? Even if he was low level, he has a keen eye for strategy and tactics. I believe that he could have been a great aid to our conquest," Demetri said.

"My father already invited him to join but he refused," Mercy shrugged.

"Do you have his contact?" Demetri asked.

"Yes, but I am not at liberty of sharing the contact," Mercy said.

"I know, it will reveal his true player identity, just put us through the speaker."

Mercy called Dave and used the loudspeaker option. All the players around the leaders leaned in to hear the conversation. The leader of the alliance is personally inviting skelly. That was a topic many will talk about.

Sound of battle and swords clashing, explosions went on and roars of thousands of creatures all sounded together echoing from the speaker on Mercy's voice chat option.

"Supp, Mercy" Dave's grating voice sounded over the battle sounds.

"Hey, Skelly. I am on speaker. The guild leader of the European army and commander of Conquest Super Guild alliance want to speak to you."

"Is this about joining their raid? Sorry, no thanks."

"Skelly," Demetri said. "Please consider, I am willing to pay you twice the amount you received for the Conquest Right if you help us in this raid with your undead."

"DIE, BITCH!" Dave swore loudly.

The eyes of every player around Demetri widened.

"Excuse me?" Demetri was taken aback. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Ah, sorry, not you. This stupid boss was a pain to kill. So, what were you saying?"

"I said that I want you to-" but the guild master's words were cut shortly after. A server announcement notification popped up in front of him.


Congratulations to player Kis'Shtiengbrah for successfully completing the Third Raid Zone of the Underworld.

Pharaoh's Crypt is now under the control of the Undead Legion.


"Yeah, bro? Hey is the connection alright? Man, you are awfully quiet." Dave said through the voice chat. Every player's mouth was twitching. The draugr had just successfully raided an entire zone of the underworld while talking on the phone...