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277 Battle Lich

 Dave reappeared in the Dead Realm, right next to the bone palace. He could now see the resemblance of the capital Muliner of the Arotsa kingdom to the Undead City. There were several notification popping in front of Dave, Dave inspected the level up notifications and realized that he leveled up almost twenty levels, now he was level 346. The massive SS legacy quest gave him an incredible amount of EXP.

All that was left was for him to check his new Class Upgrade.


[Battle Lich]

A lich is a caster class that employs undead to fight for it as it uses spells to decimate their enemies. But A Battle Lich takes that concept and turns it upside down. Getting close and personal is the best approach of this class as it can handle itself in melee or ranged fights.

All of your skills have a [Dark] attribute to them. You cause 50% more damage to [Holy] affiliated monsters or NPC and receive 50% additional damage from the holy attribute or category.

[Magic over Sword] (Passive) All of your magic skills have +20% increase in damage and potency.

[Battle Lich] is part caster class. You can now use 12 skills from skill books instead of the limited 10 for melee classes.


Dave inspected another notification.


Some of your basic skills have been changed to match with your current class.

Death Apostle passive ability [Life Siphon] has been changed to: [Drain]

Death Apostle skill [Death Surge] has been changed to: [Blot the Sun]

Death Apostle passive ability [Jeopardy] has been changed to [Dark Harvest]

Basic character skill [Sword Lunge] has been changed to [Defile]

Basic character skill [Concussive Blow] has been changed to [Raise Undead]


"Huh, raise undead, now I can do what Dog does. Neat."

Dave inspected the abilities.


[Drain] imbue your weapon with the [Drain] ability, absorbing 50% of the damage dealt as Mana and HP. Skill cooldown 30 seconds.

[Blot the Sun], summons the darkness of the underworld in a said area. Slowing all enemies by 66% for 5 seconds around the caster and rendering all [Holy] attributed skills useless for the duration. If a target receives the [Fear] effect while they are inside the [Blot the Sun] area. They will take 300% of the caster's base weapon damage. Skill cooldown 3 minutes.

[Dark Harvest] (Passive): Gain +5% damage increase for every target you kill. Can stack up to 5 times and last for 60 seconds or until another target has been slain resetting the timer.

After the fifth stack, the caster gains the ability [Soul Discharge], where he can detonate the souls he harvested in an area around him dealing 200% weapon damage. [Soul Discharge] cooldown 3 minutes.

[Defile] Curses a target area, slowing enemies down for by 33% for five (5) seconds. After the five seconds, a barbed root will emerge coiling around any target standing over the defiled area. Dealing 200% weapon damage and applying [Laceration] for an additional 100% weapon damage as bleed over 5 seconds. Skill cooldown 3 minutes.

[Raise Undead] summons a dead person back to Undeath. Skill cooldown 1 minute.

Summoned undead through [Raise Undead] are not considered part of the Undead Legion if they die, the caster will have to summon others to replenish his forces.

Summoned undead need to be constantly supplied with the caster's mana to keep them in an active condition.

[Named Undead] that you summon can be preserved and summoned continuously even if they fall.

The skill [Raise Undead] is level 1. You can only summon 5 undead to serve you.

[Final Phantasm] (Legacy Skill) the radius of 100 meters around the player becomes a part of the Undeath God's domain. Summoning his presence to the field where he can aid you in your fight against your enemies. Cooldown 72 hours.


"What the fuck? Why do I get only one legacy skill?" Dave was astonished.

Warlord had only an S class legacy and was able to use several powerful legacy skills. Even Tess and Mercy had several legacy skills, while he only had one.

"ALFRED!" Dave called


AI Alfred has been disabled, please call the AI ALBERT for assistance.


"Ah, I forgot about that, ALBERT!"

Dave called. A man that was frighteningly similar to ALFRED showed up. Only this one wasn't wearing the sparrow tail tux.

He wore shades and his white hair was tied in a man bun. Instead of a suit, he had yellow Hawaiian T-shirt and blue shorts. Flowers strung together in a collar around his neck and in his hand was a coconut that had a straw in it. He wore flipflops and looked ridiculously out of place in the Dead Realm.

Albert sipped from the coconut and asked. "Alloha! What can I do for you mate?"


"Yeah, just came back from a vacation and couldn't get rid of this habit. Say, what's the problem?"

"Yeah, It's about my legacy quest, why do I have only one legacy skill? It's a SS class legacy"

"And here I thought it was something serious, listen Death Stroke, you ever heard the term Quality over Quantity? Your legacy skill is strong enough to fair against several legacy skills at once, you should try it sometime."

"Oh, I never thought about that. Also, why the hell did you guys remove the I know it All title? That's a lot of stats that just went poof!"

"Ha, I like that expression, went poof. See, it was unfair to many of the older player generation, we had to remove the 5% bonus to balance out the stats. We also gave the players the opportunity to gain the extra stats they missed out through their gameplay."

"Balance again, man I don't like that word."

"Neither do I, my brother went mad because he tried to balance everything. But I'm not like him. As long as you don't cheat, you can do whatever the hell you want."

Dave felt sincerity from the old man and said "Thanks for all."

"Glad to be of help, enjoy your game Death Stroke." Albert disappeared from in front of Dave.

"Okay guess it's time for me to re-spec.

Dave checked his status screen. Seeing he had 692 unassigned attribute points, he decided to respec himself according to his new class.

Dave thought for a moment, considering his class was oriented toward magic and sword he opted to balance out his INT and STR.

Dave put 140 points from his unassigned AP into STR. It became 750.

He added 340 more to his INT, bumping it also to 750.

He was left with 202 points.

He bumped 90AP into WIS to increase his mana pool and 90 into DEX to increase the new DEX passive [Reflexive Evasion] to 5%.

Dave's new status screen became like this:

Name Death Stroke Level 346

CLass Battle Lich Race Undead/Human

Stamina ∞ MANA 34200

Health 436600 STR 750

INT 750 WIS 500

DEX 500 AGI 410

Physical Def 12001 Magic DEF 6001

HP Regen 1% Mana regen 1%

Stamina regen ∞ Prestige/Honor 1,800

Unassigned AP 22

Titles Shield Boarder

War Maestro

Pride of the Undead

Thanks to Dave's equipment he was as strong as a level 420 player.

"Kis'Shtiengbrah," Samael's voice sounded form behind Dave. Dave's heart skipped a beat he was so engrossed in his status screen that he didn't notice the gray robe ghoul standing right next to him.

"Could you please not do that!" Dave said.

"Yeah, my bad. Say what will you be doing right now?" Samael asked.

"I don't know. I thought about getting my boys and kill some monsters in the underworld."

"Great, you are thinking about strengthen yourself, that is commendable. But before you go, Dagla asked me to bring you over."

"Oh, alright."

Dave smelled a quest so he followed after Samael.

The two of them climbed up the bone palace and entered the throne room.

Dave felt a bit of unease when he saw the king sitting on the throne. His eyes were still unrecognizing toward Dave. Dagla was right next to the king. The two of them were talking and stopped when Samael entered.

"Samael, why bring such a lesser undead to Our presence?"

"Your majesty, I requested his presence," Dagla said and approached Dave.

"For what purpose?" The king asked.

"Your majesty, I still remember this one's kindness, he saved us from limbo and must be rewarded." Dagla said.

When he stood next to Dave, Dagla happily said, "You have the aura of a new Lich now! Kis'Shtiengbrah, you became more powerful!"

Dave smiled and said "Thank you Dagla, I hope to be as strong as you one day."

"Don't limit yourself to such low aims, you can become much stronger than I ever was. I feel the power of a divinity in you. Your power can be limitless! Here this should help you in your journey."

Dagla handed Dave a necklace with a purple jewel.

The moment Dave inspected it, his jaw threatened to drop to the floor.


Necklaces of the Untold Fate

Bound to: Kis'Shtiengbrah/Death Stroke

Tier : Celestial

Attributes: +200 INT + 200WIS

[Changed Fate] using this skill has 50% of activating either effect: Doubler or Juggler.

Doubler: one attribute of your choice will be doubled for 30 seconds.

[Juggler] all attribute points you have will be imbibed into one attribute of your choice (Exception Stamina/Mana and HP)


'Celestial level item, this is the first time I ever saw something of this rank. And what the fuck is that broken skills!' Dave could barely suppress the urge to hug the arch lich Dagla.

"I hope you like this, young lich."

"Thank you, thank you a lot, Dagla."

"Ha! Don't worry about it." Dagla said as he patted Dave on the shoulder, "My master gave me this before he disappeared, and now I think you can use it for the Legion."

"Don't worry Dagla, I'll use this properly."

Dave equipped the necklace. The purple crystal shone bright for a moment then the glow retracted to a purple hue around the round jewel.

"Father, when are we going to attack the church?" Eleanor came from a side door inside the throne room.

Dave was surprised for a moment, he didn't expect to see Eleanor here. The Undeath God must have delivered her here.

"Not now, daughter. We still have many matters to tend to, but worry not. We shall avenge your suffering with these very hands of ours."

Eleanor turned and spotted Dave.

"Kis'Shtiengbrah, it's good to see you again."

"You know this draugr? Daughter?"

"Huh? Father, you sent this one to escort me and protect me. He saved me many times. Can you not remember?"

The undead king shook his head.

"It's alright Eleanor, I am glad you are doing alright," Dave said.

"Your majesty, I asked for the presence of this Childe for another reason," Dagla said.

"Speak," the king said.

"This Childe has brought us information about rituals happening in the Pharaoh's Crypt. To complete the conquest of the Underworld, we need to capture that area for our own."

"We have yet to retake the Red Fortress from the demons controlling it, We cannot spare units to do another conquest."

"Your majesty," Samael said, "You don't need to send any units. I know this Childe, he had conquered the Undead Frontier and aided in conquering the Red Fortress. I believe he can manage the Pharaohs Crypt alone."

Dave's brows arched wayyyy up, 'Bruh, the first raid zone I got help from Drahma and the second raid zone it was basically Dagla's army that took over it. Shit, you are expecting way too much from me man!'

"Then so be it, to gain Our trust, succeed in conquering the Pharaoe's Crypt." The Undead King said after waving a hand.

'Aaaand shit, here we go again. Another mission impossible. Crap, I hope the boyz are in top shape. This is gonna be damn hard."

"Your majesty, one last thing." Dagla said and extended his hand toward Dave.

Dave tilted his head he didn't know what Dagla wanted from him.

"Hand me the egg, it needs more power to hatch."

Dave hesitated for a moment but he trusted in Dagla, and gave him the black dragon egg.

"Your majesty, you promised to nourish this Egg by the magic of the Death Heart."

"Though We remember not, We believe in you, friend. If We promised, We shall need to follow up on it." The undead king waved a hand and the egg disappeared from Dagla's hand.

"I will call you when the egg hatches, Kis'Shtiengbrah," Dagla said.

"Thank you."

"Alright, off you go, I will lead my army again to retake the Red Fortress. You have to succeed in your mission Kis'Shtiengbrah." Dagla said.


Quest difficulty A

Minimum conditions required: Death Knight rank. Level 350.

Level recommended 450

You were tasked to capture the third raid zone of the Underworld Pharaoh' Crypt.

You have 7(in-game) days to succeed in your mission.


Dave nodded to everyone and dismissed himself thinking, 'Damn, I still need four more levels to be at the minimum for the quest. Time to get the boyz, I'll grind some EXP first, then raid the crypt.'

End of book 2 (Fall and Rise of a legion)