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276 A kings Valor

 Hours passed, in which Dave ordered the installation of wooden spikes. Behind these wooden spikes, archers and soldiers that could wield a bow were standing waiting for orders.

A few of Dave's soliders would retreat back to the palace from the city streets. They were mostly wounded. And if one was still able to fight, he was given a bow and a quiver and was ordered to take a stand next to the others behind the wooden spikes.

Dementi's archer unit was almost decimated. But the surviving force had retreated from the city walls and were now on top of the palace walls.

The first Vinlandian solider emerged from the smoke spreading through the city. Two archers atop the city wall shot him dead.

Other Vinlandian soldiers showed up after him, but they were all shot down. Soon after, a vinlandian unit poised behind tower shields moved toward the palace.

Arrows rain down on them, picking off a few but the rest were able to move all the way to the wooden spikes in front of the palace.

"KILL!" Dave roared.

The soldiers wielding bows behind the wooden spiked walls, switched to their melee weapons and fought the Vinlandians in front of the city gate.

The archers on top of the palace walls supported them with arrows from above.

Dave equipped his sword and shield and fought on horseback. He sliced at any enemy soldier that came close. His horse kicked and bit at those that surrounded her. Arotsa soldiers joined their king in the melee fight. They gave their lives as they fought alongside their king.

Swords clashed against swords, and blood coated the city streets. Cries of battle and screames of pain sounded through the fight. It was like playing music to the god of battle.

More enemy soldiers poured into the street in front of the palace. Arrows poured on them like rain but they still kept pouring into the fight reinforcing their numbers.

Dave's units were at a numerical disadvantage, but he didn't care. He fought, killed and killed some more, but the Vinlandian forces seemed infinite.

An arrow pierced Dave's shoulder, he grunted in pain but snapped the arrow leaving the head inside.

"Fight soldiers of Arotsa! Fight to live! Fight for your brothers and sisters! Fight for your land, fight!" Dave roared.

Anther arrow penetrated Dave's back. He roared, channeling the pain and the wrath into vigor as he fought like a madman.

Blood coated his sword dulling it, but he used the tip to pierce through the enemy's eyes and exposed flesh. A soldier stabbed Nightmare through the chest with a spear. The mare fell on top of Dave. Samael, came over, killed the two enemy knights and pulled Dave back.

"Retreat to the palace!" Samael shouted.

Dave's forces funneled back into the palace and closed the gate. The Vinlandian forces grouped up together and waited for more of their troops.

Dave was covered in his and the enemy's blood, his armor was bent in several areas and his cape was in tatters. His helmet was too stuffy so he removed it. His black hair was mixed with dried blood and the white of his left eye was bloodied.

"Your majesty, I think this is it for us," Samael said, he was smiling "That was a great fight your majesty, I never thought that your old bones can still muster such might."

"Ah can it, Samael, but you are right, this is it for us."

Dave didn't see a way out. He was outnumbered and outmatched. When the city gate fell, his advantage as a defender was null and void.

The Vinlandians were pounding on the palace gate.

"Here it comes. Dave said and put on his helmet.

Dave had barely two hundred soldiers inside the palace that could fight. The rest were wounded and unable to even hold a sword. This was a fight he knew he won't survive. Perhaps if he had some of his skills the outcome would have been different. But nothing is fair in life.

'Shit, guess that's it for the legacy quest. But why cry over spilled milk like a scrub when you can die a legend!' Dave gave himself a pep talk and waited for the gate to break.

The palace gate spread wide open, the Vinlandians soldiers came rushing in.

"FOR AROTSA!" Dave roared and charged first among his soldiers to death.

The remaining Arotsa soldiers gained courage from Dave's decisiveness and followed after with comparable madness.

To death, to the gates of hell, they will walk through them not as mere men but as legends of Arotsa.

Dave swung his sword at the first solider. But right before his sword could make contact.

A notification popped up in front of him covering his vision. Dave panicked, the notification blocked his vision and might cause his death. But he felt no pain.

Reading through the notification Dave felt weak in the knees. His vision darkened and he was transported out from the siege of Arotsa and into the Undeath god's bar club.

"Kid, I never thought you could survive that long." The undeath god snickered.

"Yeah, neither did I. Guess that was it?"

"Yes kid. That was the end."

Another notification was blinking in the corner of Dave's vision.

"What will you do now, kid?"

"I have no idea to be honest."

"You should start by re-specing for now."

"Yeah, you are right.. Guess I'll still see you around sometimes?" Dave asked.

"Probably, we might meet again," The undeath god said.

"Thanks for everything Nick," Dave said and clicked on the notification.


Server Announcement!

Player Kis'Shtiengbrah has successfully completed the SS class Undeath Legacy.

Here he joins, the rank of the mightiest.

May his name be forever remembered in the archives of history!


Your class [Death's Apostle] has been changed to:

The unique class [Battle Lich].

Several of your skills have been changed. Please carefully read the class description.

You have earned


Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up