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272 Mr.Skeletals endeavor

 Dave slew enemy soldiers left and right. His black sword was coated in red blood. His mare was a warhorse, unfaltering while facing a sword or the noise of battle. It kicked and bit at any escaping soldiers while Dave finished off the stragglers.

The enemy commander ordered a fresh line of soldiers to go and assist the retreating ones. When Dave noticed that his troops were far away from the protective fire of the archers on the city walls, he ordered his troops to cease pursuit and fold back.

The enemy gathered together helping their wounded soldiers then blew a horn sounding a full retreat.

Dave's soldiers shouted in victory. They had defeated the invader once again.

Dave clenched his fist, brimming with excitement, Dave shouted, "For Arotsa!"

"For Arotsa! For the King!" the units around Dave all shouted in sync. Glorifying their country and their king.

Retreating back inside the city, Dave gave the command to burn the bodies of their dead and strip the enemy of their armor and weapons.

"Give me a headcount of the dead. Repair the spike walls outside and add some more."

Dave removed his armor, it felt heavy after today's fight. Relaxing in his ornate royal clothes, Dave sat on the throne waiting for the battle report.

Dementi, Dagla and Samael soon came to his presence.

Samael spoke first, "Your majesty, we lost 413 soldiers today. Fifty of them heavy cavalry, the rest were infantry units. The enemy dead count reached 8,000. Another victory your majesty."

Dave made quick math, the enemy had lost more than 16,000 of their army. Almost a third of the original 50,000.

"All the prisoners showed signs of the plague and other contagious diseases, your majesty. Should I release them?" Dagla asked.

"Yes, let them go when they come with to invoke the Law of War," Dave said.

Dagla and Samael dismissed themselves. Leaving Dave with Dementi alone in the throne room.

"What is it Dementi?"

"I believe that the Vinlandians will try to secure water from another water source and food from somewhere else. In two days, the advantage we had will be gone."

"I know that Dementi. I will order a few of our units to infiltrate the enemy ranks and spy for us. We can know by then the supply routs the Vinalndias will take and we can raid them then."

"Yes, your majesty."

"That's all?" Dave asked.

"Yes, your majesty. All the archers were safe in the last fight, other than that, I have nothing else to report."

"Very good, you are dismissed," Dave said and waved for Dementi to go.

He was once again alone in the throne room. Not long after, a knight in plate armor entered the hall.

"Your majesty, we did as we were told. The contaminated prisoners were escorted back to the enemy base."

"Good job. Keep me updated with the status of the knights who were charged with keeping an eye on these prisoners. Put them in a quarenteened area and see if they show any signes of fever or vomiting."

"It shall be done, your majesty." The knight dismissed himself.

Dave stood up from his throne and walked to the palace porch. His soldiers were working hard. They took the corpses of their comrades from the field outside the city and took them to an area where they did a mass cremation.

Dave checked the timer in-game. He was logged in for 48 hours In-Game. He opened the game menu and pressed the log-out button.


Your current progress in your legacy quest will be saved. You can continue your quest after your log back in starting from this point in time.


Dave disappeared from the throne room and woke up in his hotel room.

He picked up his phone and called Ralph.

"S'upp bro."

"Oh, You're still alive."

"Not cool bro," Ralph groaned.

"C'mon, you know I'm just messing with you. So how did it go?"

"Nothing much, man. Just a regular talk over dinner, you know."

"Yeah, I've been there," Dave said. He had a similar dinner with the Silvanas. Those old guys sure had fun on his expense with all that teasing.

"This guy is really interested in you, you know," Ralph said.

"Sorry, not into old dudes, or dudes in any case."

"Ah, you broke my heart man. You got no love for old Ralph," Ralph said in an exaggerated sad voice.

"Nah, you know I love you, bro." Dave chuckled.

"Ha! Nah, Tivo was talking about the game. Said he wanted you to work for him now you got your skellies back."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that out. But no, the boyz aren't some mafia goons. They are mine and I'll never use them to benefit someone else's interests."

"Loyal to your boyz I see. What you up to right now Dave?"

"Doing a legacy quest. Have to fight an army man."

"Damn, can I join? Would love to get some EXP before the eastern region raid starts, which is in two days."

"Sorry bro. Would have invited you if it weren't a solo quest."

"Bummer. Wish you luck with that shite. Gotta go, Caitlin is waiting."

"You're still with her?"

"Yeah, taking her out again. You should call Zoe and we can make it a double date."

"Date? Weren't you a 'free agent' a few hours ago?"

"Tivo can be pretty convincing..."

Dave frowned, "Did they make you do something against your will?"

"No man, it's not like that. You see, this guy might be from the Mobs, but he doesn't act like them. He has principles, well that's what he called them. He told me that he liked how I treated Caitlin. And liked it more because me and you are friends. Said something about men with character hang out with each other."

"Don't know all about that man. Those guys are dangerous."

"Well, no harm done yet."

"Just be careful man."

"Thanks bro, don't worry about it." Ralph hung up.

Dave went to his phone to order dinner but thought for a second and picked up his phone dialing Zoe's number.

After a few rings, she picked up.

"Yeah Davey, What's up?"

"Nothing much. Was thinking if we should grab a bite somewhere."

"Yeah sure, I'll come over in a minute."

"Alright, cya," Dave hung up.

Dave took a quick shower before Zoe came. Brushed his hair and put on the dinner jacket that he wore the day he went to dinner with the Silvanas.

Dave heard knocking coming from the door of his hotel room. Opening the door, he saw Zoe all dressed up for the night. She wore a night-blue short dress and a hand-bag of matching color.

"Where are we going tonight?" Zoe asked.

"Don't really know, why don't you choose?"

"You know it's best if the guy chooses the date location."

"Not a fan of all that 'dating rules' stuff. Also, you would know more about the best spots to have a bit in the city than I do."

"Touché. Let's go, I know a good restaurant."

"Lead the way," Dave said.

Zoe smiled and crossed her arm under his then led them both out of the hotel.

A purple car was parked right outside the hotel Dave was staying at.

"The Lambo this time," Dave said.

"Yeah, it's the best to ride in a New York night. Hop in."

Dave sat in and buckled his belt.

Zoe stomped on the accelerator, the car roared as it swerved between cars, sliding through the busy streets of New York. Aside from a few moments when Dave felt he was about to die, he was mostly numbed to Zoe's suicidal driving style.

Soon, the purple Lambo stopped in front of an old antique shop.

"We're here. Zoe said and walked out of the car.

Dave stepped out saying, "This doesn't look like a restaurant."

"You'd be surprised. Come." Zoe crossed arms with Dave and led him into the shop.

Shelves filled with statues, clocks and random objects lined the walls of the shop.

A middle-aged man sat behind a counter in the antique shop. When he saw Zoe, he pressed o a button under his desk. A row of shelves slid into the wall revealing an entrance that goes deeper into the shop.

Zoe took Dave through the entrance. Inside, there were a few dozen tables where many costumers were sitting enjoying a dinner under candlelight.

A waiter came over and led Zoe and Dave to an empty table.

He handed them the menu and waited for them to take their orders.

Dave didn't understand a word of what the restaurant was offering, the whole menu was written in French. Leaving Dave in a dilemma.

Zoe didn't take a single look at the menu and said, "I'll have Soupe a l'Ognion as an entrée and Coq au Vin, with a Souflé au chocolat for desert."

The waiter turned to Dave. After a moment of awkward silence, Dave smiled "I'll take the chef's recommendation."

The waiter nodded at the two and walked away.

"Hey, I don't want to sound like an ignorant but what the hell did you order?"

"You'll see. This is a French cuisine restaurant. They have some good stuff."

"Man, I hope there's nothing slimy in it, I heard they eat slugs and frogs," Dave said, shuddering.

"It is a delicacy in France, but don't worry, they don't serve that here."

The two chatted as they waited for the food to come. Dave talked about his quest this morning pulling Zoe's full attention toward him. Engrossed in their talk, the waiter had already brought over the food. Zoe's was served three dishes, one with cheese coated bread dipped into an onion soup. The other was a duck's leg dipped into a wine soup, and finally a spongy soufflé in chocolate.

Dave's menu was, surprisingly just regular stake and wine.

"When are you moving into your new house, Dave?" Zoe asked.

Dave took a bite from the stake and said, "Probably tomorrow or the day after it. I want to finish my legacy quest first."

"Neat, Karen told me she already equipped your penthouse with quality furniture. She sent me pics, wanna see?" Zoe asked.

"Nah, I wanna see it with my own eyes."

The two of them kept chatting as they had dinner. When it hit eight PM, the lights in the room dimmed even further. A small orb rose up in the middle of the dining hall and projected the CCN logo in 3D.

"I totally forgot about that," Zoe said.

"What's going on?" Dave asked.

"CCN is broadcasting you reviving the undead legion!" Zoe said

"Oh right, this should be interesting."

"How does it feel being a celebrity, Dave?"

"In case you didn't notice, Mr.Skeletal is the celebrity, not me," Dave said.

The CCN 3D logo morphed into the face of a smirking bearded draugr.

The holographic video boomed with a loud explosion sound. Displaying a field filled with the sound of battle. Undead and demons were fighting a deadly battle. The video actually started from the fall of the legion.

It began with Dave going to destroy a cannon and how he used the cannon to destroy the Ash King's throne tower.

When the Ash king tried to kill Dave, the Undead King came to his side. The fight with the two monarchs brought shivers down the spine of all the people in the dining room. Most of them ignored their food and were watching the fight intently.

The scene switched to when Dave was talking to the Undead King above the bone palace. The Ash King came over to fight and the Undead king took him head-on. The Undead king showed great power as he fought the ash king to a retreat. Then suddenly the Archangel Nathaniel appeared tipping the scales in favor of the Ash king. The two fought and defeated the Undead King, which in his death, all the other undead died along with. This cleared up the confusion on how the undead disappeared from Conquest.

Suddenly the scene switched directly to Dave inside King Ashkar's tomb. Dave was smart enough to not send the part about Urburg. Otherwise, the whole world will know that there is a city in the Wilds.

The adventure continued from the Tomb of Ashkar. The face of his party members was mosaic-censored, so no their identity was not revealed. The flesh dungeon was so disgusting it made the people in the restaurant give up on their food, but not the adventure.

The dungeon run was shown from Dave's POV when he was in the dungeon. The fight with Ashkar brought great excitement to everyone in the room. The scene switched again when Dave was back inside the Underworld. He rode on Grumpy, gathering his troops and revived his first undead. Dog. Dog then revived Samael who began hacking away at the Demons plaguing the Dead Realm. An hour later, the scene had changed to Dave placing the Death Heart in its rightful place, bringing the mad king back to his senses and sparking the appearance of the Conquest Server Announcement about the return of the Undead.

The video was three hours long, but surprisingly, no one felt bored watching it. It was an amazing display of skill and perseverance that the draugr showed to revive the legion. It gave the audience a sense of heroism. One man against the odds managed to bring back the entire legion due to his ceaseless and brave efforts.

Dave was also watching with interest. He even thought about where he could have done better and judged himself for some idiotic decisions he made.

A female announcer appeared as the broadcast ended.

"Hello everyone, I hope that you enjoyed our adventure with Mr.Sekletal. Tomorrow tune in on a detailed analysis of the battles that happened by some of Conquest's leading figures and game experts. On another note, the European Guild will broadcast their own conquest of the East through our CCN channel. We will be doing a live feed of the raid. We hope to see you soon. Thank you all for watching and have a great evening."

By the time the video ended Dave had already drunk several wine bottles and alcoholic drinks. The room began spinning and Dave was not feeling well. Suddenly everything turned black.

Groaning, Dave stretched, he was back in his hotel room wearing only his boxers. Hangover and headache overcame him. The last he remembered was being with Zoe in a restaurant. Suddenly his eyes perked wide open. This situation stank of Deja-vu. He removed the covers from over the bed. Taking a deep breath, Dave felt relaxed and somewhat disappointed that there was no naked girl this time under the covers.

"Alright, time to get back to the game."