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248 Undead Supermacy

 Dave appeared back in Urburg. He knew the voice chat was working again because he could hear his friends talking over it.

"The dragon's gonna make getting back to the tomb tough," Fortress said spiritlessly.

"Skelly is overdue to respawn. Why isn't he back yet?" Flanker asked.

"He just leveled up to 321. Somehow he killed the boss!" Perfect said.

"How? That boss one-shotted two S tier legacy holders like it was for shits and giggles."

"Hey guys, I'm back," Dave spoke up. They couldn't see it, but he had a big grin on his face.

"Mah man! How'd you kill that boss, Dave?" Ralph asked.

"I can't give away my secrets, padawan," Dave said.

Mercy interrupted the banter, "Now that your quest is finished I have to go. The Eastern Kingdom raid starts soon and I have a contract with the Devastators. I need to get to their HQ ASAP."

"Mercy is right, I need to get going too. I'm leading a unit in the Easter campaign," Ralph said.

"We'll be going to the Eastern kingdom together then. How exciting!" Tess clapped.

Dave asked, "You got recruited for the Eastern conquest campaign?"

"Yeah, with the Devastators. Too bad Schmoopy's level is below their minimum or I would bring him with me," Tess answered.

"Awww, that's okay honey bunny, we'll go conquering in the next big event," Fortress replied. Which caused the two lovebirds to forget everyone else and enter their own little pink world.

Flanker snorted at the scene, "Despite that nauseating display I need to eat. I haven't had a bite in forever."

"I'm going to log out too, guys. It's too bad we didn't get much EXP out of all that, I would have liked to level up some," Perfect said.

"I'm in a show tonight, so I have to get ready. Dave you should come, I'll get you a couple passes," Demeri smiled at Dave and logged out.

Lone coughed and said, "I'm going to go too."

The party disbanded and Dave was all alone again.

Dave looked around, the quest said he needed to go to Urberg for the next part of the chain. Well, here he was in Urberg, looking for or waiting for whatever to happen.

"Hey kid," the familiar young sounding voice of the God of Undeath came from behind Dave.

Dave turned to see the punk kid deity leaning against the teleport gate. The juvenile delinquent was using a knife to clean his fingernails.

"You got something for me, kid?"

"Yeah, I do. And stop calling me kid!" Dave removed the vial from his inventory and handed it over.

The punk god smirked, "The Miasmic Aether was one of Ashkar's most important discoveries, it's absolutely essential for reviving the Undead."

The God of Undeath snapped his fingers. A wisp of black smoke gathered around his hand and solidified into a black crystal the size of a baby's fist. The last remaining fragment of the Death Heart. Then the god of undeath poured the vial of miasma over the crystal. The crystal vibrated and became translucent as it absorbed the liquid.

"Just one more component," The Undeath God whispered to the stone in his hand. He squeezed the crystal and it disappeared.

"That's all you needed? The ring absorbed a lot more Aether than that," Dave said.

"Yeah, I'm surprised you scavenged enough for both the ring and the fragment. You don't just find that crap lying around anywhere. Good job kid."

"So, what now?" Dave asked.

"Now I need a Corrupt Bloodstone crystal."

"Bloodstone. Is that the stuff from the Burning Pillars bloodstone mines in the Underworld?" Dave asked. If it was he didn't know how he was going to get to the Underworld to do the quest.

"Oh good, you already know the place."

"Sure, I owned a castle in that same area."

"That's your next task. Go get me a corrupted bloodstone crystal."

Dave looked at the juvenile god like he was crazy, "I can't go to Underworld. Access to it was sealed off when the Undead were wiped out."

"Pish, have a little faith kid, I AM a god after all. I can get you to the Underworld. You just get me a corrupt-bloodstone crystal." The undeath god waved a hand and a black vortex materialized within the arch of the Urburg teleport gate.

"Okay..." Dave trailed off as he looked into the churning vortex. He was familiar with such vortexes, they were the portals that led in and out of the Underworld.

"Are the corrupted bloodstone crystal crystal different from the regular bloodstone crystal?"

"The corrupted crystals materialize from the hardened blood of monsters just like the bloodstones, but only if the monster was corrupted while it was still alive. Go kill some corrupt monsters and hope one of them drops what I need," the punk god waved a hand, blowing Dave off his feet and into the gate before he could ask anything.

He landed on his ass in the Underworld. Before he even had time to get up a notification appeared.


Legacy Quest Update (chain quest)!

Quest 2/? : Get the Shiny

Quest tier: SS

Required Level: 300

Recommended level: 400

Note this is a single player quest (NPCs are allowed to assist or join you on your quest)

The Undeath God has tasked you to obtain a Corrupt Bloodstone Crystal. Due to how difficult they are to find; you have been advised to create them instead. Killing corrupt underworld beings has a low chance of dropping Corrupt Bloodstone Crystals.


Dave waved away the notification and looked up. He didn't think he'd miss the dark skies of the Underworld and its broken moon so much.

"Ah, it's good to be back," Dave said.

He tinkered with his character options, the Undead Race options were grayed out.

"Alright, I'm a step closer to fix that clusterfuck Alfred did. Papa Dave's gonna bring you back home soon Boyz." Dave pumped himself up.

The Underworld was as large as the world of conquest and Dave didn't know where in it he was exactly. He opened his map and saw that he was in a known area, only a few hours away from the Burning Pillars. The Red Fortress was there and so were the bloodstone mines.

There was a blinking marker on his map, he clicked on it

Dave climbed up a steep hill, the marker's location was just beyond it.

"Infinite Stamina is so sweet! I don't have to worry about exhausting my character anymore,".

Before he even got to the top of the hill,growling sounds came from the other side. Dave climbed up carefully and when he reached the top hes peeked from over the hill.

Dave grinned wide when he saw what was under the hill. He jumped up and slid down the hill calling out to the group.

At the foot of the hill were basilisks and paladins. HIS basilisks and paladins! When the basilisks recognized Dave, they came running toward him and gathered around him in a circle, their tails wagging.

Dave recognized Dog's basilisk and scratched under his chin. "Hey buddy, I am working on reviving your rider, just hang in there."

The basilisk, as if it had understood what Dave meant, nodded, its tail moving faster.

"Welcome back Commander," a female voice came behind Dave.

Dave turned, the Unholy priestess, he almost rushed over to hug her. "It's good to be back, but we still have a lot to do. The legion is counting on us to revive all its members."

Dave made a quick head count, seven basilisks, thirteen unholy paladins and one unholy priestess.

"We will be heading toward the Red FortressTwo paladins ride on each basilisk," Dave said.

As he was about to mount up on Dog's basilisk, a loud growl echoed from behind Dave.

Dave turned, the black basilisk that had growled at Dave was pushing away two paladins and looking at him meaningfully.

"Commander, this is the alpha and he will only carry you."

Dave chuckled and patted Dog's mount, "Sorry buddy, you just wait for Dog to come back. I'll ride grumpy over there to keep the peace."

Dog's basilisk almost seemed to huff and nod in response.


You have obtained a new mount: Onyx Basilisk, level 550 (Bonded Combat Mount)

Attention! The level of your bonded mount (onyx basilisk) has been adjusted to match your own level.

Onyx basilisk (combat mount) level 321.



The onyx basilisk, your bonded combat mount, has accepted the name "Grumpy," as bestowed upon him by you.

Your affinity with Grumpy, the onyx basilisk, has increased to level 2/7

P.S The basilisks were once used as mounts by the bravest, or most foolish of warriors, so they are not considered to be wild monsters by the system. To gain your mount's full loyalty and bind them to you, you must reach an affinity of seven (7).


"Da fuck? Another mount?" Dave tilted his head.