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229 Way of the Sekiro



Level: 360

Base damage: 32,00-40,000

HP: 360,000

DN: 30,000

MA: 20,000


[Berserk] A passive Skill. When HP drops below 50% base damage increases by 10% for every 10% HP lost, attack speed is doubled and gains the effect Unflinching.

[Battle roar] when there are four (4) or more tribe members nearby, each gains 20% to base damage for 60 seconds.


High orcs are considerably stronger than the average human, though this is offset by a general lack of cerebral traits. Their warlike culture means that all of their kind are well trained in the use of various weaponry. The high orcs prefer large two-handed weapons that deal as much damage as possible in the most painful of ways.


Dave did a quick head count, there were six high orc tribal warriors along with a chieftain and a shaman in the back. The chieftain was a larger version of the warriors, but with better armor including a horned helm and he wielded a massive double sided battle axe. The shaman was shorter than the other orcs, about as tall as a human. His face was wrinkled like a dried up raisin and he carried a staff with an antlered skull on top. He also had a string of fist sized beads dangling around his neck.

Dave made up a quick plan and shouted it to the others, "I'll generate the threat level first, then Mercy will take down of the Shaman and Blaster you go for the orc chief. Everyone else stay on me, I'll tank and you guys nuke the orcs one by one, focus your attacks and stay together."

Mercy shrugged, normally she didn't do parties or take orders from anyone. But she mostly agreed with Dave's plan. Take out the enemy caster first and keep the enemy leader busy while the rest of the party whittled down the peons.

"What about the threat levels? As soon we engage in combat we'll be the priority targets we'll easily OT you." Mercy said.

"I can do enough damage, don't worry about over-threating me, just keep the chief and the shaman off me," Dave said confidently.

He sprinted toward the closest high-orc and activated [Stampede], slamming into the big warrior.


The high-orc staggered back.

"Nice hit," Blaster called out. He was already running toward the chieftain anticipating Dave's increase in threat level.

Dave activated [Aura]. Flames billowed around him like a fiery twister, burning the group of orcs. The orcs screamed in high pitched pain as they burned, but they still managed to keep Dave hemmed in.

Dave whistled, activating [Double Edge] and used [Vertical Slash] to escape the burning orcs.

The terrifying Minghocao worm emerged from the ground, mouth first as usual, engulfing a huge part of the battle area. Earth, rocks, trees and orcs, all tumbled into its gaping, fanged maw. The king worm spat the hapless orcs out and turned back on itself, disappearing under the earth again, burrowing down to its home in the depths. It wasn't a game-ending move, but Dave's threat level had jumped, he alone was now the target of every orc's aggro.

"That's it, I'm the top threat. Go!" Dave said over the chat as he raised his tower shield to block a clubbing attack from one of the orc warriors.

Mercy went into [Stealth] and moved toward the orc backline where the fur wearing shaman was standing, waving his staff and chanting. The assassin appeared behind the magic-using orc and stabbed him in the kidney, stunning him and interrupting his cast. Mercy's hands blurred as she continued to slice and dice at the orc's back, her dagger slashing deep into the armorless shaman's flesh with every strike. Massive damage values appeared in a stream of bubbles above the orc's head.

The chieftain simply ignored Blaster's approach and ran at Dave instead as he used [Battle Roar] to bolster his warrior's mettle. Ralph chased after the berserker chieftain. The orc leader swung his battleaxe the moment he was in melee range of Dave. But Blaster activated [Silent Resolve] to transfer the chieftain's aggro onto himself, giving Dave the opportunity to escape from the level 420 high orc.

Two of the five orc warriors, a spear wielder and a club swinger, sprinted at their highest priority threat target: Dave.

Fortress hurried to Dave's side and raised his shield, setting himself to tank the coming attacks. The warriors swung and stabbed at Dave without slowing but he activated [Block], nullifying the attacks.

Lone nocked and shot one of the orc warriors in the arm, causing the orc to drop his club and Perfect used [Twin Shot] shooting two arrows at once into another orc's eyes, blinding the pig snouted monster.

Dave shouted more instructions to his party, "Fortress, just stop your orc from hitting me. Everyone else keep harassing the other warriors. Spike, you stay out of the fight for now."

Dave continued his engagement with the spear wielding orc while the rest of the party used their crowd control abilities to keep the other orcs from swarming Dave.

The spear wielding orc lunged, overextending with his weapon. Dave sidestepped and stomped down on the shaft, grounding the tip and jerking the orc warrior off balance. Then Dave used the opening to shove his flamberge deep into the orc's exposed neck.

-60,668 [Critical!]

Dave was surprised at the amount of damage he'd done. A notification popped up and Dave skimmed through it while dodging the orcs' blows.


You have successfully performed the martial skill [Mikiri Counter]

[Mikiri Counter] is now added to your Fist-Fighting style.

[Mikiri Counter] A dexterous skill allowing the user to punish enemies who use stabbing moves, a correct use of Mikiri Counter exposes the enemy's vitals for a follow-up riposte.

If [Mikiri Counter] is executed perfectly, the next attack on a vital organ will have a 100% critical chance while completely ignoring the target's armor value.

Conditions of use:

Can only be used to counter an enemy's thrust attack.

User's strength must be equal to or higher than the target's.

Cooldown: None.


Your Fist Fighting Style has leveled up!

Your base damage when using fist weapons has increased by 10%.

Skills: [Advancing Dragon], [Dragon Awakens], [Dragon Kick], [Rising Dragon], [Infernal Tornado] have increased in level and damage accordingly.


"Neat," Dave waved away the notification and focused on the fight.

Dave retreated from an orc's club swing as Fortress held his shield up and activated [Block], nullifying another strike aimed at Dave's back .

"Thanks, Fortress" Dave shouted as he continued to dodging the spear orc's attacks.

Then a club-wielding orc landed a blow on Dave's ribs, he staggreed from the hit, grunting in pain.


A bright white aura surrounded Dave relieving the painful grinding in his ribs, letting him breathe again.


Dave's HP started rising slowly, Flanker cast [Regeneration] on the party.

All five of the orc warriors cut off Dave's retreat. Dave was about to use [Immortal Apparition] to move away from the enraged orcs when he received another buff from Flanker.


Your agility increased by 20%

Your stamina regeneration increased by 20%


Dave dodged the incoming weapon swings and used [Shield Charge], slamming into one of the orcs and knocking the warrior out of his away.

Escaping from the circle of orcs, Dave lead them on a merry chase, through and around trees and other obstacles in the forest.

The party members assisted Dave by attacking the orcs chasing him.. Although the players didn't deal any damage,they were still applying various status effects from their crowd control abilities, slowing the orcs and reducing their damage output.

Demeri played fast rhythmic music on her harp.


Bardic Song of Courage


Stamina consumption decreased by 20%

Strength increased by 5%


"What's the situation Blaster!"

"Gimme a sec, this bastard is tough," Ralph groaned. The chieftain was using the other orcs nearby to his best advantage. Whenever he used [Battle roar] the chieftain gained an increase in damage so Ralph had to fight him very carefully.

Even while running from the orcs and keeping their aggro, Dave noticed Flanker at the back, guarded by Spike. He was rather impressed at what he saw. Normally Flanker blabbed continuously, like his life depended on the number of words per second he could vomit out. But, here, in the middle of battle, the Pervert Priest was focused and calm. His healing was mana efficient and his buffs timely and effective.

'Huh, a real Battle-Priest. It shouldn't be a surprise, the other two TNT wouldn't tolerate or coddle a total screw-up in their party.'

Demeri switched to a song with a slower tempo. The orcs chasing Dave slowed when the song reached them. The chieftain's attack speed was reduced enough that Ralph was able to dodge and land his own attacks with ease.

"Great job Demeri," Ralph shouted. He dodged a swing from the chieftain's cleaver and struck back at the orc's neck.

Even though the orc was bleeding profusely from the attack, he covered his bleeding wound with a hand and haphazardly swung his battleax at Ralph.


Your party member Mercy has slain

High Orc Shaman level 420


"Nice work Mercy, help Ralph with the chieftain, we can finish the scrubs after," Dave said after ducking under another sword swing.

With the shaman out of the fight. Ralph and Mercy could take care of the chieftain without much trouble. Hopefully.

When the chieftain noticed his shaman's death he drew in a deep breath and roared powerfully, a long baying howling cry rose over the forest.


The High Orc tribe has heard their chieftain's [Call for Retribution], informing them of the death of the shaman.

They are [Infuriated] by the loss of their spiritual leader

The entire tribe is coming to take their revenge.