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210 Hello There.

 Dave walked out of the treatment room hunched over, like he'd been kicked in the nuts. His face was pale. He was wearing the towel and still had a green facial mask on

"Looks like our champion survived the Olga package! Jasmin dear, bring him the hero's drink!" the hairy chested man said to the beautiful blonde woman who was tending to them.

"Right away. Mr. Ruster lay here please," Jasmin said.

Dave sat on an empty couch.

"That was horrible," Dave moaned.

"Try not to think about the pain kid, you'll feel better soon. Olga might not be nice but she has magic in her hands. Otherwise, she would have been fired a long time ago."

"Magic? I think she put all her points in Strength!"

"Ha, you play Conquest," said the hairy-chested man.

"Yeah, great game," Dave replied.

"We play too. We're in a guild, ironically it's called 'Kick-Back and Relax,' heh heh," said the man, waving around at his lounging friends.

Everyone laughed. Dave chatted with the older men to forget the burning pain in his nether regions.

The blonde woman came back and placed a drink on Dave's table.

"What's this?"

"It's an Orange Mocha Frappuccino."

Dave shrugged and drank it. The men kept talking and relaxing. Dave relaxed and started to feel comfortable. The pain from the Olga-package slowly turned to a pleasurable numbing and relaxing feeling.

A while later Jasmin came back and addressed Dave, "Miss Silvana has finished and asked me to notify you that she is waiting for you to finish."

"Alright, time for me to go."

Dave went back to the changing room to dress.

"Damn, it hurts..." he said as he put his clothes on.

Dave walked out of the Spa, Zoe was waiting outside, a wide grin on her face. "How was your spa experience."

"What goes around comes around, Zoe," Dave said.

"C'mon you enjoyed it, I can tell."

"No, I didn't. It was painful and in all the wrong places too!"

"But how are you feeling right now?" she said.

"Better than before to be honest but damn, did you have to throw me to the bear woman?"

"Hey Olga!" said Zoe looking over Dave's shoulder.

Dave jumped in fright. He turned but didn't see anyone behind him.

He heard snickering and turned back.

He glowered at Zoe, "I will get you for this!"

"C'mon it's just a little prank, ha! Let's go, you still need a haircut!"

Dave followed Zoe to a barber-shop and he got a trim.

After the barber, she started leading him off somewhere else.

"Zoe we gotta eat!"

"Alright, let's get steak! There's a nice place nearby.

They went to a restaurant.

"What would you like?"

Dave skimmed the menu and his eyes widened.

Zoe saw Dave's reaction and laughed

"Two A5 Kobe T-bone steaks, medium rare and a bottle of wine."

"The Chateau Lafite?"

"Yes, that was good last time."

"Very well," said the manager.

"What's the matter, you look like you saw a ghost," Zoe said.

"Almost half a grand for a steak. What do they feed the cows?"

Zoe giggled, "This restaurant serves only the best, the cows are grass fed. The A5 is always delicious."

They chatted as they waited for the food. A waiter came over with the dishes and neatly placed them on their table. Another waiter brought a bottle of wine.

Zoe dove in the meat first, attacking the meat like a starving animal.

Dave chuckled, "I expected you to be more of a veggies and salad person."

"I'm not a rabbit, I like meat."

After the steaks they had dessert and coffee.

"Ah, I'm stuffed! What time is it?"

Dave checked his phone, "It's almost three."

"Time to go back to the store, your jacket should be ready."

Zoe paid the bill, they left the restaurant and walked back to the Armani store.

Vincenzo met them in the back.

"I just finished the trousers and jacket, try them on."

Dave put everything on; shirt, dinner jacket, pants, shoes, tie and accessories.

"You look dashing!" Zoe gushed.

Dave looked at himself in the mirror and was impressed.

"Let's head home." Zoe said.

"Didn't you say dinner was at six?"

"Yeah, daddy is still isn't home yet. We can hang out there until he gets back."

"What about your mum?"

"That's long story," Zoe said somberly.

Dave didn't pry.

Zoe drove them to a highrise in Manhattan. They got out of the car and Zoe threw the keys to the valet.

They walked through the front door and took the elevator all the way to the penthouse.

Zoe pressed her hand to the security scanner and the door opened.

"This is home," Zoe said.

Dave followed Zoe in into a modern living room with two sofas and a marble coffee table. A gigantic TV screen hung on the wall, a 3D fireplace under it.

"Make yourself at home Davey. No one is here, my father and uncle Sam should be back soon. I'm going to change. Be right back."


Zoe left Dave alone in the living room.

Dave looked around carefully holding his hands in close, afraid he'd knock something over. He sat down on the sofa uncomfortably and tapped his foot on the floor, waiting for Zoe to come down.

'Ugh, I wonder what's taking her so long.'

He leaned back in the couch and felt something push into the back his head. Dave looked back to see the muzzle of a gun pointed at him.

A man in a dark gray jacket was smiling down at Dave from behind the gun.

"Hello there. Nice jacket."