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 "OUCH!" Dave shouted. "Easy please!"

"Quiet down, you are acting like a girl. You have a lot of tension here." The woman said, her oily hands pressed hard on Dave's shoulders.

Dave's face became red from the exertion.

"I said relax!" said the woman. Her hands tightened on Dave's shoulders making him see stars.

'I will get back at you for this Zoe!'

"What's this?" the masseuse said as she was releasing tension from Dave's right hand.

"Car accident."

"Nano-tech?" Olga asked.


"Your right leg too. The scars are faint, did you break your bones?"

"Yeah, like I said a car accident. Several fractures all over my right arm and leg."

"Let me help you with this,"

"Hey! I really don't want you breaking anything! I paid a fortune to get that fixed!"

"Shut up, this is my job I know what I am doing," the woman said.

Her tough and strong arm actually became gentler than feathers as she massaged Dave's hand. Slowly pressing between Dave's fingers and specific areas on his palm. Dave felt relaxed. She switched back to his leg and did the same, releasing tension that built up over the last days.

"This type of massage should improve blood circulation in the damaged areas. Your leg still needs time to heal. You should come over regularly," Olga said.

'Like hell I would!' Dave didn't want to voice his thoughts afraid she could bring him more needless pain.

Olga slowly traced the vertebras on Dave's back then said, "Alright, your spine looks strained let me help you with that."


Dave spasmed like he was electrocuted then laid limply on the bed again.


"Shut up."



"We're just getting started!"



Dave was screaming his lungs out, while outside the room, the men who were relaxing shook their heads.

One of them was drinking a mojito, he raised his cup toward the room where Dave was in and said

"Raise your drinks! Toast a hero!"

Everyone followed the lead holding their drinks to Dave's misery.

Olga went through several bone-snapping and cracking moves. Dave felt like every bone in his body was struck with a hammer and every joint was dislocated and placed back.


Dave shouted through grit teeth.

"It is!" Olga said.

"I bet it is enjoyable! FOR YOU! I don't want this!"

"Stop being a baby! I am almost over; two more joints and we will go to the next thing."

"What thing? There are more things! Please have mercy! What did I do to deserve this?"

"What a wuss," Olga snorted as she pressed her fingers on his spine's middle vertebra.


Dave's face turned red, he felt numb.

"Hey! Did you break something?! I can't feel my lower body anymore!"

"Stop whining!" Olga said as she slapped Dave's butt.

A resounding slap echoed through the room.

"OI! Sexual harassment!"

"See you can feel that! Now lava rocks. You should enjoy this."

The masseuse went over to the sand bath and grabbed a rock and placed it on Dave's back.

Dave instinctively moved his back from the sudden heat.

"Stay still!"


"You will get used to it!" said Olga as she placed another rock on Dave's back.

He could swear he heard the sound of skin sizzling from the heat.

After Olga finished placing the rocks she said to Dave.

"Stay like that for a while, I will go prepare your bath. Don't even think of removing the rocks, or else I will come back and strap you to the bed."

Olga left the room leaving Dave to his demise.

Dave waited for a while alone in the room. Just as the rocks started to cool off, Olga came back in.

"Your bath is ready," Olga removed the rocks from Dave's back. he stood up begrudgingly.

Dave had the towel on covering him, his back stung every time he moved. He felt his spine was on fire too.

"Not enjoyable, not enjoyable at all..." Dave followed Olga out.

The men stifled their laughter after seeing Dave's condition.

"Hang in there buddy, you are almost done! HA!"

Dave followed the bear woman to another room. Inside it, there was a square pit with mud in it. There were other men all enjoying their own mud pits.

"Get in."

"Wut? You said bath, this is mud!"

"Yes, mud bath! Now get it," Olga said, "There is more to go after this."

"I think I would do better with a regular bath, this looks disgusting."

Olga frowned then yanked Dave's towel, he yelped and covered his privates with his hands.

"Hey, what are you-"

Olga didn't care for Dave's protests and shoved him into the mud pit, face first.

"Don't let mud get in your eyes, stay there for 30 minutes I will come back soon."

Dave slowly sunk into the mud tub, it was heavy and viscous. He found his movement restrained.

"Hey buddy, just relax," said a young man who was in a nearby tub.

"This, how the hell is this relaxing?! And what's up with that woman?!"

"Ha! You shouldn't have chosen Olga."

"I didn't! I got pranked, how the hell can she keep her job here anyway? She is damn brutal!"

"Well, everyone is like that the first time they get Olga. But you will understand why after your run is over with her. Just hang in there. She might not be the gentlest, but she is the best. Believe me, I also did the Olga package..."

The young man laughed.

"Ugh," Dave was feeling sticky and discomforted from the mud going through many, many unwanted places.

"Is there more of this torture to go?"

"It depends on what treatment you chose, tell me, you didn't choose the full package right?"

"Yea, well it was chosen for me."

"Ouch, then sorry buddy there is a lot more to go...I advise you to man up for the Brazilian wax, ha."

"Brazilian wax? What's that?"

"It's not like regular wax, this thing, it removes every hair from hard to reach areas on your body, slowly, thoroughly and most importantly painfully!"

"You are not helping here, bruh!" Dave said.

The thirty-minute wait ended soon and Olga came back to take Dave to take a shower to remove the mud.

When Dave took the shower, he felt comfortable and relaxed. But that didn't last for long. Olga came and took him to a hot wax bath

"Stay inside it, when it hardens I will come and get your out."

"This is melted wax, this stuff is really hot. Do you really hate me this much!"

"I have no idea what Zoe sees in you. You've been whining and acting like a girl since the moment you came it."

"Sorry, I've never been used to 'LUXURY' I hate it!"

"Just get in the tub, it's not that hot. It should help open your pores."

"Alright, don't shove me in this one... I can go down myself," Dave said. He slowly felt the bath's heat with his leg's thumb.

"Damn this is going to hurt," Dave said. "Ouch, ouch, ouch!" Dave slowly sunk down the hot wax bath leaving only his head up.

Dave stayed in the wax tub for a while until it started cooling off. A wax crust formed on the top of the tub and Dave finally started enjoying the bath.

"Damn, this is getting better," Dave enjoyed the warm wax pressuring on his body.

When the wax fully hardened, Olga came over with a towel "Get up, let's get you washed up."

Dave stood up from the bath cracking the wax and shattering it, he put on the towel and followed Olga back to the shower room to remove the remaining wax off himself.

When Dave finished washing up, he saw Olga waiting for him with a smile.

"Follow me," she said. Olga took him to another room with a massage bed in the middle. Next to the bed was a small brown ball on a plate.

As Dave was wondering what was that thing olga spoke.

"Time for the Brazilian Wax treatment lay on the table," she had a wide grin on her face. Dave didn't like it one bit.

"Hey, I don't have any hair on my chest you see, so there is no need for this wax thing, even my back doesn't have a single hair in it!" Dave said backing away from the huge woman.

"Oh, this is not for your chest or back hair," Olga smiled "Towel off!"

"Wait, what? NOOOOOOO."