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208 Olga sweet sweet Olga...

 Zoe and Dave walked out of the men's shop.

"There's a good spa close by, we can walk to it."

"This was just supposed to be dinner with your dad, not it's like I'm meeting my future father-in-law for the first time."

Zoe blushed, "Let's just have some fun!"

"I really need to get some breakfast first."

"They serve food there, don't worry," Lone said.

As they walked along Madison avenue, Dave looked in the shop windows. There were a variety of brand name shops, clothing, electronics, jewelry and of course there was food everywhere.

They walked for several minutes until Zoe finally stopped at sign that said Bella Body Spa.

Lone opened the door and they entered. The attractive young woman at the reception desk greeted them warmly.

"Hey, Christina."

"Welcome back Zoe! Shall I set you up for your usual treatment package?"

"Yes, and my friend is here for one also, it's his first time."

Christina looked at Dave then back at Zoe and they smiled at each other. Dave felt like he was missing something.

He asked, "You're a regular here?"

"Of course, this is the best spa in the borough."

"If you would just sign in to the registry here, sir. What package would you like to try today Mr. Ruster?" the woman asked. She opened several brochures that listed and described individual service and bundled prices.

"Is Olga available?" Lone asked


"Then give him the package!"

"Olga? Hey Zoe, why are you smiling like your uncle, I don't like it when you smile like your uncle."

"Nah, don't worry. You will be in good hands!" said Zoe, 'VERY STRONG and good hands!' she thought.

Dave thought that he should probably stop teasing her with the boyfriend thingy.

"Alright, you may go I reserved your caretakers for you," said Christina with a laugh.

The two walked through the long hallways and stopped at the end. There were two doors one for the men and one for the women.

"Go, Davy, Olga should be with you soon."

"Can't I come over with you? Don't leave me alone!" Dave went overdramatic acting scared.

"No silly, this is the women's, section. Don't worry everything will be alright!" Lone said and went in the women's section slowly closing the door.

"Ugh," Dave shook his head and opened the men's section door.

Inside, there were several couches with men wearing towels sitting on. They were relaxing and enjoying the treatment. Some had cucumber slices on their eyes and a green facial mask.

Dave found an empty couch and sat waiting to be served.

"it's a new kid," said an old man who sat next to Dave. The man had wild and bushy hair on his chest.

"Hmm?" another man took off one of the cucumber slices off his eyes and looked at Dave.

"You are new here, sit back and relax kid, you will find it enjoyable."

Dave's lips twitched, he never liked being called a kid. And it reminded him of a certain thief.

"Who's taking care of you today?" asked the man closest to Dave.

"The woman at the reception said her name was Olga," said Dave with a shrug.

When Dave mentioned the name, the room went silent, even a pin drop could be heard.

"You said Olga?" the hairy chested man asked Dave.

Dave nodded, he didn't like where this was going.

Everyone in the room looked at Dave with pity in their eyes. Some even shook their heads.

"Olga for his first time, why did you ask for her?" the same man asked.

"Well, I was here with a friend and she recommended her. Is she that bad?"

"Well, I wouldn't say bad, she is very thorough," said the man stifling a laugh.

A beautiful blond woman in a white uniform came over toward Dave. "Are you mister David Ruster?" the woman asked in a melodic voice.

When Dave saw the woman, his mood lifted up. She didn't look that bad what's the worst that could happen?


"Please follow me, I will take you to your room to start your course."

Dave happily followed.

One of the men shook his head and said, "Who wants to bet how long the kid will last?"

"Nope, not taking that bet." The hairy chested man laughed.

"Nah, I don't take losing bets!" another man said.

The rest of the men all went back to their relaxed position laughing at the fate of the poor kid.

The blond woman walked in front of Dave and opened the door to a small room. There was a massage bed in the middle. There were several rocks placed on white sand, Dave could feel the heat coming from the sand.

"Could you please wait a moment before Olga arrives?"

"Hu? You are not Olga?"

"No, but don't worry just relax and enjoy your session." The woman smiled and left Dave alone.

Just as Dave was wondering what was going on, the room's door opened again. A woman, much taller than Dave and definitely much wider than he was entered. She had pony tailed blond hair, and a huge mole on her cheek. She didn't look pretty nor did her bear sized arms.

"Remove your clothes! Get on the table!" the woman said in a gruff commanding voice! She had a heavy russian accent.

"Yes!" Dave yelped.

Dave slowly removed his clothes, regretting ever coming over.

"Hurry up! or you want me to remove them for you!" the woman said, she put oil on her hands. "Your underwear too!"

"You know the visual you're giving right now is VERY, VERY WRONG!" Dave said trying to retain whatever dignity he had.

"Stop with the nonsense and get over the table! We will start with a muscle relaxing session."

Olga cracked her oily knuckles.

Dave gulped, he removed his pants and shirt, as for his underwear he made sure to cover himself with a towel before removing them.

"Good, lay on the table."

"Okay boss! Please be gentle!" Dave said in a womanly voice.