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196 We dont need no stinkin plot armor!

 The slender numinous being, hovering in a globe of holy-light, built along the same scale as Drahma. Clad in pearlescent white and glowing gold armor, its eight rainbow-feathered wings wafted gently to keep it aloft. The golden spear in its hand was pointed accusingly at the Undead King.

"Foul un-Dead THING. Your Time of Reckoning is NOW!" the angelic creature thundered in what sounded like the voices of a choir singing hymns. Then it released a ray of white energy from the spear, attacking the Death Heart.

The Undead King teleported in front of the white light. He whirled the light-eating sword, creating a black disk that consumed the light. But holy entities had a great advantage over the undead.

When the angel first appeared Dementi, Dagla and Samael immediately tried to go to the aid of their king.

"Oh no, little poppets, you are going nowhere without my leave!" Vreek said. He waved his hand and three armored Undead Knights burst from underground. They each attacked one of the Abyssal Knights, stalling and hampering their intentions to help their liege.

The Undead King roared and swung his sword shattering the angel's white-light attack. He shouted at Dave, "Kis'Shtingbrah! Take the egg! Escape!"

Dave grabbed the egg and placed it in his inventory, he was about to tear a teleportation scroll when he felt heat growing from behind him.

Dave turned to see the Ash King behind him fire shooting form his spear toward Dave's back.

The Undead King teleported, this time he was slower and wasn't able to block the attack so he pushed Dave aside and the spear pierced through the King's shoulder, crippling his arm.

"Such a fool! You sacrifice yourself for a lowly minion!"

"As I would for any of my Children!" The king pulled the spearhead out of his shoulder, pushing the giant Ash King back.

Dave was at a loss, he didn't know what to do in this fight. Everyone around him was hundreds of levels higher than him.

The angel joined the Ash King, both attacking at once.

Dave moved back, he was scrolling through his skills to see if he could help somehow.

The Ash King threw his spear but the Undead King batted it away with his sword, which let the angel land a blow on the Undead King.

Dave used [Dragon Ball] and shot it at the angel only for the Ash King to inhale sharply and suck the attack into himself, consuming the fireball.

"Delicious!"The Ash King gloated, then exhaled a blast of flames at the Undead King.

The Undead King resisted the flames and jumped into the air to fight the Ash King.

"Damn! I only made things worse!" Dave didn't know what to do.

The Angel used the opportunity to strike the Undead King from behind. He thrust his spear into the Undead King's lower back and flung him across the sky. The Undead King crashed on the Death Heart cracking it, a small piece shattered off.

The Undead King was riddled with wounds now, his wounded arm slumped uselessly at his side, his chest had a large hole in it and most of his armor was charred black. His sword was several feet away from him.

But the king didn't despair, he laughed feebly as he slowly stood up and he turned to face Dave. Hidden in a hand was the small fragment from the Death Heart.

"Even if my legion falls today," the Undead King tossed the crystal to Dave, who grabbed it reflexively, "WE SHALL RISE AGAIN!"

The Black Heart Rotated rapidly, and more cracks appeared. The Black heart dissolved into a vortex of black energy and poured itself into the Undead King. The king breathed in the black energy and his body radiated an umbral glow, like a black hole as it consumed every iota of light in the world.

The Undead King grew in size, his arm and the holes in his body mending. Leaping at the archangel grabbed on in a bear hug. The King's body sizzled as holy met unholy the king's eyes turned red, and a berserker-like madness took over.

The angel squirmed in the sky, barely able to support the added weight of the undead king.

"Foul THING! Release ME!"

The undead king laughed hysterically as his body burned in the holy light coming from the angel. The Ash king was at a loss, if he attacked the Undead, he would burn from the light and his fire would hurt the angel. While the demon hesitated, the undead king opened his mouth and bit one of the angel's eight wings, ripping it off with a jerk of his head. Bloody rainbow-feathers fell from the sky like leaves.

The archangel lost balance and they plummeted to the ground. The archangel landed underneath the the undead king who had his sword in an overhand grip, swinging down at the angel's face. But the demon threw himself at them and tackled the undead away from the angel.

The undead king went sprawling to the ground, his body corroded from contact with holy light. The angel was in no way better off, body was fighting the corruption of undead ichor, the holy light dimming.

The Ash King flew like a lightning bolt at the Undead King and they exchanged a flurry of blows. The Ash King speared through the Undead King's abdomen, but the latter didn't flinch, he stepped forward shoving the spear deeper into his own stomach, grabbing the ash king by the shoulder he threw the demon to the ground and pinned him down. Then the undead king struck down with his sword, cutting off one of the Ash King's demon horns. The Ash king let go of his spear, wailing in pain.

The angel had recovered enough to stand and shoot the undead king with another holy-light ray.

The undead king didn't try to dodge the angels attack, he took the hit and his entire left side disintegrated. He just grinned wildly and his remaining hand swung his sword. A void-making, reality-destroying black wave of energy shot out at the Archangel. The Archangel tried to dodge, but at that moment a nearby wendigo latched onto an armor-clad leg, pinning the angel down. Unable to dodge away, the archangel blocked the ray with all seven of its remaining wings. The attack scorched the feathers black.

The undead king laughed like a madman his body oozing ichor. He laughed and shouted, "FOR THE LEGION!"

Then the undead king's body exploded.

A wave of umbral energy shot over the whole city and out to the far horizon in every direction, its speed increasing as it moved farther away. As each undead form was touched by the wave it slowly disintegrated into specks of dark light.

The dark energy didn't seem to affect Dave. His ring of the Death God shone brightly for a moment then its light faded.

Dave was left alone in the entire Undead Realm. Facing him were the angel and the Ash King. But they were in a great deal of pain from the explosion of the Death Heart and the King, the energy had damaged them badly, they were both close to dissolution themselves.

Dave was at a loss, he didn't know what to do.

That was when the Ash King shook himself from his stupor and, disregarding the state of his health, he made to cut Dave apart, lunging at him. But a vortex opened behind Dave and sucked him in, taking him away from the Dead Realm.