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194 Oops! Sorry Not Sorry!

 Dave knew the Ash king's reasons for launching this attack on the legion were hidden, otherwise this attack would just be a stupid waste of lives. Or at least, The Ash King must have full confidence that he would be victorious.

Gale came up and saluted Dave.

"Lord Kis'Shtiengbrah, the cannons will launch another salvo soon, we need to stop them quickly."

"I know," Dave looked at the nearest canon. It was was a football field length away, demons were packed solid all the way and there was a Sworn Stalwart guarding the cannon. Even if the dunlords tunneled underground and bypassed the demons the Sworn Stalwart would massacre their entire group in seconds when they surfaced.

A dunlord burst out of the ground in front of them and the Death Knight riding it saluted Dave, speaking in a rush.

"Sirs! The horns will sound the start of the operation soon. Be ready to move on your objective."

"Okay. Matalan, Gale, Orn, let's go! Dog, wait here, you're too conspicuous on your basilisk," Dave said.

Dog shrugged.

"You can join the fight in the frontlines but don't get killed. Retreat if you run into trouble."

Dog nodded and rode off toward the Legion's frontlines.

Horns sounded across the battlefield, the signal for a Legion attack to start.

Undead cavalry riding armored undead boars burst out the city gates and charged through the ranks of the legion at the demons. Each boar was larger than a main battle tank and had long curved tusks wrapped in barbed wire.

The heavily armored riders wielded large lances, the speed of the boars increased with every stride. When they reached the front lines they overwhelmed the demon ranks, trampling demons in their path, clearing a great swath through the demons.

As the charge ended, the horn sounded again. The legion's backline regrouped back into square formations.

Dave was just starting to wonder why the city gates were seemingly left undefended when screeching, nails-on-chalkboard howls rose from within the city. Thousands of wendigos streamed out of the gates and loped toward the battlelines of the demons.

Drums started sounding from the demon camp in response to the wendigos appearance. Sworn Stalwarts moved forward from the demon lines toward the wendigos. The average level of the Sworn Stalwarts was higher than the wendigos but there were not as many.

The Sworn Stalwart guarding the cannon Dave's group was assigned to destroy moved away to help its fellows defend against the wendigos.

"It's time!" Gale hissed.

Dave urged his dunlord toward the cannon.

"Let's go underneath, hopefully with the Sworn Stalwarts fighting the wendigos, no one will notice us."

Stinger burrowed down, Matalan, Orn, and Gale followed behind him on their own dunlords.

Four mounds of rock and dirt moved in straight lines under the legion and Demons. Some demons noticed the ground tremble under them but didn't have the time to investigate.

Stinger broke through the rocky ground right next to the cannon. The twenty-strong demon gun crew were around the cannon, for a few heartbeats they froze in shock at the sudden appearance of the undead in their midst.

Then Orn and Gale charged at the demons, shattering the momentary lull. Matalan followed Dave as the draugr moved toward the cannon. A mid-level demon stood at the back of , holding a burning slowmatch and adjusting the cannon to aim it at the Undead city walls.

Dave swung his sword down at the demon's head, and Matalan thrust his sword into the demon's chest to finish it off.

"Plant the Frozen Souls, I'll keep watch. Hurry!"

Explosions started rolling across the battlefield. But not the familiar sound of cannon fire, instead the cannons were being destroyed, the heavy masses of metal tumbling and crushing through the demons around them.

Confusion swept across the demons.

Dave quickly planted the [Frozen Souls], spiking the cannon, the undercarriage and the wheels. Just as he was about to start the fuses on the [Frozen Souls] he had a crazy idea.

Smiling like a devil, he shouted. "Orn, Gale! Give me twenty more seconds! Matalan help me turn this thing!" Dave said.

Dave pushed against the cannon and Matalan joined him. They slowly rotated the cannon around to point at a new structure. The ash king's tower. Smirking, the draugr picked up the still burning slowmatch, stepped to the side of the cannon and touched the match to the vent of the cannon.

"Eat this, Bitch!"

The cannon recoiled with a blinding flash and deafening report. A moment later the top of the Ash King's tower blew apart, throne and all. The entire platform was turned into splinters and glowing cinders. Then, in a cloud of smoke and great cracking groans the tower collapsed. There was a moment of silence as every creature on the battlefield stared at the remains of the Ash King's tower in shock.


You have destroyed the Ash King's War-Throne (Demonic Army's siege engine).

The morale of the Undead Legion has been boosted.

For the next 60 minutes the Undead Legion will have:

+20% Damage to all abilities.

You have been awarded:

+5,000,000 CP

New Title gained: Pride of the Undead

Prestige +1000

New High-Tier Questlines unlocked!


"Holy shit!" Dave had no idea his stunt would be that rewarding.

He didn't receive any EXP, so it was doubtful that he'd killed the Ash King.

Every undead on the battlefield had a red aura, the power buff from Dave's stunt. Orn and gale were fighting a bitter battle with the remaining demon cannon crew and guards, but they were laughing hysterically at Dave's success.

"Let's go! I'm gonna blow the cannon!"

Orn and Gale nodded, they each grabbed the demon they were fighting with and threw them tumbling into a last group of incoming demons. Then they ordered their dunlords to burrow underground.

Just as Dave was about to follow them on Stinger, an explosion of infernal fire came from the remains of the tower. The Ash-King made his presence known in his real form, a demon as large as the half-broken tower itself. A demon who was looking in Dave's direction.

The Ash King zeroed in on the cannon that had destroyed his conveyance and the draugr standing near it.

"You again? Undead lickspittle! I will destroy you and the Legion!"

Dave gulped hard, "Stinger-bro, get us outta here fast!"