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184 Deadly Checkers

 Living Failure

Level 200

Base Damage: 10,000-15,000

MA: 6,000



Skills: [Strangle] The living failure uses its bandages as a weapon wrapping around an enemy snaring them for 2 seconds.

Once a man, now something between death and life. The Black Skull Order experimented on many people to find a way to change the undead 'curse' in order to abuse the curse's power for their own gain. This is one such failed attempt.

"It isn't that strong." Lone  raised her bow and readied a [Breaking Shot].

Lone shot the bandaged corpse and sent it tumbling off the square to fall into the ice spikes below, which killed it immediately.

Lone leveled up.

"Good EXP!" she said, "I wish more of them would drop for us to farm." Just as she finished her words more corpses started falling. Some missed the ice squares and fell directly past the 'chess board' to the ice spikes below. But most of them landed safely on ice squares. They were effectively surrounded, corpses on all the squares around them.

Dave heard cracking under his foot. The ice square they were on wouldn't hold for much longer.

"We need to move to the next square fast!" Dave urged.

They jumped to the next square. This one had two of the Living Failures on it. Dave used [Spectral Skull] blowing the corpses off the square. The square behind them cracked and shattered. Which seemed to set the square they were standing on off, it started making pinging and cracking sounds.

Another corpse dropped onto their square , while corpses on other squares started converging on them.

"Move!" Dave said. "I got this!"

Lone and the old man leapt to the next square. The old man switched his weapon to the spear form and ignited it. A Living Failure lunged toward him, Jura dodged the lunge and embedded the fiery tip of his spear through its skull. Using the spear as a lever Jura swung the body around and off the square into empty space, letting it fall off his spear to plunge to its death.

Dave took care of the Living Failure with a few punches, knocking it off the square, then joined his companions.

More corpses fell from the ceiling, both near and far. The ones that fell on other squares immediately moved toward the square they were on.

Dave noticed that the Living Failures were ignoring Drahma and the trolls. All of the corpses that fell on the squares converged toward them.

"We need to hurry up! That many bodies will break the squares we haven't reached, cutting us off, leaving us with nowhere to go. "

Lone shot [Bombarda] at a cluster of Living Failures that were blocking their way through the next square. When the arrow exploded, The Living failures were thrown off the square, but the explosion caused the square to shatter.

"Shit! Sorry!" Lone said.

"There are still two more squares we can take, "

There were fewer corpses converging on them to their left so it wasn't hard to choose which way to go next.

Two Living Failures waited for them on the next square, Dave used [Stampede] and crashed into them sending them falling to their death.

Lone fired [Arrow-Shard Barrage] at three Living failures that blocked their way forward.

"This is a great EXP grind, but the risk of falling is too high!"

"We can't keep this up," Dave grunted out a they jumped to the next square, "Lone, destroy the square we just left while I lure the Living failures down another path. If we split them, we will have fewer enemies to worry about. I will rejoin you after we've whittled these guys down to manageable levels!" Dave said.

Lone fired a [Penetrating Shot] that destroyed the square behind them and sent three of the bandage wrapped horrors falling into the spikes below. The corpses farther back had to detour around the gap to follow them.

Dave jumped to a square and moved to the next one. He used [Spectral Skull] on the square he stood on, snapping  his fingers to detonate the glowing bombs as he jumped to the next. More Living Failures died. Dave was crossing diagonally toward the edge of the board ten ice squares away, pulling a train of Living Failures followed him.

Lone mimicked Dave, destroying every square she crossed. And whenever she encountered a corpse on another square she needed to cross through, she used [Bombarda] or [Breaking Shot] to send the corpses to their doom.

Dave lured a large group of corpses farther away from his friends, then he stomped, activating [Death Surge] and cracking the square he was on. He used [Death's Descent] to jump to safety just as the other corpses walked to the cracked ice square. The corpse's weight hastened the disintegration of the square, shattering it and bringing the corpses down.

He jumped to another square, when he landed the square cracked, threatening to burst. Dave used [Immortal Apparition] and appeared on the square Lone was at.

Every squares Dave had crossed was shattered, forcing the corpses to take a longer way around to chase after him. This gave the three the chance to move at a safer pace toward the largest square in the room where Drahma was fighting.

The Living Failures no longer chased after them. On the opposite side of the large square was the troll tinkle, they were...watching the fight, some trolls even sat down as they clapped and cheered.

Drahma was fighting a humanoid, beating it to a pulp. Dave was close enough to inspect the figure. It undead wearing a black veil. Drahma brought down his "Paste Maker" on the undead repeatedly without breaking the ice he was standing on.

Valqer the Sorcerer

Level: 350

HP: 222,558/ 350,000

MA: 30,000

DN: 10,000

Base Damage: 30,000-40,000

Right hand to the lich Vreek, leader of the Black Skull Order's second division.

Drahma brought "Paste Maker" down on the battered undead, shouting in a terrible voice: "WHERE IS HE? WHERE IS VREEK?!"

The undead replied with a fireball aimed at Drahma's chest. The fireball popped harmlessly against Drahma's tough skin. The big guy was incensed. He went full hulk-smash on the undead, grabbing the sorcerer by the leg and smashing him back and forth on the ice square.

The undead tried ice magic, lightning magic and fire magic on Drahma, but everything bounced off the giant' like he was immune to magic.

Drahma took the undead sorcerer in one hand and squeezed, the sounds of bones breaking echoed through the room.

The giant brought his captive up close to speak to him, "You won't talk to me? That is fine, but you WILL talk and it will not be as pleasant as I would have made it. Delvina! He is yours, take him!"

A vortex opened in front of Drahma and Delvina appeared from within. She looked up at him and they seemed to communicate somehow. The giant brought his hand down, opening it to reveal the undead, writhing in pain and trying to escape. Two death knights came out of the vortex and took the undead from the giant's hand. Delvina nodded to Drahma and the vortex disappeared.