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 Dave inspected the monster.

Ice Troll

Level: 250

HP: 300,000

Tier: Epic

Damage: 15,000-30,000

DN: 5,000

MA: 2,000


[Ice Domain] turns the area around the troll into an ice domain, benefiting from increased attack speed, regeneration and a 50% increase in defensive values. Lasting for 30 seconds. Ice Domain becomes a passive Skill when the troll is in a frozen environment.

[Ice Pillars] summons pillars of ice from underground doing 20,000 Damage. The ice pillars are sturdy and hard to destroy.

[Subjugate] steals 10% of a target's current, HP, MA, DN over 10 seconds and increases the troll's size proportionally. For every 1% HP loss. While Subjugate is active the troll's attack speed increases by 1%.


The troll race is known to have a staggeringly powerful vitality. They can survive the cruelest environments and live in the most dangerous areas of the world.

"Those are some badass skills."

Just as Dave finished his words, he could hear the troll whining again from within the ice.

"Should we release him?" Dave asked the old man.

"Eh, I would rather not."

"Are they hostile?" Dave stepped back.

"Not hostile exactly," the old man mumbled, "More like...annoying."

"If it isn't hostile we can't leave it like that. Look at the poor thing. It's SO FLUFFY!"

Dave looked at Lone for a second then rolled his eyes.

"Do what you want, I wash my hands of it. Just remember, if you release the troll you will be responsible for it." The old man grunted.

"Alright, what's the worst that can happen? If the troll turns hostile I will just convert it to a nice chunk of EXP, I only need a little more to reach level 290."

Dave pressed his hands against the ice wall. His Sworn Stalwart's gauntlets were inherently fiery hot. The moment the gauntlets touched the wall, steam burst away from them and cracks spread across the ice. The ice melted slowly, but Dave didn't want to strike the ice, afraid he might hurt the troll and turn it hostile. He activated [Aura] and a surge of fire erupted, increasing rate of the melt. Ice continued to turn to steam and water, billowing out and pouring across the floor.

Just as the ice melted away from the troll's face Dave disabled [Aura], not wanting to to singe him. The troll smiled as its face was released and started shaking its body. Ice cracked faster and fell away in shards, releasing the troll from the prison. The ice troll leapt out from the ice block and began jumping around and dancing. Howling and screaming with joy.

"He looks happy." Dave stepped back a little, not knowing if the troll was going to turn hostile or not but prepared either way.

The troll looked around, searching for something. it ran toward another nearby ice block and rammed into it. The troll was thrown back, but the block of ice had a big crack in it.

"What is it doing?" Lone asked.

"It's going to release another troll. Look, the whole area is all troll ice-cubes ."

The ice troll shook his head and dizzily stood up. The damage from the impact was nothing to a troll, it recovered almost immediately. The troll stomped its foot and an icicle rose from the cavern floor. He lunged at the stalagmite of ice, shattering it at the base where it came out of the ground. Then the troll hefted it like a giant club. The creature laughed jubilantly and started whacking away at his target.

It took the troll less time than Dave' to release another troll. When the two trolls were released, they started doing a tribal dance and howling. The second troll repeated the first's trick with the ice pillar and went to work on another ice-block.

"They are your problem." The old man was clearly in a sour mood.

"Why? These guys look like they're having fun. You DO know what fun is, don't you old man?" Dave smirked at the Eskimo guy.

"Stop calling me old man. I am only 330 years old! My name is Jura!"

Dave didn't know if the man was joking or serious.

"Okay. Jura it is. Why is it you don't like these funny guys?"

"You'll find out soon enough." The old man grumbled.

A few moments later, eight trolls came back toward the three adventurers. the red maned troll approached Dave, towering over him. He looked at his friends and pointed at Dave. It spouted some incomprehensible words and started howling.

All the trolls followed the red maned troll's lead and howled, then rushed at Dave, their stomping steps shaking the ground. Dave tried to step away from the incoming stampede but wasn't fast enough. The trolls surrounded Dave and grabbed him, they started throwing him up and then catching him repeatedly like some sort of folk hero or champion.

Dave was surprised at first, then started laughing.

"HA! You look like you are having fun!" Lone said.

One of the trolls heard her, he turned, grabbed Lone and threw her into the circle with Dave to enjoy the fun.

When the troll made to grab Jura too, he made a hasty retreat, causing the troll tilt its head in confusion.

The troll smiled and stomped the ground. An ice pillar rose behind Jura. Jura tried to escape but the troll stomped again. Another pillar blocked his path. The troll laughed heartily and stomped some more, imprisoning Jura in an ice cage, then it grabbed the hapless eskimo and threw him into the ring of 'party' trolls.

"God damn it!" Jura cursed as the trolls threw the three up and down celebrating their release.

The first troll howled and pointed toward the door on the other side of the cavern. All the trolls joined in the howling, then they all started running toward the exit while continuing to throw the three up and down.

"HA! This is fun!" Dave laughed.

"HIGHER!" Lone shouted.

"Damn trolls!" Jura grumbled and cursed.