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159 Rencounter

 "Steel! Where are you bro."

"Grinding with a party in the Crimson Monastery. What's up bro?"

"That Death-Stroke guy, he logged back in the game. He's in Moria. Come help me gank that sob."

"No can do, man. I'm healing for my party. I was just promoted to the Devastators main guild, I can't mess this up. You're level 360, you shouldn't have any problem handling a lowbie. Kill him and get that legacy. Then we can do your legacy quests together."

"Alright, I bet those fucking Devastators will regret kicking me out when I show up with the legacy."

"Man, be honest. That was your fault, your party wiped so many times because of the way you played, only looking out for yourself. The guys I'm working with now are professionals. But whatever, I'm sure when you get the legacy they will invite you back, or you can just apply to another guild."

"Yeah, whatever. I am on my way to Moria, I'll let you know when I finish. Maybe"

"Good luck Breaker," Steel disconnected.

The paladin snorted, "Asshole!"

Bone Breaker was in a mountain range near the Devastator's capital, he used a scroll to reach the Capital Square where he could use the teleportation gate.

He inputted the Moria teleportation code and paid the fee to teleport there.

In the distance, he saw an enormous 'Kill' painted on the clouds, like the Bat-signal in those old flat movies. This was one of the Kill-Order's gimmicks, it displayed the bounty's location for all to see.

Bone Breaker smiled and ran toward the 'Kill' sign.


Dave and Eleanor had appeared in Moria and he had seen the huge 'Kill' sign above his head. He knew Bone Breaker would soon be hot on his tail. Not to mention the other players that would be after the 'free' 10,000 gold bounty on his head.

Dave didn't care about it anyway. Afterall, he was in a city, he had one hour of safety during which no player could attack him.

If any player attacked him in a city, the guards would immediately appear and help Dave against them. The guards were always 50 levels above the aggressor and they always came in threes.

That was a Death sentence to anyone foolish enough to cause trouble in the city.

Dave led Eleanor toward the marker on his mini-map. There was a mansion inside the city where Eleanor was supposed to take up residence.

In the northern part of the city was a three story Victorian mansion with elaborate gardens, all surrounded by a high wall.

When they were near the gates a paladin came rushing toward them from the opposite direction.

Dave tilted his head a bit as he recognized the paladin, though he was wearing much cheaper, 'lower' quality, armor and equipment then when Dave had last seen him.

Dave chuckled, he was the reason the paladin was wearing cheap equipment.

After he conned Bone Breaker and his pal into giving him the adamantine filaments the paladin must have been short on funds and sold his better armor to scrape together the money for the Kill-Order.

"How are you at level 275!?" Bone Breaker's shock was evident.

"What do you want here, buddy?" Dave moved to stand in front of Eleanor to protect the NPC, confronting Bone Breaker.

"You damn bastard, you stole my Legacy quest!"

"I don't know what you are talking about mate. You should leave while you still can."

"You bastard, did you forget that it was me that leveled you up when you were just a newb. Now cut the crap and give me my Legacy back!"

Dave gave Bone Breaker a derisive look and ignored him. He went to the gates of the mansion and knocked. Bone Breaker was incensed that Dave just ignored him. Following the other Player he grabbed Dave and pulled him back around to confront him.

Dave was frowning but before he could say or do anything Alfred appeared.

"This behavior is harassment, I advise you to remove your hands from the other Player. This is your only warning. Next time the guards will deem you an aggressor and will act accordingly."

"What the hell are you saying Alfred! This is the guy who stole my Legacy!"

The butler looked at Dave for a moment and one of his eyes twitched. For a moment his form pixelated, then it regained its integrity.

Dave didn't understand what was going on with Alfred. It was as if the AI was glitching.

Alfred spoke haltingly, "The Player did not break any rules. The loss of the Legacy was your own doing. Anymore illegal actions and the guards will come and deal with you."

Then the AI disappeared.

Bone Breaker drew his sword and prepared to attack Dave. The paladin either wasn't listening to what Alfred said or he just wasn't very smart.

"Even if somehow you really are level 275 I'm still going to wreck you and take my Legacy back before the guards show up!"

Okay, so it was both. Not listening and not smart.

Bone Breaker started with a [Shoulder Dash], trying to knock Dave off-balance.

Dave sidestepped the charge and cast [Spectral Skull]. Two spheres of glowing white light appeared and exploded against Bone Breaker's side, staggering him.

Bone Breaker gawked at Dave and his tag changed to the red of a PK, a Player Killer.

Dave was even more surprised because the animation of the spectral skull was completely different, no long red glowing skulls.

Death's ring must have changed the skill's animation.

Dave used [Stampede], sending Bone Breaker sliding across the ground until he smacked into the estate wall.

"C'mon bro, you are being a prick. What's done is done. I have no idea about any Legacy. That crap you pulled at the Desolate Temple was not cool. I would have left if you had just asked me to, instead you tried to kill me like I was some scrub. Everything that happened is on you. Now piss-off.

"Nevermind, stay right there. The guards are here for you."

Three guards appeared in front of the mansion's gates and struck at Bone Breaker, insta-killing him.

Dave didn't even bother waiting to see him die. He just led the princess through the mansion gates when they opened.

"Your magnificence, we have prepared lodgings for you. There will be a banquet in your name to introduce you to the people of this city. Our king has tasked us to help you with all your needs."

Eleanor ignored the man and walked into the mansion without a word to Dave.

'Jeez. What an ungrateful royal pain-in-the-ass she is. The king is better off without her.'

You have completed the task given to you by the Undead King


The butler turned to Dave.

"And who are you, sir?"

"I was tasked with bringing the princess here."

"Then you have no further business here. Please leave, this area is prohibited to commoners," he sniffed, head tilted back as he looked down at Dave.

"Whatever you say, bruh," Dave left the mansion.

'I should call it a day, I have been playing for a long time. I need to get some rest. Tomorrow should be the day I am discharged. I will need to get myself a new place to stay.