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157 Somethins Up.

 They moved far into the east of the Underworld, the location of the next Raid Zone should be close.

They encountered several more packs of painted dogs. But none were as big as the one they'd fought before, at most there were a couple hundred dogs in each pack.

They mowed through the packs with ease and killed every last one, getting more EXP and exacting a bit more revenge on the three-headed pooches too.

The EXP was shared between the undead, so Dave didn't receive a lot, but it was a relatively safe way to slowly level up as he didn't need to risk his neck like any other player.

Dave reached level 270 now, he was closing in on the higher-level players at a fast pace.

The regiment moved further into the black desert, climbing over many different seized duns.

When they were atop the dune, the scene opened up exposing what lay beneath.

"Lay low!" Dave gave the order and the regiment hid behind the dune.

Dave walked up slowly and took a look at what was beyond the dune.

There was a city of an incredible size sprawled in the sand. The city was ancient and gave an eerie feeling to it.

It was surrounded by walls that were at least thirty meters tall and ten meters thick.

Every one hundred meters there would be a watchtower with flames on top lighting the area.

The city looked alive from the distance, many houses had light shining through their windows.

And in the middle of the city was an enormous Pyramid.

This Pyramid was an extravagant creation. It had a layer of gold atop a layer of rocks making it and on the top was a red jewel acting as the tip of the pyramid.

"This must be the third Raid Zone, I need to report this, but let's do some scouting first. Unit four, five, six. Go around the city locate all entrances. If you spot any combatant units do not engage in battle." Dave gave the command and the three units dispersed.

Bud nudged his dunlord and got closer to Dave.

"I go in, see, and report numbers...troops. Enemies and weapons."

"You can infiltrate?" Dave looked up and down at bud's massive size.

"Yes," replied Bud then his body blurred and turned to smoke.

"Shadow-Ghoul," Dave lightly smacked his forehead for forgetting that his Ghoul had consumed the body of the shadow-tiger and gained the ability to become stealthy.

"Alright Bud, be careful,"

Bud grunted and disappeared from atop the dunlord into a puff of black smoke.

He headed rapidly toward the city.

As Dave waited for the units to finish their inquisition a notification popped up.

The Time set for Auctioning the Conquest Right has ended!

A 110,000,000 Gold coin has been accredited to your account!

Dave stared at the notification for a moment.

His mind was a bit unable to come to term with the numbers he was seeing.

"One, two three. Nine figures...that's...110Mils, oh...okay..."

The shock effect didn't dissipate until he received a phone call. He subconsciously hit the answer button the was woken up with the s

"Daveyyyyyyy!!! Dinner on you!"

"Yeah, on me, on me. Tell me, who got the Right? I am still in the middle of doing something and didn't get the chance to see the news, was it the Devis?"

"No no, it's a new faction! These guys were crazy, the price stagnated at 70mills but they bumped it up all the way to 100mill, the Ragers actually wanted to purchase it and added another 1mill, only to have these guys raise the stakes to 110Mils."

"Guys? Who are they? It must be a powerful guild to have such financial backing."

"Yea, it's a European company, they have invested a lot, and used the chance when they bought the Conquest Right to announce that they were recruiting players to conquer the Eastern Region, the conquest will begin in one week from now. Heck, they even asked players from other guilds to join. They promised great rewards to all who join in on the raid. You need to log into the forum. Their add is all over the place," Lone said in a single breath.

"Alright, I will. I will still have to finish up some stuff here."

"Okay Davey, but man you promised to take me with you and you are still having fun alone," Lone whined.

"Didn't you say you had your Legacy Quest to complete?"

"Yeah about that, I got some clues but I need to be at least level 300, and I have yet to even reach level 150, its super hard to level up alone, even with parties it sucks. Most of these players want to do dungeons only, no open world hunting and every time I am invited to a dungeon party, its full of idiots. No teamplay, and every time one of them get us wiped!"

"Alright, I will take you with me next time. If it's just exp I don't think it should be a problem, I am level 270. So it shouldn't be hard to level you up a bit in the underworld. You still have the Scroll I gave you?"

"Yes, I still have it."

"Good, when I finish this raid, I will take you to grind in the underworld,"

"Another raid? At this pace, you will conquer the whole Underworld in no time!" Lone joked.

"I am receiving another call Lone, I will have to hang up"

"Oh, could it be Mrs. Ruster?"

"Nah am already talking to that," Dave joked then immediately realized what his words meant.

Lone was surprised from hearing that and Dave hung up. Faced flushed and feeling awkward as heck.

Dave accepted the second caller as he realized it was a familiar number.

"Ralph, you old bastard you finally remembered that you have a friend."

"Oh buddy, how are you doing?"

"Doing great buddy, so what brought this sudden call?"

"Well you see, euhh Anna had mentioned that she met you at Moya a couple of weeks ago and spoke to you about the High-School reunion thing,"

Dave frowned at the mention of his ex then said "Yea, what about it? I told her I wasn't coming."

"Nah bro you have to go, major things are happening right now,"

"Like what? And isn't that for another month or so?"

"No, you see the Guild heads had agreed to give a helping hand to the Europeans in conquering the East."

"What does that have to do with the reunion?"

"Just hold on bro, the thing is the conquering of the East will take a lot of time, at least a month or so, and many of us won't have the time to attend the reunion if we are enlisted in the Conquest. Everyone then agreed to get the reunion rescheduled. So next Friday I will come to pick you up from Moya."

"Bro, I told you I don't want to go meet pompous children all flashing their brand clothes and talk about what they did during the last years we parted. Common bro, you know me, I was never one to socialize."

"Nah, I will be your wingman this time man. Heck you know Vanessa, I heard she dumped her boyfriend. And I heard that she had a thing for you back at high school, but cuz of you-know-who was sticking to your ass all day long she never got the chance to get close."

"That Vanessa? Are you sure?" Dave couldn't believe his eyes.

"Yep, man, at times you can be really dense, so what do you say?"

"I will have to think about it...Vanessa man? Are you sure?"

"Ha, yes man, now see you in six days, bro!"

Right when Ralph hung up, Dave noticed movement at the gate of the city.

"Looks like there is some action going on!"