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155 A grim situation

 The monsters couldn't penetrate the ranked Undead.

The dunlords were particularly resistant to the tri-dog attacks, but the less sturdy Undead were taking some damage.

"SWAP!" Dave gave the command and the undead at the front ranks switched place with the ones behind them in a smooth choreographed movement. This gave the Damaged Undead a chance to recover and the front rank were now fresh and ready to rumble.

"Heal the wounded!"

The casters shot hexes and curses on their brethren, healing them.

The corrupted paladins dispensed buffs and regeneration magic to the dunlords, who slowly recouped their HP.

Dave's EXP bar was increasing visibly, points added to it with every kill. Even though the EXP was split among the regiment, the hundreds of kills per minute was bringing in a steady flow of EXP.

A single tri-dog jumped over the others and the first rank of Undead. It was killed immediately, before it could do any harm. But then more monsters started using the same strategy, this put a lot of pressure on Dave's battalion. Both ranks were actively engaged instead of one active and one recovering.

'Damn it, they learn!'

"Don't let them breach the formation! Reserves form up as a third rank."

Dave threw an item far into the monsters massed around the regiment. It was a basilisk eye.

When they eye landed a yellow light flared out, freezing every dog within the AOE.

The tri-dogs behind and to the sides crashed into their petrified brethren, shattering their frozen bodies and killing them.

Dog's basilisk swelled up like a blow-fish and the fangs on its back exploded outward showering the wolves with a rain of fangs that killed many of the already wounded dogs.

The dunlords speared many of the jumping tri-dog in midair with their stingers.

Dave activated [Aura]. With his mana pool increased by the Death Knight armor bonuses he could sustain [Aura] for much longer and it dealt more damage per second since the damage was based on his maximum HP.

The Skill's pyrotechnic effects erupted from Dave's body and washed over the undead harmlessly, but the flames did damage the dogs, burning them to cinders in moments.

The three-headed monsters quickly learned to avoid Dave's part of the line .

"Dog follow me, the rest stand your ground!"

With [Aura] still burning Dave urged Stinger to charge out of the line and turn then continue to circle around the regiment's formation as he threw basilisk eyes farther out.

[Aura] was a great AOE tool to reduce the number of attackers. Dave was like a burning torch passing through dry tinder as he moved around the square incinerating the crowded mass of tri-dogs and lessening the pressure on the Undead formation.

Dog followed behind Stinger twirling his bone-whip and crushing the skulls of the unfortunate three-headed canines that came close enough to reach in the wake of Dave's [Aura] attack.

The Undead used the space created by Dave and Dog to recoup and recover, switching their positions at the front of the square, giving the more wounded Undead a chance to rest.

The healers were using up their Mana rapidly and Dave's aura didn't have a lot of time left before it would dissipate.

Dave started taking more damage as the dogs began jumping at him through the fire of [Aura] just to get a bite at him.

He was able to smack some of them away with his sword and block others with his shield, but there were just too many of the deranged canines.


He used [Immortal Apparition], jumping away from Stinger's back and landing amidst a concentrated group of tri-dogs.

The canine monsters were cowed by the Fear effect of [Immortal apparition], running from the angry draugr. But Dave used [Death Surge] imposing a 300% Damage penalty on fleeing enemies.

With his Death Knight flamberge and bonus stats Dave was dealing more than 30,000 HP in damage to every tri-dog within the 10-meter radius of [Death Surge] and the flames from [Aura] was a coup de gras to any injured tri-dogs.

Yet the flow of monsters wasn't slowing down. More and more of them came over the tops of the dunes. The situation was looking grim.

[Double Edged]

The giant Minhocao worm made another appearance and Dave jumped back with [Death's Descent], escaping the attack as the worm's maw engulfed the ground and every dog on it.

Dave landed in an area packed with the three-headed dogs and started massacring them right and left.

'The Underworld is not a pretty place! Where the hell did this pack of the ugliest dogs come from!'

Dave activated [Stampede] and made a path back to the regiment, recovering his usual perch on Stinger's back when he arrived. Just in time, as only moments later his Mana ran out, and [Aura] fizzled away to nothing.

Dave didn't see a way out of the situation. There were just too many monsters, attacking them too densely and too quickly.

There were no options left for him.

"Today is a good day to die! But I will go to my resurrection treading on these mangy hell-dogs' corpses! "