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153 A thousand Strong!

 The Undead that were promoted to captain changed in appearance.

Bud increased in size, his shoulders grew broader and his height increased. The hunched-over simian look of the ghoul was gone. Now he stood tall, straight and powerful, with a noble bearing.

Spark grew a head-full of --skull-full rather-- of living crimson flames. His robes transformed from dirty, worn-looking castoffs to a richer more refined and elegant design.

Dog the dullahan now emitted a dark aura of dread and his armor was heavier and more gothic looking.

As Dave walked by the dullahan was looking intently at his whip, bringing it close to his head which, as per usual, he held in a rugby carry under his arm. Suddenly the vertebra that made up the bone-whip snapped together with a series of clicks, transforming into a heroic sized bone great-sword. A moment later the spiked bone-sword separated into discrete vertebra, relaxing and lengthening into whip mode. Dog started switching the weapon from whip to sword and back, over and over.

Dave had stopped to watch the show, but after a few moments he decided to put an end to the dullahan's antics, "Dog! Stop playing with your...ahh, no, no, NO! I'm so NOT going there!

"Nevermind, Dog. You do you."

Aside from Dog's antics he was quite happy with his growing army, "Heh, I pity the fool who stands in our way!"

After the reviewing his troops he returned to the head of the regiment and addressed his officers.

"Good! I'm going to visit Delvina. We'll head out when I get back."

When he entered the Temple, Delvina was sitting on her throne with thirteen knights in dark armor kneeling in front of her.

The knights all had skull runes branded into their helmets.

On Delvina's right was a woman, her face concealed behind black veils. He knew who she was though, the priestess he'd captured.

"Kis'Shtiengbrah, you have returned. Excellent! Congratulations on becoming a Death Knight.

"These are your 'converted' paladins, they will now serve the Undead. Also Du'Rhaza left something for you."

She tossed a scroll to Dave.

"Thank you Delvina," Dave inspected the knights and the veiled female.

Unholy Paladin

Level 250

Hp 300,000

Base Damage: 15,000-20,000

DN 4,000

MA 3,500

Servants of the Undead, Branded and enslaved in service to the Legion.

They have no will or mind of their own. Though they are alive they are no better than the hollow undead.

Unholy Priestess

Affiliation: The Undead Legion

Level 200

HP 200,000

Damage : 0

DN :0

MA :0


[Mass Heal] Heals in a massive AOE of 30 meters radius. Restoring the HP of targeted units by 20% max HP instantly

[Restoration] Single target skill, it restores a target's HP gradually over time 1% Hp restored per second


Born to the holy church and raised solely to serve it, a pure and innocent maiden blessed by the Holy Touch of the divine.

She has been converted to serve the Dead, a far cry from her original purpose, but better than being offered to the Ash-King as a sacrifice .

"Delvina, I need more units. How can I recruit more troops."

"As I told you before young Death Knight, if you wish to procure more units just make sure you have the necessary CP available and requisition them."

"Oh, yes, that's right! Getting them now!"

Dave had a little over two million CP. He purchased 89 dunlords, which left him with a bit more than 300,000 CP.

He ordered every new dunlord to serve as a mount for the newly ranked-up captains with the exception of Dog, who had a basilisk as his mount. And Dave was not jealous about that at all, he really wasn't...okay, maybe just a little.

"Du'Rhaza loved your idea of using the dunlords as mounts. He even ordered saddles for them. You can get a set of 100 free saddles from the Shopkeeper, a gift from the Undead King," Delvina smiled.

Dave opened the unit purchasing panel but found that the option of purchasing dullahans grayed out.

"Why can't I get more dullahans?"

"Dullahans aren't regular units, they cannot be created and can only be found or evolved. You must seek those that fall in battle by decapitation, that have great anger and regret at their own passing. Your dullahan can revive them for you, and they will rise as dullahans.

"But be wary, the dullahan might revive something you do not wish to face."

'So only Dog can get me more dullahans. So far he hasn't revived anything but low-level skeletons and a super-draugr that would have wiped us out if the king had not intervened,'

"Thank you Delvina." Dave bid Delvina good bye and went to the shopkeeper to get the saddles.

Dave opened the scroll given to him by Delvina and read the letter.

Commander of the Red Fortress, Death Knight Kis'Shtiengbrah

I congratulate you on achieving Death knight rank and claiming your regiment.

You are now one of a thousand Death Knights under me my command. I expect to see great things from you.


You have been placed in the Division under command of Lord Du'Rhaza.

New Mission options have been added to your Logs.

As a Death Knight, you are entitled to a portion of land in the Dead Realm.

You have been granted lordship of the region [-3333 -6666]

A new option has been added to your interface.

Land Management

You can build and create a training ground for your units and a residence for yourself.

You will need building materials.

Most materials can be found at the undead shop or harvested from the land itself.

Dave tore a teleportation scroll and returned to the Red Fortress, his regiment acted as a companion and they all appeared behind him.

He led his regiment farther east and into the land of black sands where they had first seen the basilisks.

"The Third Raid Zone is just a little farther ahead, past this area."

Dave's Regiment had a thousand and two hundred units, Dave led at the front on Stinger, Bud on his left and Spark to the right. Dog followed behind them on his basilisk.

Behind the four leaders came the Undead Captains riding on the backs of dunlords, followed by the rest of the regiment.