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152 Chaos Runes.

 Dave carefully inserted the Chaos Runes, looted from the Blood Stone Mines, one after the other until all five of them were socketed in the armor. When he was done every piece of his armor had taken on a sanguineous glow.

Chaos energy imbalance!

Your body is suffering from the overflow of destructive energies from the runes of Chaos!

+300% Damage to all abilities

-1% of maximum HP per second.

Dave felt like his body was burning, as if he was being infused with enormous power, too much power. It was doing Damage to him each second.

Thinking quickly, he inserted the Azure Water Rune into the second socket on the breastplate.

The red glow around the armor lessened and he got a new notification.

The Azure Water rune reduces the damage caused to your body by the Chaos energies.

Current effects:

+50% damage to all abilities and skills.

The Azure Rune can be disabled at will.

"So, the Chaos Runes empower but slowly drain my HP. Adding the Azure rune the mix eliminates the damage from the Chaos runes."

Dave was impressed with the bonus from the runes and was tempted to try the added bonuses.

'I'm going to get a weapon and shield. The Gauntlets of the Sworn Stalwart are a great weapon, the damage from them is fixed until I unlock the scaling trait. I need something that does more damage now.

Dave went to Dikenz' Undead Shop. The zombie shopkeeper's eyes gleamed with greed when he saw Dave.

"Me fave-rit cust'mer! Welcome!" the Zombie said opening his arms and smiling to show off his gold teeth...along with the rotted ones.

Dave shook his head,"Buddy, I am your ONLY customer, at least until the expansion opens. Anyway, I need to gear up. So, show me what you got!"

"O'course, o'course! Anything for me most valued cust'mer!"

Dave received a list of the equipment and items the shop carried. He scrolled down until he found something similar to what he needed.

"I'll take the Tower Shield and the Death Knight's Greatsword," Dave told the Merchant.

"A fine choice, sor, a fine choice I say," the merchant gushed.

After Dave paid the shopkeeper 20,000 CP for the items he received the sword and shield.

Dave inspected the jagged bladed greatsword.

Category: Weapon

Death Knight's Greatsword

A flamberge greatsword, this wave-bladed sword has cut short many lives and always hungers for more blood.

Base Damage: 2,500-3,000


400 STR, 250 AGI, 250 DEX.

Level 200

Death Knight Rank

Bonus Abilities

[Mountain Cleaver] An attack reset. It can be used immediately after attacking with the sword from any direction.

If the attack is timed perfectly it ignores the Defensive values of the target and deals an additional 100% damage (30 Second Cooldown).

[Embrittle] Consecutive successful attacks against an enemy embrittles their armor by 2% per hit. Caps at 10 stacks.

When the [Embrittle] stack has capped, if the next attack is successful it will shatter the target's armor reducing their defensive values by 50% until the armor is repaired (passive).


A: STR Damage Modifier (In single sword Form)

Class. Epic

He inspected the tower shield.

Category: Shield

Death Knight's Tower Shield

This shield is like a bulwark of steel, it offers enormous protection and damage reduction from attacks and has excellent resistance to Dark Magic.


400 STR

Level 200

Death Knight Rank

Bonus Abilities

[Block]: Blocks single target physical and magical attack and fully nullifying their damage. 10 seconds CD

[Shield Bash] Stagger an enemy and causes Knockback effect. Deals 50% weapon damage. 30 Second CD

[Shield Charge] Heavily smashes the shield down and pushes forward negating all incoming attacks and stunning the enemy on contact for 2 seconds. 60 Second CD

[Dark Eater] Consumes 30% of dark magic abilities and converts them temporarily to increase the shield wearer's defensive value by 5% (30 second cooldown)

+2,500 DN



Class. Epic

Hmmm, it doesn't have any deflecting or counter abilities"

"Hey Dikenz, what other shields do you have? I'm looking for a smaller one."

"Aye, I do. But ye get no refunds for th' tower shield!" said the merchant sternly.

"No, I'm keepngi this one, I just need a smaller one."

The greed-gleam showed once again as the merchant picked out a Kite Shield for Dave.

"This should fit the bill just fine!" the merchant suggested obsequiously.

Category: Shield

Death Knight's Kite Shield

A light shield for the Knight who wants more maneuverability in a fight. It offers great resistance, defensive and parrying ability.


200 STR

Level 200

Death Knight Rank

Bonus Abilities

[Block]: Blocks single target physical and magical attack and fully nullifying their damage. 10 seconds CD

[Deflect] an attack nulling its effect and prepares the user to use [Counter-bash]

[Counter-bash] counters an attack after a successful and deals 10% of the damage in Flat Damage.

+1,000 DN



Class. Epic

"Yes, this is good!" He paid another 10,000CP

"Why don't these count as part of the Death Knight's set?" Dave was surprised the sword and shield didn't add anything to the armor set bonus.

"Yon sword'n shield not be part o'the Death Knight armor, they just 'ave the name. But they are mighty on their own merits." Said the Zombie

"Oh Dikenz, can I see the list of equipment for Doom Knights?" Dave had bribed the shopkeeper before, so he was pretty sure he could get a look at the Doom Knight equipment. Just so he can plan and prepare for when he ranked up again.

"Y'can. But, nothin' comes fer free, aye," said the merchant.

"How much?"

"A pittance really. Just one million CP,"

"That's daylight robbery!" Dave had already bought a lot of stuff for his battalion. No, not battalion, regiment. One thousand strong!

"That's the cost for just seeing em!"

"Nah, fuhgeddaboudit." Dave left the shop and tore a teleportation scroll and arrived at the Undead Frontier.

"Time to upgrade the units!"

Dave pulled the Upgrade panel and chose to upgrade his old battalion members.

Dave made sure his ten Elite undead were promoted to Undead Captains with their own units under them.