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147 Taming the Beas

 Basilisk skin

Basilisk Claws

Basilisk eyes [Consumables]

Venom [Rune]

200 Gold

He inspected the blue rune he dropped.

Venom [Rune]

Adds poison to weapon.

Deals 10% weapon damage in Poison over 5 seconds.

Has 20% chance to poison enemies.

"Oh, good stuff!" He was happy reading the description of the rune and then used it on his gauntlets.

His gauntlets shone with a blue light as the small symbols imprinted themselves on the gauntlets of the Sworn Stalwart.

After the light show ended he turned to see what Dog had gotten up to.

"Dog, goddamn it! Where the hell is that maniac?!"

In answer to Dave's purely rhetorical question, Bud grunted, "There...coming."

The ghoul pointed.

"You can tell?"

"Lizard...stink... coming back..."

"The basilisk is coming back?" Dave was puzzled.

Bud nodded.

The basilisk appeared where Bud had pointed, advancing like an out of control locomotive toward the battalion.

"Shit! Ready crossbows! Prepare to receive a charge!"

But then there was Dog, standing on the basilisk's withers, riding it like a cowboy in a rodeo.

Dog looked like he was enjoying himself immensely. He was holding onto the basilisk with one hand, his other hand was holding his head up high overhea...his neck.

The basilisk stopped running abruptly, but continued to slide towards the battalion. Backpedaling furiously with all eight limbs, the basilisk's splayed toes clawed at the ground scoring multiple trenches. A pile of black sand and gravel built up in front of it like the bow wave of a fast moving boat.

When the basilisk finally came to a stop Dog jumped down and patted its side affectionately.

"Tamed!" Bud announced after another brief mysterious interaction between the dullahan and himself.

'How the heck did he do that?' Dave was puzzled. The dullahan didn't have pet or taming related Skills.

'I guess Dog just does Dog things --including riding basilisks like a cowboy-- heck even I'm jealous!'

He moved to take a closer look at the basilisk but it growled at him, raising its tail and twisting around to bare a maw full of shark-teeth at him aggressively.

Suddenly Dog punched the basilisk's jaw, the beast shook its head and grumbled but settled down.

Azure Basilisk (Tamed)

Level: 200

Danger level: Friendly

Damage: 20,000-30,000

HP: 200,000

MN: 20,000

DA: 20,000

[Trample] The basilisk uses the momentum of its charge to attack, when it collides with an enemy it deals 200% basic damage and stuns the target for 3 seconds.

[Petrifying Gaze] When the eyes of the basilisk gaze upon a mortal creature it becomes a brittle petrified statue, immobile and unconscious. If the 'statue' is shattered, the target is executed.

[Deadly Tail-Spin] The basilisk spins around itself 5 times causing damage to surrounding enemies with its mace-tail, dealing 50% basic damage per tick.

[Storm of Azure Fangs] The teeth growing on the basilisk's back explode outward in an AoE attack. The fang projectiles penetrate targets dealing 10% basic Damage per fang (24 hour cooldown).


The origins of the basilisks are unknown. Some claim they came to the world through dark rituals steeped in evil. The original basilisks could kill with a single look and sow chaos across an entire nation with its presence. Their bloodlines have since been diluted, they have lost much of the power of their ancestors. But their gaze is still to be feared.

Rare are those that can control a basilisk, and those who do, have made names for themselves in the annals of history...usually of the infamous sort.

'So it's tame now, Dog's pet mount, but it's been nerfed hard. Ah well, I guess it would have been way OP at its old level.'

"Good job Dog!" Dave praised his headless minion.

But Dog didn't acknowledge the praise or spare him a glance, moving past the draugr toward the carcass of the other basilisk.

"Dog, what are you doing bud?" Dave followed, curious what his problem-Undead was up to now. He'd already looted the basilisk so what was the dullahan doing?

Dog knelt down and viciously shoved a hand into the basilisk's dead flesh, then started feeling around in its body. The sound of tearing flesh and snapping bones that soon followed made Dave a little queasy.

'That's...disturbing. What is he doing? It's one thing to kill monsters, but desecrating their bodies afterward? Man, that's just mean.'

After he spent some time rummaging about in the body, Dog pulled sharply, yanking something out of the basilisk corpse.

When the dullahan stood up a long, blood-and-viscera covered piece of basilisk trailed from his hand. It was the monster's spine.

The dullahan swung his arm back and then forward sharply, snapping the bloody spine like a whip. It made a wet cracking sound and the blood spattered away from it.

The weapon, and there was no doubt that was what it was, definitely started out as the articulated spine of the basilisk. But the long flexible length had been shaped and carved, molded somehow, each point of each vertebra sharpened and the end of the long bone-whip was the basilisk's heavy spiked tail knob!

"Good...Dog-weapon," Bud intoned.

Dog strode back to his new pet basilisk and got back on like nothing had happened.

Dave just stood there, his eyes following the oh-so-casual dullahan.

He shook his head and grinned,"That's one Bad Mother-Fucker." There really wasn't anything else to say.

As he walked back to Stinger he considered getting a wallet and inscribing it for the headless wonder. Still grinning, he jumped onto the dunlord and they headed deeper into the black desert to do some more grinding.

Dave came out of the game, he'd reached level 240. The grind session lasted for 24 hours in game, but only eight hours IRL.

He opened the capsule he was in and sat up moving to the edge of the bed.

A nurse noticed Dave getting up and went to fetch the doctor.

Dave's stomach growled.

"I need to get something to eat." Dave muttered to no one in particular.

The VR-Therapy room door opened, and his doctor entered with a smile on his face.

"Mr.Ruster, how was your rest?"

"Pleasant," replied Dave and then added "Where can I get something to eat? I'm starving."

"There will be some food served later. Also There are some people waiting to see you."

"Oh it must be Zoe!"