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145 The War is coming.

 They moved deeper into the forest, and after a half a day of travelling they finally came to a cliff, the outpost of the Undead was at the top.

It was at the border of the forest and the Wastes, a desolate almost lifeless land of rocks and sand.

A stairway was carved into the stone, it led all the way to the top of the cliff.

They moved along the stairs and up the cliff and stood before the wooden made door of the outpost.

The outpost was behind a wall of pointed wood. There were several barricades of wooden spikes right before the entrance. And more than a hundred Death Knight stood guard at the entrance and along the wall of the outpost.

The outpost had four watchtowers..

Two Death Knights moved to receive Dave and his company.

One of the death knights shouted at the soldiers manning the gate telling them to open it.

"Commander Kis'Shtiengbrah, we have been waiting for you," said the other Death Knights.

Dave nodded and ordered his battalion to move inside the outpost..

There were several wooden barracks of soldiers built inside the campsite. And in the middle of the campsite was teleportation gate.

New Teleportation gate coordinates has been added to your log.

Dave received the confirmation and urged Stinger toward the gate.

But before he could use the gate, a soldier stopped Dave asking them to wait.

"Commander Kis'Shtiengbrah, the commander wishes to see you." He said

"Lead the way," Dave replied, jumping down from Stinger's back.

"Keep the Holy priestess secure," Dave ordered the dunlord.

Then he followed the leading Death Knight to the largest building in the outpost.

When he entered the building, he saw a Doom Knight pacing back and forth as if he was worried about something.

The escorting Death Knight saluted Dave then left.

Dave inspected the Doom Knight.

Ryo "The Beast" Jiniro

Doom Knight

Level 550

Tier Mythic

Danger Level: Friendly

HP: 550,000

DN: 55,000

MA: 55,000

Ryo Jiniro was known as the most savage of humans when he was alive, to the extent that he was nicknamed 'The Beast.'

After his death, he rose as an Undead and quickly ascended high in the ranks of the Undead thanks to his brutal and vicious ways.

Many call me a beast, I never fail to prove them right!

"Commander Kis! I have an urgent matter to ask you!" said the Doom Knight when he saw Dave standing before him.

"I'm listening," Dave gave his attention to the Doom Knight.

"Something is going on in the Kingdom of Heaven, my spies sent me information on their activity.

"I believe you intercepted the caravan leading the holy priestess to the kingdom of Heaven?"

Dave nodded.

"I am sorry to inform you that there was more than one priestess sent to the Kingdom of Heaven," said the Doom Knight.

"We do not know for certain, but we speculate that the church intends to exchange the maidens for a way to summon a Seraph."

"But we obtained another important piece of information."

The Doom knight was silent for a moment.

"The Ash king was the one that suggested the trade, and is negotiating a truce with the Overworld, the church will grant the demons a portion of land and the demons will grant the church access to the Underworld. On the condition that the church will help the Ash King defeat the Undead!"

The Doom Knight threw a scroll at Dave and he caught it.

"Give this to Delvina, she will know what to do with it. We will update the Dead Realm at timely basis."

Additional Quest

You have received crucial information that involves the safety and security of the Undead!

Inform Delvina of the imminent danger that threatens the Dead Realm.

Dave took the scroll and hurried toward the teleportation gate.

'Shit, newsflash: leave the shades at home, the future does NOT look so bright.'

He grabbed the holy priestess who was trying to squirm out of her bindings. What she thought she could accomplish by escaping in the middle of a compound full of Death Knights he didn't know.

Taking the gate, he stepped out in the Undead Frontier. He headed directly toward the temple where Delvina was sitting in her accustomed place reading some scrolls. She looked up when Dave entered.

"You brought her, excellent! I knew you would succeed!" Delvina complimented Dave's effort.

"I have some urgent news."

Delvina heard the heaviness of his voice and told him to proceed.

He gave her the scroll and waited until she finished reading it.

Though she had a veil over her face, Dave could feel Delvina's mood change as she read.

Delvina slapped the chair arm and stood up in a cold rage.

"This is a grave crisis! Guards, summon messengers!"

A Death knight entered the hall and bent the knee before Delvina.

"Take this and give it to Lord Samael!"

"As you order!" said the Death knight and left with hast.

"If this information is accurate the Undead face a monumental danger, one greater than any before. I will squeeze as much information as I can from the paladins you brought with you. Some of them must know about the pact and alliance between the Church and the Ash King. As for you, Kis'Shtiengbrah, you must become stronger! A mere Undead captain is useless in the upcoming war! Grow stronger, For yourself and for the legion!"

Dave bowed his head in agreement.

'[Life Cleaver] is still on cooldown. I'm going to use the time left to level up and be more prepared to take the challenge once the cooldown timer runs out.

'If I win the promotion I will be in command of more than a thousand undead!'

Dave mentally rubbed his hands together at the thought of having one thousand minions and what he could do with them all. His inner Overlord was having conniptions interspersed with bouts of sinister muah ha ha ha-ing.

Dave opened his undead panel and spent the CPs to 'revive' all the Undead Boyz that were killed by the Abyssal Dragon.

He gathered his revived units and led them through the teleportation gate to the Undead Frontier area.

A long grinding session awaited them.