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142 I am sorry Boyz...

 In the Eastern region of Moria in a deserted area called the Wilds, the terrifying roar of a dragon echoed in the distance.

Dave's hands trembled as he saw the shadow approaching faster and faster toward them.

A black six-limbed dragon covered the horizon.

"MOVE STINGER! MOVE!!!" he screamed in the dunlord's ear.

You have successfully woken the dunlord from a Fear State.

The dunlords were not undead, they didn't have the passive immunity to Fear that all Undead had.

But thanks to Dave's efforts Stinger was roused from the debilitating status effect.

The angry dunlord under Dave suddenly roared, startling all the dazed dunlords at once.

Dave looked behind him and saw that the eight players of the Blood Rage guild were still frozen, immobilized by from the Dragon Roar.

"It's the same as the first time this dragon appeared! One Dragon-Scream and everyone froze in fear!"

Dave had vivid memories of watching the players encounter this very dragon when they were exploring the eastern area.

The dragon massacre was the biggest deterrent to anyone exploring the Wilds.

Dave wondered why the dragon would just suddenly appear in the area, but then it occurred to him using [Call of Chaos] may have had something to do with it.

"It's here because of me, [Call of Chaos] really did call in the chaos. A friggin' dragon no less."

The Dragon was only a few miles away from Dave, and though that sounded like a good distance, the dragon could cover it in seconds.

The dragon finally stopped and hovered, gales of of wind from the downdraft of its wings blowing dirt and small debris into the air.

The guild players were still frozen by the Fear effect. Even after they tried using debuff Skills, they just immediately fell back into the Fear state.

The status attack was continuous and constant; the mere presence of the dragon forced the players to enter into an inescapable state of Fear!

Dave, immune to fear looked at the Dragon and was able to Inspect it. The first player in Conquest to do so.

Abyssal Dragon (Evil Dragon)

Level 750

Tier: Unholy

Danger level: Absolute Death!

Trait: Aura of Terror.

HP ???;

Damage: ???

DN: ???


Skills: ???


Dragons are the ultimate predators. Beings as old as time and powerful beyond measure.

Abyssal dragons are the most evil and pernicious of all the breeds of dragons, they wreak ruin and despair on all, even their own kind.

The dragon howled again and opened its jaws wide.

An orb of black-fire coalesced in its maw and grew to surpasse the dragon's own size.

Then Dave heard a ringing in his ear. Literally.

Someone was calling his phone!

He tried to dismiss the call but answered accidently instead, he heard Lone's voice, but seeing the incoming ball of black-fire he couldn't reply coherently other than to scream a stream of curses at the incoming destruction, Then hen hung up after managing to tell her it was a dragon.

He turned to his battalion and issued the only order he could think of.

"Dunlords go underground! Deep! NOW!!"

The ten dunlords dove into the earth burrowing like mad fiends, carrying with them Bud, Spark, and Dog, along with the thirteen captive paladins. The remaining Undead stood, completely exposed to the incoming attack.

The Dunlords frantically dug themselves deeper and deeper underground and a moment later the ground shuddered and the sound of an explosion, greatly muffled, hammered at their ears. The concussion wave compressed the earth around them collapsing the pockets of space dug out by the dunlords, burying them momentarily until the dunlords could recreate their breathing space.

Dave received notification that all the Undead members of the battalion left above ground had been killed.

He ordered the dunlords to keep tunneling and head east, moving under the earth.

They started moving as he directed, burrowing their way eastward. But shortly the scorpion-men slowed.

"What's wrong?" Dave asked as he checked on the priestess again, she was still shuddering from the Fear effect.

"Something is inhibiting our movement underground," Stinger replied, "We must surface."

The dunlords burrowed at an upward angle and broke through the grassy sod of the plains.

Everyone looked in the direction they had come from..

"It's alright, we'll get them all back soon," Dave told the remnants of his battalion, He was speaking as much for his benefit as theirs, feeling a sense of loss and guilt at abandoning the others.

On a positive note, apparently the Blood Ragers didn't survive the dragon's attack.

A notification popped for him obtaining the CP reward for their death.

"Let's just keep going east."

Dave looked behind to where his command had died, he could still hear the victorious screaming of the Dragon. Black fire and gray smoke rose upward in the sky, marking the devastation left after the explosion.

"I'm sorry Boyz..." he whispered.