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140 The Ultimate Predator!

 The red robed avatar looked down, it focused on Dave and pointed a sword at him. A wave of sword-energy cut through the air toward him.

The battalion had already split and evaded the incoming attack, they just kept moving trying to outdistance the enemy.

Another guildie suddenly grew a yellow aura and another oversize avatar loomed over the battlefield. This one looked like a sturdy muscular man wearing only a loincloth and holding a javelin.

The revelation of the second Legacy user just made the already grim situation that much worse.

The yellow avatar heaved the javelin at Dave, it arced through the sky spiraling and homing in on the draugr, following the jinks and jukes he and Stinger made to escape the attack.

"Stinger, duck!" Dave ordered and Stinger crouched his body forward leaving Dave facing the javelin head-on while the captive priestess cowered behind him.

He waited for the precise moment for the telephone pole size javelin to...and activated [Bastion]. The ability nullified the legacy attack, causing the projectile to disappear.

Two more avatar auras appeared around attacking players.

Dave's eyes widened, "'da fuck! Are they all fucking legacy users?"

It was rare to run into one legacy-user and now Dave was facing four of them at the same time.

"[Bastion] is on cooldown, if any other legacy attacks come my way I'm toast!"

As the new avatars finished manifesting behind the legacy users, Dave stopped Stinger. while the remaining undead kept heading away from the battlefield.

The eight guild players started walking toward him, four giant avatars behind them, glaring down at him.

The undead campsite was too far to hope for the cavalry to come save him.

Dave didn't think there was a way he could defeat these guys. Not without heavy losses.

'Drahma could take these guys on in his sleep, one swing of his "Paste-Maker" and they'd be little tinkles of light. But then what do I do with him for the rest of the four hour summons?'

He seriously considered summoning Drahma, but that would be severe overkill, he hated to waste one of his two remaining summons. Without a doubt he would be facing many more enemies, and ones that were much more powerful, in the future. So it was best to save Drahma for a truly rainy day.

Dave looked at the approaching Blood Ragers with barely restrained rage, they were interfering with his quest and he was not going to take it lying down.

He thought frantically, mentally shuffling through all his Skills, items, tactics and strategies, trying to find a ray of hope. A moment later, a familiar expression crept over the draugrs face, his lips forming the now famous creepy smirk.

Dave stood watching the guildies get closer, unconsciously stroking his beard, waiting for just the right moment. Then he opened his arms and shouted at the players.

"Blood Ragers! Today I'm going to give you a show you'll never forget!"

The voice of the Draugr spread across the open plains to the Blood Ragers and they hesitated for a moment.

Then Dave brought his hands together in a thunderclap of sound.

This was the condition for activating a truly spectacular skill.

"What is he on about?" asked the priest in the party.

"I don't know, I think he is just trying to bluff and scare us away," the hunter, Cao Cao, said in a disgusted tone.

"Something's not right," the berserker had felt his avatar's aura vibrate in response to something. His comment hushed everyone.

The four avatars all looked up at the same time.

The eight players followed the gaze of the avatars and their eyes widened in shock.

The sky was on fire!

But no, it wasn't quite on fire. Instead, the sky had broken apart and an enormous flaming meteor was falling. Toward them! At them!

This was the skill [Call of Chaos] that he'd obtained as a reward for conquering the second Raid Zone.

The meteor brought with it the wrath of heaven.

The blood Ragers all attempted to escape, but the mountain sized burning rock came down too fast for them to escape the area of effect.

Dave didn't wait for the meteor to land, he'd already ordered his battalion to move away from the eight Blood Ragers and circle around then to head east afterward.

The eight Blood Ragers used their defensive skills in hope of surviving the natural disaster that was coming down.

A cataclysmic explosion erupted when the meteor landed, fragments of rock and iron mixed with explosive fire erupted from the center of the explosion.

A fixed 50,000 damage appeared above the players.

After a moment, Cao Cao was the first to recover from the shock.

"Huh? This doesn't hurt. Much."

The other players woke up from the daze. Seeing the relatively low damage values above their heads they felt ashamed.

Any of the eight players had spells that could deal more HP than they had just lost.

They had more than 200 levels on the draugr, they were laughably overpowered compared to him. Not to mention their legacies. So, while 50,000 HP damage would be fatal to the draugr, for these players, it was negligible.

If they were fighting a boss it would be a different story. Eight players losing 50,000 HP each in one go would be a disaster, the healers would never recoup from that.

But against a single player, it was barely an inconvenience.

The skill the draugr used simply had a visual effect that was overwhelming and intimidating. But, that was it. They'd been duped.

Seeing the draugr escaping in the distance only aggravated their shame and fueled their anger at being tricked!

"Get him!" roared the berserker, Long Zhao.

"Calm yourselves! Everyone chase after the draugr, but be on your guard! He's a tricky one." Cao Cao gave the order.

The eight players chased after the escaping Undead.

Dave, on Stinger's back, was laughing like a madman as the battalion ran at top speed, trying to escape the eight guildies.


An ear splitting roar sounded and a gust of powerful wind whipped through grasses of the open plains.

Dave's beard fluttered and Stinger suddenly stopped.

Every dunlord froze and the undead behind them abruptly stopped in the middle of sprinting.

Fear-inducing effects do not affect you because you are an undead!

Immunity: Fear Effect.

A great shadow appeared in the sky and closed rapidly toward the battalion.

Dave had never known any dunlord to fear anything, but Stinger was trembling like a scared puppy.

The shadow approached, getting bigger and bigger.

Dave began to suspect what was causing all the commotion. He didn't like the thought at all. But he voiced it all the same.