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139 Grim situation

 The battalion rushed across the open plains of the eastern region. They occasionally encountered solo players hunting mobs or gathering crafting materials. All the players in the Eastern region had received the initial notification about the Undead battalion fleeing with a kidnapped priestess.

Dave was ticked off, whenever they ran into a player the system sent another regional announcement updating their location.

Regional Announcement!

Updated location for the battalion of undead!

Moria Eastern region, Geographical code: [-310, 870]

'Fuck you! Stop pulling my hair, Alfie, you prissy little bitch.'

The notifications just increased the number of the more idiotic players who tried to earn the rewards promised by the church, egging them on. The idiots thought that, individually or in small groups, they could stop the battalion. They thought wrong.

The latest idiots were a group of three players with levels from 120 to 170. Yet they imagined they could hold off more than 150 Undead!!

To the players' utter dismay, the undead didn't even bother to stop. Bolts from dunlord crossbows one-shotted two of the players, but the third escaped and the Undead swept past the bodies as they disintegrated into motes of light.

'Thankfully, there are no cities or areas with teleportation gates other than Moria, if anyone wants to chase me they will have to run all the way from Moria to where I am.'

Far to the east of Dave and his Undead, in an area called the Wilds, a group of eight players from the Blood Rage guild were grinding out levels.

The creatures in the Eastern Region's Wilds were high level, too high for most players.

Yet the biggest deterrent for the guildies to come and gain EXP in this region was the random monster spawn that happens here.

At times, monsters with absurd levels would randomly spawn and decimate entier parties in moments. Nulling all their hard work and time spent gaining exp in the Wilds.

The Wilds is a large forest that acted as a wall that hindered players from moving deeper and into the eastern lands.

Many had attempted to go through it, but only a rare and lucky few had managed to get to the other side and see the Eastern Kingdom.

This area was also where a dragon was sighted for the first time in the game.

No one knew what the dragon's level was or what kind of powers it had. After it was sighted a raid was organized to slay the first dragon sighted in Conquest. The raid numbered over a thousand players, all at levels 300 to 400. The dragon was so powerful it massacred every one of them in less than ten seconds! The raid members never even had a chance to get a look at it before they were zeroed.

After the massacre, the Wilds were avoided by most players like it was a nuclear fallout zone. Even the few that dared enter it did not go far into the area, they skirted the edges farming for good EXP and hoping to get great lootz.

The Blood Rage guildies had just killed a level 450 mob, a Jade Horned Serpent.

After looting it, the players started recovering and healing up.

A hunter in red snakeskin armor jumped into a tree and climbed up to observe the area.

"No monsters nearby. No sign of the dragon. Finish healing then we can head deeper in."

A berserker sitting under the same tree looked up, "Cao Cao, if we go farther in and the dragon shows up we'll all be done for."

"If the dragon shows at all just tear the teleportation scrolls. Don't freeze, don't hesitate or you lose the EXP from this trip," the hunter replied.

Before Cao Cao could speak again, he received an urgent message.

Cao Cao started climbing down the tree. He jumped when he was still halfway up, landing in a three point 'hero' pose.

"Everyone! Hurry up! Lord Zhang Shi issued new orders! There is a battalion of undead headed here, we are the closest group and we need to intercept them!"

"How big is the battalion, boss?" the berserker, Long Zhao, asked

"One hundred and fifty Undead, levels at 350."

When they heard the numbers their expressions turned grim. They were being sent on a suicide mission.

"We only have eight players, even with the level difference we just can't handle that number at those levels."

A red-robed priest spoke up, "Don't give up hope yet, the intel says that the scorpion things are the only ones with level 350 and there are only ten of them. The rest of the force are a mix of Undead, all below level 200. Except for one: the draugr the guild has been looking for, Kis'Shtiengbrah. if worse comes to worst, we will use our legacies"

"That's just a waste Cao Cao," replied the priest, "Using legacies on low level undead is stupid, we should save them for leveling up or when we face strong monsters,"

"Those are the orders, Song Liu," Cao Cao said sternly to his underling.

"If it's just ten of them at 350 we have a chance, isn't that right boss?" Long Zhao asked.

Cao Cao nodded. "We only need to delay them. Lord Zhang Shi said he sent several players to chase after them. They will be our reinforcement and we can all join hand in taking them down."

"Everyone ready? Then let's go!"

The Undead battalion continued advancing, trying to get to the nearest campsite of the Undead.

After traveling for a half hour, Dave saw movement in the distance.

A group of players was standing in formation, waiting for them.

Dave inspected the player in the front, he appeared to be the leader.

Long Zhao


Level 422

Guild: Blood Rage

When he saw all eight players were above level 400, he struggled not to let despair take over.

'We can't fight them, or break through them, we have to get round them somehow. The dunlords can move much faster than a human can run, and the Undead have unlimited stamina. if I take another direction they will never be able to catch up as their stamina will give up on them."

"Everyone to the left!" Dave gave a command and the undead all turned in that direction.

"Where do you think you're going!" the berserker yelled at the Undead as a blood-red aura flared up around his body.

The mighty avatar of a scowling man with wild red hair and a beard appeared behind the berserker, looming high above the road.

"FUCK! A legacy! SCATTER!"