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132 Skelly Skulls, Skelly Skulles everywhere!

 He waved a hand and two Spectral Skulls appeared.

As he dodged another attack from the demon, Dave sent both Skulls through a mirrored wall and sixteen Spectral Skulls emerged from all around the room.

Dave willed half of the Skulls to attack the demon and sent the other eight back into one of the walls.

The attack of the massed Skulls Staggered the demon even as the new multiples of Skulls emerged from the walls, eight Skulls from each of the eight walls.

Taking advantage of the momentary lapse in pursuit Dave ran away from the demon to the other side of the room. He began directing the flocks of Spectral Skulls, continuing to multiply them and then will a portion to attack the demon. He looked like a mad orchestra conductor, pointing, waving his arms and snapping his fingers.

Soon he couldn't even see the demon through the flashes of the detonating Skulls, but he could hear it howl in rage even over the sound of the explosions as he sent hundreds of Skulls at a time to attack it.

The Skulls didn't do a single point of damage to the demon but they did keep Staggering it.

Dave smiled wickedly, watching the two minutes countdown as he exploited his Spectral Skull skill to keep the demon on the defensive.

When the last seconds ran out, he willed the Skulls to pull away forming a corridor of glaring Skulls between Dave and the demon.

The ranks of stacked Skulls on either side were an eerie sight. The demon looked at the the hallway-of-Skulls in confusion, but the moment he saw Dave at the other end the confusion vanished, he roared and charged.

Dave smiled and stroked his beard, then opened both his arms wide as if welcoming the demon.

The demon charged at Dave with seething rage. Suddenly the Scythe dipped and swung down and across, cutting off the Demon's head with a single stroke.

The headless body crashed to the ground and tumbled, coming to a stop at Dave's feet.

A notification appeared.

+15 000 000 EXP!

Level Up!

Level Up!

Level Up!

Dave's level increased at an extremely rapid pace, and thanks to the extra EXP from the Bead Alfred gave him, his character jumped 66 levels! Reaching the 216 level in one magnificent leap!

This time the benefits of killing the high level monster were all HIS. No measly Supporter's EXP for him, like a sip of water to a man dying of thirst. This was the full monty.

The body of the Demon was dissipating, leaving behind two items.

Demon General's Token.

Immature Pygmy of fire.

That sounded like it had interesting possibilities.

But it was the second item that got him really excited.

Immature fire pygmy

A pigmy of fire can create untold destruction, yet when it matures it can change into a chaotic fire entity strong enough to light the world on fire!

Maturity 33%

"This is probably what made the demon general so crazy not even the Ash-King wanted it loose any more."

The room trembled and the image of a fiery enraged fiery demon's face appeared in the room glaring at Dave.

Fear clawed at his chest as Dave backed away from the terrifying visage. Because he was staring at it so fearfully he Inspected it without even meaning to:

Avatar of the Ash-King

Level: 900

Danger level: Absolute Death!


The back of his neck prickled, the sensation only got worse as the visage began to speak.


If his draugr avatar had been capable of normal body functions right then, things would not have been pretty.

The demon-face growled, then it opened its mouth and shot at Dave, engulfing him in a single bite. He only had time to close his eyes against the inevitable.

But when he opened his eyes he was still in the eight-sided room, the attack was just a psychological ploy, the demon visage was gone without doing any damage.

It was kind of a cheap school-yard bully type of trick, especially for a mighty figure like Mr. demon-visage to pull.

Dave's heart rate returned to normal as the realization that he'd escaped calamity sunk in.

"That was the Ash-King..."

Dave took deep breaths and inspected the other item he'd gotten from the demon-general.

Demon General's token

Ramsha the Guardian of the Underworld will be eager to trade for this item.

See Ramsha to exchange this item.

"Huhhhhh. For all the ages he's been Guardian of the Underworld killing major demons and other monsters, he must have collected some seriously epic loot. And I get trade him for some of it."

Dave looked around, and saw the eight sided box that that had originally been on the polished part of the floor.

"Well how are we going to deal with you now?"