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131 Alfie Strikes back!

 "Huh. Some of the fragments passed through me but I didn't take any damage. Maybe because my own attacks aren't supposed to harm me."

Dave didn't want to risk fooling around with the mirrors anymore for now. So he moved back to reexamine the box in the middle of the room.

Crouching down for a closer look, he inspected the box minutely, but didn't find anything new. He finally gave up on it and stood, accidently bumping into the box and shifting it slightly.

Initially he'd frozen when he bumped into the box, wondering if his carelessness would set off another trap. Nothing changed though.

He thought about it and shrugged, then pushed the box a bit more, still nothing. He moved it farther, more confidently. And again. Finally a small key was revealed.

He picked the key up, but when he tried to insert it in one of the keyholes the polished black surface he was standing on rippled and his feet sank like he was in quicksand.

Dave grabbed at the edge of the floor and pulled himself out before he sank under and drowned in the pool of...whatever that gunk was.

He looked back at the black mirrored surface of the floor and saw something creepy and terrifying. foot left the black mirror, he saw a shuddering scene.

A fist smashed against the black surface from underneath, stretching it like a rubber sheet. Golden runes flared to life inside the edge of the flooring witht the mirror finish. The glowing sigils appeared to be wards of protection, but the vicious assault from under the floor continued, even more enraged if anything. Soon the runes flickered then died out, cracks spread rapidly across the polished floor. It finally crumbled and shattered, the pieces falling into the inky darkness that lay beneath.

Dave retreated quickly toward the the door he'd entered through, but it was gone, only another mirrored wall in its place. Now the room was sealed and Dave had to face whatever was coming out of that hole.

A large hand with black talons rose above the dark hole and grasped the edge of the floor. A second matching hand joined the first, both digging into the stone like it was soft cheese. Then the thing attached to the hands heaved itself up over the edge and leapt lightly to its feet.


It looked just like the stereotype of a demon, deep crimson hued skin, extremely muscular arms and legs, and a buffed torso with a chiselled eight pack. Goat horns grew out of its head, but it had the snout of a boar and the jaws of a rabid wolf.

It flexed its overly-large taloned hands as it stared at Dave with malignant, sulfurous yellow eyes, the pupils slitted like a cat's.

Dave's heart sank as he inspected the creature:

Demon General Borak

Level: 450

Danger Level: ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

Tier: EPIC

HP: 450,000

Damage: 20,000-30,000

DN: 12,000

MA: 12,000

Skills: [None]

From The Demonologist's Almanac:

Borak was once a mighty general for the fearsome Ash-King.

After absorbing too much Chaos energy in the many battles he fought for his demonic liege he descended into a depraved madness even demonkind could not contenance.

Finally, using the Seal of the Sage King, the ancient Order of Solomon imprisoned Borak until the end of time.

Or until some fool sets him free!

Dave's head throbbed, a massive headache on the way after reading the final sentence. He knew who wrote that last bit.

Dave slowly backed away until he bumped into the wall, the demon moved in closer and closer.

'There is no way I can kill this demon one on one! Fucking Alfred, utilizing my full potential does nothing against a mob 300 Levels higher than me!'

The demon raised his fist and swung down at Dave.

Dave dodged the blow but the whole room shook when it landed.

The demon came after him attacking again and again.

Dave used almost every one of his Skills just to avoid the demon's attacks. Even though some effects like Stagger worked on the demon, nothing he did damaged the demon at all, its HP remained at 100%.

"Damned level difference!"

The demon finally landed a blow that sent Dave rolling across the floor.


That one hit took him down to 1% of his HP!

The only Skill he had that could have done damage to the Demon was [Ray of Flames] since it dealt flat Damage, but the Skill was still on its 72 hour cool down period.

Even his meteor summoning skill could help, but it was grayed out because he wasn't in an open space.

But even if he'd used those skills it wouldn't have mattered, the demon just had so much HP.

Then as he frantically ran through the list of his Skills he came to one he'd never used before and his eyes lit up with hope.

Activated the Skill with a wave of his hand, a large black Scythe appeared above the demon.

The quality of light changed, everything became red hued and there was a sense of compression as if the room had suddenly been isolated from the rest of reality.

Life Cleaver has been activated!

The challenge ground have been temporarily banished to Limbo.

No player or monster can interfere with this challenge.

Your attacks do -20% less Damage, and attacks against you do +20% more damage.

"Damn it, I shouldn't have wasted all my skills!" Dave cursed as he now needed to survive 2 minutes before the Scythe comes down and take the demon's life away.

The demon didn't pay any attention to the scythe hanging over his head and continued to chase after Dave.

They ended up on one side of the room up against one of the walls. The demon cannoned a fist at him, but Dave bent his whole body back, dodging it by a hair. Instead the blow struck the mirrored surface of one of the walls and all around the room fists manifested striking out from each of the walls.

Dave's mind spun, realizing with growing horror that if the demon entered one of the mirrors eight demons would come out of the walls.

As Dave dodged another attack, he decided on a daring plan.