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130 Mirror Mirror on the wall...

 Dave hesitantly entered the room, finding nothing of interest but the Crimson Box sitting in the middle of the floor.

"No one here, I had the jitters for no reason," Dave snorted then opened the box.

Chaos Rune (Third of a set of five Runes).

Tier: Legendary

A portion of raw chaos was captured inside this shard of obsidian-crystal to create a rune of destruction.


"The final rune, and there is still one room I haven't opened!"

He left the small room and headed for the exit.

The wall blocking the door was already gone, allowing him to leave the puzzle room.

When he was back in the room with five doors, the glowing rune on the door he just exited dimmed.

But something new happened, the rune on the final door changed from a sullen blood-red glow to a warm golden light. The door opened of its own according, inviting Dave to enter.

"Danger!" warned Bud.

Dave looked at the ghoul, who was staring at the final door intently.

Dave nodded at Bud, "Thanks Bud, I promise to be careful. It shouldn't take long, hold the fort."

Bud tilted his head and looked around, puzzled.

Dave chuckled he didn't have time to explain the idiom to his ghoul bodyguard right now. He briskly walked over to the door with the golden rune and entered.

The door closed behind Dave. He was in an octagonal room with mirrored walls.

In the middle of the room was an octagonal box with a hole in each face. The box rested on a round area of the floor that looked like black stone polished to a mirror shine.

Dave moved to the center of the room and stood in front of the octagonal black box.

Inspecting the box, he thought the eight holes could be keyholes. But he didn't see a key anywhere in the room. He grimaced, thinking about the rhyming mind-game from the previous puzzle room, a keyhole in a locked door that didn't end up needing a key to open. There would be no Dave-pancake repeats if he had anything to do with it.

The polished black stone underneath the box was cold when he touched it.

Dave went to the closest wall and examined the mirrored surface. He wanted to see if he could see something through the mirror, maybe one or more of the walls was actually a two-way mirror or a hidden door.

He put his hand against the wall, and the moment he pushed it moved a bit.

Dave hurriedly pulled his hand back, and fearing he'd activated another trap he looked around for danger. And up, definitely had to be wary of what was in the up direction.

Seeing nothing he returned his attention to the mirrored surface in front of him. Ripples were spreading out from where his hand had been, like the reflective surface of a still lake. Then something pushed out of the mirror, stretching it like elastic until a small creature pulled its way out with a sucking sound.

Resentful spirit

Level 1


A lost soul, damned to wander eternally, never finding peace.

The ugly little gremlin looking spirit shrieked when it saw Dave and swooped down and through his legs to escape, then it flew across the room and dove into another mirror.

When the first creature disappeared into the mirror, two others left the same spot.

Resentful spirit

Level 2


A lost soul, damned to wander eternally, never finding peace.

Resentful spirit

Level 2


A lost soul, damned to wander eternally, never finding peace.

The two spirits separated, and each of them squealed and flew toward a different wall.

Dave had a bad feeling about the ghosts flying around and reproducing in the mirror.

He cast Spectral Skull sending it at the nearest ghost. As soon as it was in range he snapped his fingers. The Skull blew up with a flash and a boom, killing the spirit instantly and leaving nothing behind.

The second ghost was almost to the mirror when Dave activated [Sword Lunge], the ethereal blade's straight-line AoE damage split the ghost in half.

The sword energy kept going after killing the ghost, until it finally hit one of the walls and disappeared into the mirrored surface, causing a lot of strong ripples in it.

The ripples were enough warning for Dave, he ducked instinctively, but what happened was even worse than he expected.

An ethereal sword emerged from each of the eight mirrored walls and shot through the air toward the center of the room. They crashed together in an explosion of sound and flying fragments of cutting ethereal energy. It was like being in a meat grinder, the AoE attack nature of the ethereal blades made it almost impossible to escape being hit.

Dave winced as the attack washed over him, then stood up, looking down at himself and even patting his hands down his arms and legs.