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118 Dance life away...

 Dave endured half an hour of furious clipping and combing.

When he was finished, Danny held a hand-mirror up, turning it so Dave could see the back of his head in all its newly trimmed and glammed glory.

Then the barber dramatically snapped his fingers in a zig-zag pattern.

"Now this is a good-looking man! If Zoe didn't already have the papers on you I'd snatch you up myself!"

Dave gulped as his eyes darted to Lone, no, Zoe in the mirror...and caught her ogling him!

"Ahem. Yes. That IS much better. Thank you, Danny!" said Lone as she hurriedly payed the barber.

"Thank you, Zoe," along with the gratitude for her help there was hint of pride in Dave's eyes. He was amazed at how the new haircut changed his appearance.

Zoe just smiled and said, "There is still somewhere else we have to go!"

"Where?" asked Dave.

"I was going to take you bowling or dancing. But those probably aren't the best choices right now," she pointed at Dave's hand.

He raised his hand, trying to flex his scarred hand and fingers, "Yeah, and I still have to get the video to Perfect Shot."

Zoe rolled her eyes "Borrrrring, Daveyyyyy. There's plenty of time to do that later. Some of my friends are going to a club. We're going there."

Zoe was like a whirlwind, Dave hadn't gotten a chance to catch his breath since the ride started.

The duo left the Super-mall and headed back to Times Square and one of the most famous nightclubs in the world.

"C-Copacabana!" said Dave staring at the grand entrance.

"Yeah, let's go in! There's a good band playing today!" as she handed her car off to the valet.

The door-men at the club's entrance saw Zoe coming and unclipped the velvet rope across the door, smiling at her.

"Hey, Chris! Hey, Jake! This is Daaave" as she breezed past them and through the doorway.

Dave nodded to the two and followed meekly behind her.

As he walked into the club his ears were treated to the latest Latin-fusion beat and a throaty voice crooning in Spanish. Multicolored laser lights flashed across every surface and solid-seeming 3D holograms flickered and vanished on the dance floor. People danced exuberantly to the fast tempo, unconcerned, moving through the holograms and the glowing fog that clung to the floor.

Dave was still a bit flabbergasted to be there. Copacabana! But, a faint smile was on his face and he started to relax and enjoy the exotic and energetic atmosphere of the swanky club.

Zoe soon returned to take Dave by the arm and drag him through the crowds and shouldered her way to the bar. Standing tiptoed on the foot-rest to make herself taller she waved vigorously at one of the men behind it.

"Yoo-hoo, Sebastian! A double shot of your strongest scotch!"

She downed it in a single motion then rocketed to the dancefloor and started dancing with wild abandon, a look of unfettered joy on her face.

As Dave watched Zoe enjoying herself his brows rose up almost into his newly coiffed hair. Maybe she'd forgotten about him. He grinned, better her exhausting herself on the dance floor than dragging him out there to suffer. He asked Sebastian, the bartender, for a beer and was offered a choice between far too many brands.

The music and the tingling from the cold foamy beer slowly loosened Dave up. The tension from the morning was slowly draining away the more he drank and enjoyed the music and the dancefloor show.

Of course it wasn't to last. After a few songs Zoe came back and dragged Dave with her onto the dancefloor.

Dave did his best to follow Zoe lead, trying to emulate her free spirited dance moves.

Eventually Dave stopped worrying, and helped by the warm glow from his beer, started to enjoy dancing and moving with her. It had been a long time since he cut loose like this.

After a few songs the music slowed down and switched to something less wild. Needing a break, they retreated to from the dance-floor, and sat at a table in the VIP room.

Dave's stomach was rumbling even after the beer, "Is there anything to eat here?"

"You can order from the screen here," she swiped her hand and the tabletop displayed displayed the Club food menu.

Dave picked some light dishes to try and waited for the order to come out.

A waiter soon came over with their plates.

While they were eating a petite redhead walked into the VIP room.

Seeing Zoe, she walked over to their table and addressed Zoe with malicious glee. "Here you are, Zoe! Why didn't you call me?"

Zoe frowned slightly.

She answered with an insincere smile, "Hello, Sabrina. We just got here. This is my friend, Dave."

"Your friennnnnd...?" the redhead singsonged, her eyes locking onto Dave

"Yes." Zoe deflected the conversation, "I guess the gang's all here then," she finished in a less than hopeful voice.

"Yes, Tess and Jenny came with me." Sabrina sat down. "We're looking for a table. You don't mind us imposing on you, do you, dear. Of course not."

The entire time the redhead was speaking to Zoe, her eyes had never left Dave. He felt like a dog treat at the vet's, or a piece of pastry at a grade school birthday party.

Before Zoe could answer, two more girls came over, a blonde and a brunette. The blonde had a perfect porcelain smile plastered on, while the brunette had a cold look set on her face.

"Ladies. Sit. Zoe brought a friennnnd," Sabrina simpered.

"Zoe never brings male friends, at least not straight ones. So, who might this be?" asked the blond young woman.

"Dave, this is Jenny, and the ice-queen over there is Tess," said Zoe spitefully.

"That's not nice, Zoeee" the blond chided. "So Dave, it's rare to see Zoe with a friend. How do you know each other? Maybe from your family businesses?" asked Jenny.

Lone grew more agitated as Jenny nosed around for Dave's background.

Dave looked at the blonde impassively, "I'm just a friend. We met by chace and became friends. I don't know anything about her family's business and she doesn't know anything about mine."

Stymied the three girls looked at Dave but didn't have any reply except some tittering and nonsense social phrases..

Jenny noticed Dave's hand, her face had an ugly expression that she tried to hide but failed miserably.

"Girls, I see a free table over there, let's get some fresh air," she said, standing up.

"See you later, Zoe," the girls sang out cattily, ignoring Dave.

As they walked away Sabrina asked Jenny why they were leaving when it was plain there were no empty tables.

"Because I am not sitting at a table with a freak like him. Ewww!" she said with disgust.

"What are you talking about?" asked the brunette, Tess.

"Didn't you see those disgusting scars on his hand? They could be fixed easily. His hair is newly cut, and even his clothes are brand new. It's like that song, he's a broke-y broke. A charity case. Zoe probably has her reasons to hang out with him. But, there's no need for us to mix with lower-class people. Ugh!"

"Wow. I didn't even notice!" said the redhead.

Back at the table Dave looked at Lone, listening to the shrews as they walked away.

"Your friends?"

"Their families are in business with my father. Just a bunch of richie brats. They only hang out with people they deem to be worthy of them. Basically any other rich pricks."

Dave grunted and resumed his interrupted meal, but the atmosphere had turned from joyous to somber.

Zoe cursed at the snobby C-words under her breath, they'd soured the mood and ruined her day out with Dave.