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117 Seat belts are useful...

 "Where are we going?" asked Dave who was being led outside the restaurant by the hand of Zoe.

"First stop, we need to pimp you up. I know a good place that has some fine clothing for you." Zoe beamed with a gentle smile.

Once outside the F-Sentara restaurant, Dave's gaze wandered until it landed on a purple Lamborghini.

'What a fine ride!' Dave became stunned seeing the expensive sport's car, then he remembered hearing the loud engine that passed by the restaurant earlier.

'This must belong to some rich playboy.' Dave sighed in his mind.

But his eyes slowly squinted when he saw Zoe heading in the direction of the very same car he was admiring.

"No way!"

Zoe grabbed the car's remote keys and unlocked it, confirming Dave's suspicions.

Dave was still stunned looking at the exquisite car when Zoe said: "Common, get in!"

Dave opened the door that rose upward and sat in.

The car had a delightful smell to it and made him at ease once he was inside. But he still had some nervousness in him.

"Put your seat-belt on," said Zoe and started the thundering engine.

The moment Dave's seat-belt was on, Zoe accelerated making his head stick to his seat from the sudden jerk.

Zoe drove the car like a rally pro and started bypassing cars at breathtaking speeds.

"Holy cow! Slow down woman!" said Dave with a shrieking voice.

"Wuss!" Zoe replied and kept her leg on the accelerator.

Dave looked at the rapidly increasing numbers on the car's speedometer and his face went blank.

"Good god woman! Legal speed limit! Do you know that?!" Dave's heart thumped widely as Zoe increased the music volume to the max and acted as she didn't even hear him talk.

The track was a heavy metal of some famous musicians from several decades ago. It would have been a good tune to listen to, if not for the close shaves Zoe was having with the cars passing by.

What irritated Dave the most was when Zoe would get stuck in traffic and start shouting at the unlucky drivers in the front. Yelling at them to move faster or where did they get a driver's license.

At one point, they were stopped by a policeman who looked to be infuriated. when he gave Zoe a severe warning, he handed her a speeding ticket.

She took the ticket and opened the glove compartment where several dozens of the same ticket were sticking out and she placed it with them.

Dave became dumbfounded looking at the number of the tickets.

"How the hell do you still have your driver's license?"

"Secret!" she said with a beaming smile and pressed the accelerator adding more to Dave's misery.

After a few more minutes of torture, Zoe finally stopped near a Super-Mall where Dave left the car, feeling both dizzy and nauseous.

"Not cool!" he said as he limped away from the car.

Zoe left the car and said to him "We are finally here. Let's go, I know a good shop!"

Dave followed behind Zoe and went into the Super-Mall.

Several brands had opened a shop inside the mall, and Dave could only stare at the exorbitant prices of the items. While Zoe would enter any shop and look around.

Dave followed behind her silently. At one point she entered a famous designer's shop of lingerie.

Dave's face reddened as he stopped at the shop's entrance, but was pulled inside by Zoe anyway.

Zoe looked at the items displayed in the shop with enthusiasm and picked up a few to try, and when Dave was left alone his eyes wandered to a set of seductive items and his face went white.

"Holy shit! The price of this thing costs more than two months' salary of my old job!"

After a lot of time and boredom, Zoe finally left the dressing room with a satisfied smile.

"You look to be enjoying yourself,' impassively said Dave.

"Shopping is always fun," she said

'Not for me who is following you around,' Dave didn't express his thoughts.

"What, you look a bit stunned, want to see what I just bought?" said lone with a teasing voice.

"Yea, euh I mean no..."

Zoe giggled and said to Dave, "Alright, I got what I wanted now let's see what to get for you!" she said.

"The items here are too expensive, I can get other things with a much cheaper price somewhere else," said Dave.

"No! You need to get the best stuff, common I know there is a handsome looking fella under those clothes and disheveled hair.

"Whatever you say, princess," said Dave shaking his head.

After all, she was a princess that could buy lingerie worth several wages of Dave's old salary. While he would opt for more practical and less costly clothes.

Once inside the men's shop, many clients would stare at the couple who just entered and would have a strange look on their faces.

After all, the over the world beauty was a mismatch with the raggedy man next to her.

A handsome person even came over trying to strike up a conversation with Zoe but ended up being shut down, as she ignored him and walked with Dave toward the dressing compartment after picking up some brand clothes from the gallery.

Dave began dressing, and at every point would come out and receive comments from Zoe who waited for him to finish dressing.

"Looks too classy!"

"Too normal!"


"Just no!"


And the comments from Zoe continued until Dave ended up with a simple brand T-Shirt and brand jeans that matched his stature.

"Just about right!" she said then walked to the cashiers.

Lone picked up Dave's old clothes and searched his pants pockets.

Dave's brows furrowed at her gesture, then she picked up his wallet and an old phone from them and gave them back to Dave.

She took the old clothes and threw them into the nearest trash-bin.

"Why do that? Those can still be worn!" he said as those were his 'favorite' jeans and shirt.

"Nope! Those are old stuff you don't need them anymore, hell you should throw all your other clothes too!"

Lone then walked to the cashier followed by Dave.

When he got closer, he opened his wallet and went to pick up the few hundred-dollar bills inside to pay for the items he bought.

As he had already seen the price tag he knew that his heart would bleed for the price of the very shirt and pants he was currently wearing.

Zoe then grabbed Dave's hand who was picking up the money and said with a smile

"My treat!"

"But that is too expensive! I have enough to pay for this, you don't need to do this Lone," said Dave.

"Call me Zoe when we are outside the game, and no! you ain't paying a dime this time!" she said and brought a platinum Mastercard.

"Please, I would like to pay for all the items we tried at the dressing room,"

All the items?

"Didn't you dislike those? Why purchase them?"

"They might be of use on other occasions, but for now, this is the best. We still need to go elsewhere."

After paying the item's price Zoe led Dave to the nearest barber' shop who was inside the Supermall.

"Hey Danny!" said Lone addressing a young looking man who seems to have a strange taste for clothes that showed his chest hair. With an extravagant haircut and a bit too tight pants.

"Hey girlfriend!" said the barber with a high-pitched voice.

"Oh god..."

"Who's this? Your man? Emmm, he doesn't look too shabby but what's with that hair?! That is a disgrace!" said the man with full enthusiasm.

Lone smiled for a bit before saying, "Just get him a good haircut, nothing too fashionable if you know what I mean." Said Lone and sat waiting for Dave as she picked up her phone and started to furiously type in it.

"Now what are we going to do with you now," said the man with a smile as he snapped the golden scissors in his hands.

Dave could only gulp at the mercy of the exotic barber.











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