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116 The Silvana Devil lawyer.

 "I will be representing Dave in signing this contract so all discussion shall go through me first," said the Old man who came with Lone Arrow.

"I believe we haven't been introduced, my name is Sigward Smith what is yours and who might you be?. asked Perfect Shot's father.

"My name is Sam Silvana, and I am the family lawyer of the Silvana family," said the man with a stoic tone.

Perfect Shot's father looked at his son then at the lawyer with a bead of sweat falling from his forehead.

"Y-you wouldn't be related to Mr. Dante Silvana by any chance?"

"He is my younger brother," said the old man still remaining his expressionless.

Lone Arrow had a wide smile on her face when she realized that the TV company owner recognized her father and uncle.

'Gracious lord, why have me do a contract with the Silvana Devil...' Sigward's heart trembeled.

"T-then please, ye can begin stating them terms," said Sigward in a meek manner.

Perfect Shot was still wondering why his father's attitude became passive.

"I believe that you didn't bring a contract with you, as I already have one ready at hand. We should negotiate upon it," said the Lawyer with a devil-like smile.

Sigward shuddered at the sight of the smile on the lawyer's face and nodded.

Perfect Shot was still wondering why his father's attitude changed so drastically. He already knew his father brought with him a contract that only needed Dave's signature and all would have been done. But now he agreed to see the other party's contract while hiding the fact that he already had a readymade one.

Perfect Shot didn't want to disturb the parties discussion so he remained silent and watched the deal.

The lawyer brought two copies and gave one to Dave and Sigward

Before Dave could read the contract, Lone Arrow spoke and said.

"Don't worry Davey, uncle Sam wrote that contract after I have explained all about Conquest to him. He is not a player but he is well versed in the game's mechanics and the value of anything within it. So, it will not be unfair to you in anyway."

Dave nodded but still read the contract only to have his eyes winding after reading a few chapters.

Weren't the terms too favorable to him?

He didn't say anything but the stated terms were on the verge of being outrageous.

Perfect Shot's father was sweating profusely when he read the heavy terms then when he couldn't take it anymore he said.

"Mr Silvana, I never had the thought to be unfair to Dave writing this, but aren't the terms too much?"

"If you feel the terms are too much then please share your thoughts with me, and I am sure we will come to a mutual agreement," said the lawyer with an impassive voice.

Sigward then said, "The terms in section 7.1 where our TV company needs to pay an advance of 1,000,000US for showcasing the takeover of the second Raid Zone. I believe that this is a bit too much. I wouldn't be unwilling to pay a good some of money for the video feed, but we don't have a guarantee that the content is attractive enough."

"There is no need to have any guarantee, Dave here captured another raid zone, and the information regarding the Underworld will be sought after from many parties in the game. Seeing the video will give them knowledge that they don't have and make them prepare for their own undertakings if they wish to conquer the raid zone in the future, while Basing their plans on this very video. Knowledge is power, and power is money! I believe that 1,000,000US is too low of an amount as I would have opted for more otherwise but I humbled the amount so not to make you feel pressured."

Sigward had a wry smile on his face when he mumbled 'That's a humble amount... its more than I make in a year,"

"Then what about the share, isn't 50% share of profit too much? Also, all subsequent videos from our friend here will have an advanced payout before we have the right to view them isn't that too much?" added Mr, Silvana.

"The terms state that any information disclosed from Dave when he is in the underworld to your company will be paid for. Any video related to the underworld no matter how trivial will need payment. Same as before, information is power. And Dave have a lot of information. I don't believe that is unfair.

As for the share, that is obvious, 50% share should be enough for your company to ride on Dave's success, with the entertainment industry and publicity nowadays you can make seven to eight figures worth of money just from publicity included in the videos of the undead traveling the Underworld."

"But the maintenance cost and the staff, who is going to pay for them when we give 50% share of profit. It doesn't look that profitable to us."

The lawyer smiled before saying "That is your problem, there are many companies that are willing to accept even harsher terms, and you know it. This deal will increase the popularity of your company and in the log terms the gains you will obtain will be much more than your current profit, isn't that right CEO of CCN TV."

"How did you know?" said Sigward in a stunned manner, "I didn't even mention the name of our company to anyone here, my son also didn't share it either."

"I already had a deal with your company a few years ago and I still remember you. After some research I know your company is in a slight decline, so having Dave's back to ride his fame will help you in the near and far future to go back to the most viewed TV stations world wide."

The old man sighed and then went to the last section of the contract and signed it. Then passed the copy to Dave for him to sign it.

Once Dave signed his name on it and handed to Perfect Shot's father, the later gave his hand for a handshake and said

"It has been good doing business with you Mr. Dave Ruster. Please send the video feed of your last adventure to my son here, and he will share it with us to do some edits and have a professional staff look over it."

"Alright, but what about my IRL identity?" asked Dave as he didn't read through the whole contract.

"I have another contract that all of us will sign," said the lawyer as he brought another stack of papers and shared it amongst everyone sitting in the table.

"This states that Mr. Ruster's identity shall be disclosed form all and any contact, even close ones and working members at any of your establishment. If Dave's identity is disclosed without his consent or an act on his own accord, we shall peruse the instigator of the misdeed with all our might," Said the lawyer with a firm tone.

"Ah don't worry, we won't be ruining our own golden goose," replied Sigward as he signed the contract and waited for his son to do the same.

Once everyone signed, Perfect Shot asked Dave," I wanted to ask you something, me, Sven and Rob are currently being hunted by the Devastators, they think we are hiding your real identity, so could you hand us some of the Teleportation Scrolls to the Underworld earlier than the due date me made with Alfred?"

"Nah, sorry bro, I can't help you with that. We already signed a contract with Alfred and unless you guys are level 200 I can't give you any. Even then you might not survive the underworld. Also, don't worry about the Devastators' kill-on-sight order, I will request it to be absolved. They won't say no to me," said Dave with a wicked smile.

Dave understood that Perfect shot had an ulterior motive when he asked him to give him the teleportation scrolls too early. He can go to the underworld himself and give his father's company some of the video feeds of him venturing there. There would be no point at that time for Dave to keep his deal with the CCN Tv company as the CEO's son would provide enough data for them.

Sigward looked at his son as he through 'It was a good try son; too bad he is a smarty."

Perfect shot had a dissatisfied smile on his face but thanked Dave anyway for helping him take away the Kill-On-Sight order issued on them by the Devastators.

"Alright, this should be all, I will await your video feed. And hope we can work on it as soon as possible," said Sigward as he greeted the group and left with his son.

"This should be all. I will go back home right now to finish some procedures and legalize this contract. Zoe, please drive carefully, I almost had a heart attack with you driving!" the lawyer said as he understood that he needed to leave the two of them alone.

Lone Arrow looked at Dave with kittenish smile and said.

"Let's get out of here! I will take you somewhere nice!" she said.

Dave's heart thumped and followed Lone like a docile cat.