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115 IRL

 Dave abruptly sat on his bed and asked, "Where are you right now?"

"Am calling you from home, it's in New York if you live close by just get to time square and we will get there to speak further."

"Alright, shouldn't be a problem I will be there in an hour," said Dave as he hung up.

Dave then dialed another number and waited for the beep.

"Hey, Daveey!!"

Dave's eardrums threatened to burst when he heard Lone Arrow's high pitched voice.

Dave sighed before he said

"Lone, Perfect Shot contacted me for the TV show program, is your lawyer available?"

"Yea, don't worry he will always make time for me. Where are you right now I can come to pick you up if you live near New York."

Dave was startled but he said, "I will get to time square in an hour we can meet there."

"Alright, I will call the lawyer and we can head there together." Said Lone and Hung up, her voice contained a bit of excitement. Probably from meeting the infamous Mr.Skeletal IRL.

Dave's heart couldn't help but tremble when he realized the sorry state he was in.

Thinking about how Lone Arrow's attitude gave him the impression that she was a little princess he saw the disparity between his poor life and her High-Class life.

'It doesn't matter, I just need to get this done with, probably I will be able to get a good life after this. Perhaps fixing these injuries won't be a problem anymore.'

Dave comforted himself and went to wear his best jeans and shirt.

After leaving the house he noticed that Ms. Clementine's shop was closed.

'Strange, she should be open right now,' Dave had a strange feeling about lady Clementine's absence but didn't look much into it.

Taking a cab to New York, it cost Dave a bit above 100$ which ached his heart strongly.

After paying the taxi Driver who let him off, he went to have a bite.

Looking at his empty pockets he went to the cash dispenser and went to withdraw some money.

But when he looked at the numbers on his bank account his eyes went wide open.

"107,000$! Where did that come from?" Dave's mind was in turmoil until he remembered that that was his share from the Diamonds Lone Arrow sold at the auction house.

"She already sent the money, with this I can rent a better apartment." Said Dave to himself.

Turning to gaze across the busy streets of Timesquare he located a luxurious restaurant and went there to have a bite.

"I need to eat, that looks like a good place to have a bite." Said, Dave, as he looked at a restaurant named F-Sinatra.

When Dave entered the restaurant the cashier looked at Dave with a strange gaze.

As he saw, Dave was wearing some old jeans and a shirt that had a food stain that Dave didn't notice when wearing it.

When Dave went to order. The cashier asked his superior to handle Dave.

The manager came to Dave and pulled him aside asking him.

"What can we do for you?" asked the manager.

"Euh, the usual? So food?" Dave said as he didn't recognize the strange look the many customers were giving him.

"Alright, you can put your order here, pay first," said the manager with a smile and waited for Dave to pull out the cash before the cashier would take his order.

The Manager didn't believe that Dave was actually capable of paying for the food as he looked more like a homeless person than a regular customer.

Dave finally understood that they were looking down on him and it filled him with disgust.

Dave pulled his old wallet showing the manager the hundred-dollar bills that were neatly organized there.

The manager's forehead became drenched in sweat as he thought 'brother! Would it kill you to dress like a normal person if you have that much money!"

"Apologies for the discomfort sir client, you can take a seat and we will send the order to your table, free of charge!" bitterly said the manager after he gave a serious glance at the cashier.

Dave scoffed in his heart and went to the furthest corner.

With his limping leg and grievous wounds on his right hand, many costumers looked at him with eyes of pity and some even looked at him with disgust.

Dave's order came soon after and there were even some extras placed along the order. And an apology letter. He didn't even bother reading it.

Dave ate to his heart's content then he heard his phone ringing.

It was Lone Arrow

"Davey! Where are you?"

"At F-Sinatra's Restaurant, am waiting for your and Perfect Shot's call."

"Alright, we will be there soon." Said Lone Arrow and hung up.

After a moment Dave heard the thundering rumble of a sport's car.

A purple Lamborghini of a model Dave didn't know just parked outside the restaurant.

The people at the restaurant all turned to look at the exquisite car that just parked.

As for Dave, he was too distracted by the food to care for whatever rich guy just parked that more than a million dollar car.

An old man wearing a tuxedo entered the restaurant first and opened the door for a young lady with purple hair.

Her hair plunged over her shoulders with blossoming soft sweet lips. She had a gloss skin with a wasp waist. She wore a tight black miniskirt with a brand shirt to match. An expensive purse strapped over her shoulder gave her the air of a young rich-lady.

Many costumers' faces were glued to the figure. Except for Dave who was wolfing down his food.

The girl's face was looking all over the place then brought a phone from her purse and dialed a number.

Dave's phone rang startling him. He wiped his hand with a napkin and said, "hey lone." Receiving no answer Dave was perplexed until a figure stood near him.

"Davey!" said the figure when Dave turned he saw the over the world beauty looking at him.

Dave looked behind him seeing no one he turned back and pointed at himself like an idiot.

"Davey!" said Lone with a beaming smile and sat next to Dave.

Dave reacted with covered his right hand and said after a cough.


The girl nodded and said "Finally we meet, isn't that right Mr.Skeletal" the last word was said in a hushed tone.

"You look surprised," said, Lone.

"Yea, ahm never had I thought that Lone Arrow was such...euh beauty," said Dave with an embarrassed tone.

He was caught off-guard with gravy filling his figure and food that was mauled than eaten. He felt ashamed but Lone didn't bother.

Lone Arrow smiled hearing the awkward praise Dave gave her then said: "Uncle Sam, this is Dave, the person who will be signing the contract."

"Greetings," said the old man and sat placing his briefcase next to the table.

"Excuse me please!" said Dave as he went to the restroom to wash up.

"Shit shit, shit! And I thought she would be some ugly NEET!" said Dave as his heart was still racing from the encounter.

Looking at himself in the mirror Dave facepalmed saying "Way to go dave, you just made yourself look like a complete creep!"

Dave washed his hands and tried his best to fix his hair and went back to the table.

When he sat down, the charming smile on Lone's face didn't change for a moment.

Even after gazing at his hand and the way he walked she didn't have a single ounce of disrespect or disdain shown to Dave.

"Alright, so Zoe Here asked me to come and be your representative in signing a contract with a TV company. As I see right now the other party has yet to show up."

"Y-yes," said Dave with a startle as he was still a bit perturbed, but he got his bearing and said "The others will contact us soon" and right after he finished speaking, his phone rang once again.

"Perfect? Where are you?" asked Dave.

"We just arrived at Time's Square, sorry for the delay pops insisted on taking his car and it gave up on us halfway..." said Perfect shot in an embarrassed tone.

"It's alright, we are at F-Sinatra's restaurant. Come meet us.


"Yea, I brought some company."

"Alright, we are nearby, give us a minute." Said Perfect Shot then hung up.

"Isn't this guy one of those TNT?" asked Lone.

"Yea, I met them later and he proposed this deal. But I still worry about my identity, so thank you for bringing euh, your uncle Sam."

"You don't have to worry about your identity being revealed. With uncle Sam here, I guarantee that you will take a lion's share in this business. Just don't forget little me and take me on more of those adventures!" said Lone Arrow with a pouting face.

Dave smiled and said "Don't worry, there is still a lot to explore in the underworld. We can always go there."

Lone Arrow's smile almost melted Dave's heart then he coughed.

Finding nothing to change the subject dave said abruptly, "he should be here soon."

The restaurant's door opened once again and an old man with a younger person entered.

The old man had a businessman's bearing. He wore a classic suit on top of a white shirt with a loose colar, while the younger person was dressed in brand clothes and had a tall stature with a handsome face.

The young man used his phone and when he heard the phone ringing at Dave's table he hung up and asked his father to come over.

The young man's gaze was stuck at the figure sitting right next to Dave for a moment before his father nudged him back to reality.

The boy had an embarrassed look on his face but still went ahead and said in a hushed tone.


Dave looked and nodded, then the person found a seat and sat at the table.

The old man with him looked at the group and found a seat for himself.

"It's me first time doing business in a restaurant," the old man laughed.

"There is a first to everything pops," said the young man and then turned his face to Dave and said.

"So, ready for business?"