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 Lone Arrow quickly went to Dave's side and said: "Are you alright?"

"Yea, but I don't think I am welcome here anymore." Said, Dave,

If Mercy was here to take his life, then probably other assassins could be here for the same objective. And he didn't dare risk his life.

Now that Dave thought about it, coming here with the two Doom knights was not a bright idea.

An assassin could still eliminate him. If it was not for his passive skill Unyeilding he would have already been sent to respawn losing all the benefits of the Dead Realm.

from the first attack Mercy landed on him. The two Doom Knights didn't have the ability to protect Dave form an assassin and Dave learned that the hard way.

"The security at your headquarter is rubbish. And you said you wanted to protect me?" Dave laughed and tore open the Teleportation scroll in his hand vanishing from the auction house.

Appearing back at the Red Fortress Dave sighed as his back became drenched in sweat.

Orn and Gale appeared next to Dave.

'That was too close. Now players will know that they can send an assassin after me. Dealing with me wouldn't be hard if I show up again in player areas. If I want to go there again I will need to use the regular player form' thought Dave then he inspected his Ring Of the Death GOD.

Category: Ring

Ring of the Death God.

{S class Inheritance item}

{Player Bound to Death Stroke}


Level 0

Cannot be removed!

Bonus stats

Has the ability Changes appearance from human to undead.

Can switch back to human

[Death siphon]

[Can Leave the Undead world]

[Life Cleaver]

[Sealed] (Requires Death Knight Rank)

[Sealed] (Requires Doom Knight Rank)

[Sealed] (Requires Abyssal Knight Rank)


Scaling accessory

Class. Divine.

Currently Ring Level Max

"I totally forgot about Life Cleaver skill! I obtained this after finishing the last quest from Death. Though I only needed to see the origins of the Undead and how they came to be it was still a sucessfull mission,'

Dave pressed the More info on the Life Cleaver skill and his eyes opened after reading the description.

Life Cleaver

After casting the skill, it summons two Scyths of Death above the head of the caster and his foe while teleporting them both to Limbo.

The life cleaver shall claim the life of the assailant if they do not kill the Caster in 2 minutes after the apearance of the life cleaver.

The caster will deal 20% reduced Damage! And receive 20% increased damage!

Cannot work on Boss-Class Monsters and Any creature of Mythic class or above.

72 hours CD

"OP! OP OP!" Dave shouted with a voice filled with glee.

No matter what enemy he was facing, this would give him the chance to fight him head-on. Without the need to even kill the enemy, it would be one-shotted once the 120 seconds are up.

If he could just stall long enough, he can easily take down any monster. As for players, that would be difficult if a player was too close to Dave's level or much higher.

As Dave would receive increased damage and will deal reduced damage. Though the debuff was huge, it balanced out the OPness of the skill.

"The others abilities will unlock after I finish the Death Knight, Doom Knight and Abyssal Knight challenge. Now am level 155, I need to level up till level 400 to be able to take the Death Knight's challenge."

Dave checked his Battalion and noticed that the Dunlords were no longer a part of his Battalion.

"Looks like Delvina took them back," Dave said then tore open another scroll for the Undead Frontier.

Once he appeared in the Undead Frontier, he went to the temple while receiving gazes of reverence and thanks from many undead.

Dave would nod and move on whenever an Undead greeted him with a salute.

"Delvina!" Dave called the veiled woman who sat on a throne in the back of the Temple.

"Kis'Steinbrah, I knew you would be capable. I thank you on behalf of our legion for your service."

"It's alright," said Dave. "Now, I want to recruit some Dunlords, can I have the same group you assigned me the last time?"

"There should not be a problem if you have the required CP."

"I do!" said Dave when he remembered his more than 3,800,000 CP

The 3million was the reward for helping in capturing the Red Fortress, and the rest was what remained to form him equipping his undead and himself. Now that Dave is level 155 he will need to look for better armor for his underlings and himself.

A notification popped in front of Dave

Do you wish to purchase the following units?

X10 Dunlord

Price 200,000CP


Dave accepted and the ten Dunlords were automatically added to his Battalion interface.

"Thank you Delvina,"

"Anytime, if I ever need anything I will send word to the Red Fortress," said Delvina.

Dave understood that she would have future quests for him. So he grinned and left the Temple

I gotta get to the Undead-Shop. There should be some items to buy.

Outside the temple area, the cabin that the Zombi merchant used to sell items in changed into a huge warehouse.

Dave entered an was stunned at the different assortments laying all over the place where a Zombi was cleaning and assorting the items.

"You look busy," said Dave

The Zombi was startled and looked at Dave saying "AH my favorite costumer!"

"I never saw an undead that gets spooked. Well, show me what you got, need to buy some stuff."

"Alright!" said the Zombi and a list of items appeared in front of Dave.

Looking at the items, most of them were low-level equipment, nothing different from the wears he saw before.

"This is all you got?"

"Well, you are still an Undead Captain so for now, I cannot give you the wears for higher Ranks,"

"Bummer," said Dave as he intended to leave.

"But! Anything can be discussed with enough CP" said the Zombi as he was rubbing his hands like any greedy merchant.

"How much for you to show me the higher tier items?"

"Just a low price of 100 000CP, No reductions this time!" said the Merchant resolutely.

Dave's brows furrowed as he remembered the 1CP reduction the merchant gave him.

"Alright, Show me then," said Dave and 100 000CP was instantly shaved off his total.

Dave didn't even receive a notification or a warning.

Looking at the new list, Dave purchased the EXP Potions first. Three of them for the price of 100 000CP each. Then went looking for equipment.

Everything was too high level for him but that didn't make Dave less enthusiastic about his purchasing spree.

Looking at the Magical Armor portion Dave grew a big smile as he purchased a lot of 10 sets for 1,000,000CP

The armor set was for the Dunlords. It came with Claw Armor and a sharper stinger, also an upgraded form of their Balista-Crossbows and a chest armor for them. Using these on the Dunlords will make them look like Iron tanks that would wreak havoc anywhere they go.

Dave inspected most of the remaining shop items and the lowest level armor he could wear was level 200.

Dave bought it and bought several sets of it to his Undead.

After leaving the Undead Shop Dave had a bit over 2Million CP but had several upgrades ready for his unit and himself.

Summoning the Dunlords Dave gave all of them a set of the dunlord's special items.

Looking at the ten threatening and dangerous Dunlords, Dave was satisfied and decided that it was time for him to rest. He logged in for almost two days IRL and now felt sleepy.

Logging out Dave went directly to his bed and had a good night sleep.

A phone call woke Dave up after some time where he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Mr. Skeletal it's Perfect Shot, Pops want to talk to you about that TV Program Contract, where do you want to meet?"